Outrage Erupts After The View INSENSIBLE Joke, Guess Why NOBODY Laughed

During a recent episode of The View, actress, and activist Jane Fonda made a controversial comment regarding abortion, stating that “Murder” is necessary to maintain reproductive rights.

This statement caused outrage among viewers and politicians, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna.

Luna took to Twitter to call for Fonda and The View to issue public retractions, stating that Fonda’s comment could be seen as a serious threat to pro-life politicians.


Jane Fonda’s comment advocating for murder as a means of protecting reproductive rights is highly controversial and has caused widespread outrage.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna are among those who have criticized Fonda’s comments and called for a retraction. Fonda’s comment has raised concerns about the potential for violence against pro-life politicians and activists.

The View and its hosts have been criticized for giving Fonda a platform to make such a statement. The controversy highlights the deeply divisive nature of the abortion debate in American politics.


Fonda’s comment advocating for murder is certainly alarming and has understandably sparked strong reactions from politicians and viewers alike.

However, it’s worth noting that Fonda’s comments do not necessarily represent the views of all pro-choice advocates or Democratic politicians.

It’s important to have a nuanced discussion about reproductive rights and abortion, one that acknowledges the complexities of the issue and respects the diverse perspectives of those involved.

As the abortion debate continues to be a divisive issue in American politics, it’s crucial that we find ways to engage in civil discourse and work toward solutions that respect both individual rights and the greater good.

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