Oops! Are Democrats Shifting Their Stance On The Debt Ceiling? You Need To See This

A growing number of Democrats are calling for President Biden to accept House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s demand for more talks on the federal fiscal crisis. However, they are only willing to discuss how to raise the government’s borrowing limit and not possible spending cuts.

Democrats believe that if they can get Biden to agree to a meeting without a commitment to cut spending, it would be a better course of action than remaining in a stalemate until a possible debt default.

Senate Democrats Amy Klobuchar and Dick Durbin have emerged over the weekend to call for Biden to speak with the Republican leader. McCarthy had put out a 320-page bill that would raise the debt ceiling while capping spending and imposing work requirements for government benefits, among other measures.

Neither senator signaled support for the spending cuts that Republicans are seeking. Instead, they support Biden’s position, which is to handle the debt ceiling first and then talk about possible spending cuts.

source https://www.foxnews.com/politics/senate-dems-biden-talk-mccarthy-only-about-debt-not-spending-cuts