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This guy needs to resign now!

In a recent press conference, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) admitted that local police lack the numbers to stop rioting in their state and he takes responsibility “for underestimating the wanton destruction and the size of this crowd.”

According to Breitbart, Walz stated, “This is the largest civilian deployment in Minnesota history that we have out there today. And quite candidly, right now, we do not have the numbers. We cannot arrest people when we’re trying to hold ground. Because of the sheer size, the dynamics, and the wanton violence that’s coming out there.”

Adding, “I will take responsibility for underestimating the wanton destruction and the size of this crowd. We have deployed a force, that, I think, as we sat down together and talked about, would have, in any other civilian police operation, worked. But the terrifying thing is to hear people who have seen this, and myself looking at this, it resembles more of a military operation at times now, as, especially, ringleaders moving from place to place.”

You can watch a clip of Walz comments here.

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  2. Apparently the Founders knew there would be idiots like the ones running Minnesota, that why we have a 2nd Amendment in our Bill of GOD Given Rights. There have also been two Supreme Court rulings that have stated the Police have no responsibility to protect the individual. but are in place for situations such as this. They have proven to be a dismal and complete failure at even that. They cannot even defend their own station house. A longtime ago I realized if you want true safety, it is incumbent on you to be prepared to defend yourself. There is a good basic three gun armory everyone should have, a good AR, a good shotgun and a good pistol. Really two pistols are better. One good quality service size pistol and a compact everyday carry size version of the same pistol. Buy plenty of spare mags and lots of ammo. I was lucky enough to get advanced close quarters and Urban Tactical training through the government. But there are many great centers available to the public, Gunsite and Thunder Ranch are two of the top. Get training and most important of all practice and keep practicing. When the bad things come out and do what they do, your safety and that of your family is ultimately in your hands.

  3. Tim Walz, Governor or Minnesota and Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis spend so much time talking but do not take decisive action! They make excuses that there are more rioters than police or National Guard, which is to be expected but the police and guard should be able to control and disperse the crowds no matter how much larger!

  4. Because of your irresponsibility and stupidity you let your city burn……you should resign. You should have called in the National Guard like any one with a little brain power would have done.You gave all these thugs free reign to destroy, burn and loot. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?

  5. This mayor in WI seems to be unstable himself. Obviously he isnt aable to stop the riots where more people will be killed. But he. tells the Presidnet to not go there. Whether Trump goes or not is Trump’s decision. But this is another Dem who thinks they control everyone and everything. It is just another Dem ruining their career to think he is standing up against the Reps and the President. This is another man who has lost all his marbles. Or did the BIG KUNA tell him what to say? Being associated with Pelosi as crazy as she has gotten is not a good thing for anyone seeking re-e;ection in Nov. AN awful lot of Dems are coming over to the side of the republicans. Losing your touch or people arent listening to you threats. U ARE a loser, Pelosi!


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