One News Show Rises Above All Others, You Don’t Want To MISS This Breaking News

The Fox News Powerhouse: Crushing the Competition in an Epic Showdown Hey there, fellow news enthusiasts! If you’re all about the truth and keeping it real, you’re gonna love this: Fox News has done it again!

They’ve smashed their competitors to bits, leaving MSNBC and CNN eating their dust.

Our favorite right-leaning news network pulled in a whopping 1.54 million total day viewers, with MSNBC trailing way behind at 852,000, and CNN barely making a dent with 403,000. Talk about an epic win! And that’s not all!

Tucker Carlson’s show totally rocked the ratings, scoring a mind-blowing 3.09 million total viewers last week.

It’s like he’s the superstar quarterback of the news world, leading his team to victory time and time again.