Oops! This Resolution Might Not Get The Approval You Think, You Need To See This

The Senate took a significant step towards protecting American taxpayers and promoting self-sufficiency in our immigration system by passing a resolution disapproving of the Biden administration’s “public charge” rule.

This bipartisan resolution, which enjoyed support from Republicans as well as two Democratic senators, sends a clear message that the American people demand accountability and responsible immigration policies.

Senator Roger Marshall, a champion for conservative values, spearheaded this effort to overturn the Biden administration’s misguided rule. He understands that our immigration system must prioritize the well-being of American citizens and ensure that those who come to our country are self-sufficient, rather than relying on government assistance.

The Department of Homeland Security’s rule, introduced last year, deviates from the Trump-era policy that expanded the forms of welfare that could be considered as factors in determining an immigrant’s status as a “public charge.”

The Biden rule narrows the definition of public charge, making it harder to deny permanent residency to green card applicants who are likely to become primarily dependent on the government.

Under the Biden rule, applicants will only be considered a public charge if they are expected to become primarily dependent on the government.

This rule overlooks the potential strain on resources and fails to consider the long-term impact on American taxpayers. The previous Trump-era rule rightly considered a broader range of benefits, including food stamps, housing vouchers, and Medicaid benefits.

It’s worth noting that these rules apply to immigrants who have arrived in the U.S. legally and are seeking permanent residency, not to illegal immigrants or individuals seeking asylum. Public charge assessments are not made of asylum seekers, refugees, or Temporary Protected Status recipients. This should alleviate concerns about humanitarian crises while still ensuring that our immigration system serves the best interests of the American people.

The Biden administration’s insistence on maintaining this flawed rule is concerning. Their claim that it promotes fair and humane treatment of legal immigrants and their families is disingenuous at best. We should not penalize those who access government benefits, but we must also prioritize the well-being and prosperity of American citizens.

The resolution’s passage in the Senate is a significant victory for those who believe in upholding the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. It is a clear message to the Biden administration that their policies will face scrutiny and opposition when they fail to align with the values and priorities of the American people.

As this resolution moves to the House, let us hope that more lawmakers will recognize the importance of protecting American taxpayers and ensuring that our immigration system promotes self-sufficiency.

We must hold our elected officials accountable and demand responsible immigration policies that benefit both American citizens and those who seek a better life in our great nation. Together, we can secure a brighter future for all Americans.

Source Fox News