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They are going to rip each other apart…

Speaker of the House and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi has warned Rep. Jerry Nadler to stop his impeachment nonsense.

The warning to the head of the House Judiciary came in a closed door meeting, Politico reported.

“Pelosi criticized the panel’s handling of impeachment in harsh terms, complaining committee aides have advanced the push for ousting President Donald Trump far beyond where the House Democratic Caucus stands.”

“Democrats simply don’t have the votes on the floor to impeach Trump, Pelosi said,” Politico said in its report.

“And you can feel free to leak this,” she said to those in the room.

“I think the speaker wants to be careful of all the different members of the caucus,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal said.

“She doesn’t always want to use the word ‘impeachment’ but believe me, she signed off on every piece of what has been put forward,” she said.

It is not the first time that Speaker Rep. Pelosi has been hesitant to use the word impeachment.



  1. NEVER trust a leftist Democrat(or the leftist media) and don’t EVER turn your back on them. Their agenda is to surrender the country and destroy the nation’s sovereignty. They’re still trying to orchestrate a Coup and are relentlessly attacking the American president. The next election is shaping up to be a choice between Soviet America or Freedom. Leftism is a poison that destroys everthing it touches.

  2. Too little, too late from Pelosi! Her Democrat House has been investigating President Trump since the 2016 election, concurrently with Mueller’s $50,000. probe , talking impeachment for 3 years, and still don’t have a crime to impeach him for !!! And her freshman class Squad 4, anti-American and antisemitic have received NO discipline for their remarks against the U.S.A. !!!


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