Oops! Russia’s invasion of Ukraine delayed for years due to this conversation.

Former President Trump recently revealed in an exclusive interview on Fox News that a conversation he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin played a significant role in delaying the invasion of Ukraine. Trump emphasized the strength of his relationship with Putin and the seriousness of his warnings regarding the catastrophic consequences of an invasion.

During the interview on “Special Report,” Trump expressed confidence in his ability to prevent the invasion, stating, “He wouldn’t have done it if it were me. He did it after I left.” Trump described his conversation with Putin, highlighting the initial skepticism from the Russian leader but emphasizing his determination to take action. According to Trump, his warnings had a considerable impact on deterring the invasion.

When asked about Ukraine’s status as a separate country, Trump acknowledged its independence while noting its historical ties to Russia. He suggested that Putin preferred Ukraine and Russia to be united.

While refraining from discussing specific negotiation details, Trump expressed his belief in his deal-making skills and his ability to resolve conflicts quickly. He maintained that a deal could be reached within 24 hours, emphasizing the importance of personal diplomacy.

Former President Trump’s revelation offers insight into the influence of his relationship with Putin and the strength of his warnings. His commitment to swift action and personal diplomacy underscores his approach to resolving conflicts and fostering stability.

Source Fox News