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Wonder how liberals are going to spin this one…

More than 2.5 million households in the United States dropped off food stamps under the Trump administration.

The most up-to-date USDA data revealed that 18,276,080 households in the U.S. received food stamp benefits, dropping down from 20,839,971 in February 2017.

The nation’s dependency on welfare such as food stamps has also declined on an individual level as well.

The figures, signify a downward trend that is continuing under President Trump.

In a Oval Office interview, he said that he does not want any immigrants coming into the U.S. to be dependent on welfare programs.

“I don’t want to have anyone coming in that’s on welfare,” Trump said in the interview.



  1. There are still far too many on food stamps when jobs go begging! I may have qualified for them early in my life as I struggled to make a living, but I have never taken a dime from food stamps, welfare, or other government hand outs. My children and grand children have not and will not either. No able bodied person should expect someone else to pay their bills.

  2. I want anyone who really WANTS to come into the USA and CONTRIBUTE economically, culturally, etc. to come in and participate in making this nation stronger and even more culturally diverse than it already is, but I, as a taxpayer who is retired, and STILL paying taxes, do NOT want to support anyone who comes here to live off of welfare!! We have enough of the welfare people already here.

  3. Very much the same here in Norway, in a much smaller scale, of course. As a rich country, like the US, but small, welfare migrants, called “refugees”, even if many do not qualify for being called that, are streaming into the country. While our ethnic elderly, having built this welfare country through hard work, are being neglected to a shameful extent. Generally, Europe got unqualified “politicians”, not worthy of that title any more…They care about their retreat positions on fat salaries within the corrupt EU system after they resign from their government positions. Corruption is widespread all over, Norway was named the most corrupt Nordic country repeatedly…… We would need a TRUMP here…..

  4. Yet in Obozo’s first term he was bragging about 45 million more being on food stamps. It is amazing that one RUINED America and Trump is making it better each day. Yet the MORON MEDIA won’t tell the TRUTH about these two. Trump a man who is making America a better place and Obozo who only told people he was better than GOD.

  5. LHGB thank you for your comment. Yes, our President Trump is exactly who we need. I’m sorry for the elderly in Norway. The rest of the world needs to ask God to provide someone with the stamina & care of our great President to lead their countries.


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