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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has made a fool of herself and the entire Democratic party.

At least, that seems to be the message she’s sending people after the most embarrassing day of her life.

After getting absolutely ROASTED by members of both parties (including House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi) for her ridiculous “Green New Deal,” the young Socialist took down the FAQ page of her website defending the controversial proposal.

From COTR:

AOC’s Green New Deal is even better than we thought.

And by better, I mean LAUGHABLY TERRIBLE. …

We’re all equally amused and horrified right now. …but it looks like the Dems might be horrified, too.

The FAQ page got pulled.

Has she thrown in the towel already? If so, we should be willing to give her a break. After all, it’s probably been a very long day for the millennial Socialist who isn’t used to working long hours.

Have you ever met a Socialist who wasn’t a complete drain on society and absolutely worthless?

I didn’t think so.

And it shows. AOC is just like any other Socialist. Don’t believe me? Here’s why she took down her web page:

Part of her idiotic plan guaranteed “economic security” for everyone “unwilling to work.” Or, in other words, every Socialist out there right now.

That’s right: “Economic security” for everyone “unwilling to work.”

From COTR:

AOC’s famed “Green New Deal” is out.

And OMG you guys. It’s EPIC. It truly doesn’t get better than this. …

We should take care of people “unwilling” to take care of themselves

“UNWILLING” to work. Un. will. ing. As in they have no reason to not work, they just don’t WANT to.


What do you think of this? Do you agree with President Trump that “America will never be a Socialist nation?”

Because if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin gets her way, and the “Green New Deal” passes, then we’re already there.




  1. I don’t know why anyone would want to live or raise a family in New York. There was a time I loved New York, but that was before this monster Cuomo showed up. I would give anything to have California, New York, and all other Radical Leftist Liberal States become their own pathetic country and that our great America would never have to deal with any of them period. These controlling Liberals THINK they are going to turn our country into becoming a Socialist Country. Ain’t gonna happen, not ever. Why? The rest of our country will not allow this and I believe a horrific Civil War will be on the horizon.

    • I think a civil war is almost a certainty given the current state of affairs. I think we’re seeing the start of the demise of the two party system in America. The democrat liberals want to give everything away and the “do nothing” republicans don’t have the balls to fight them and stop this madness. The Republicans had both houses of Congress and the Presidency and still failed to govern. It’s just a matter of time until the whole system implodes and the civil war you refer to happens.

      • The Republicans want to give the rich everything and corporations so the rest of us become below middle class. The Republicans are taking so much money from lobbyists it’s ridiculous. They are buying mansions from the donations they get from Big Pharma. Dem’s are the least of your worries. Take your blinders off. And Trump is the one who has caused the current state of affairs by name calling everyone and anyone he doesn’t agree with – he’s like a bully from elementary school. He’s awakening all the crazies. God help us.

        • Are you insane. We have millions of jobs now that are not filled. If you up the tax on corporations again the raises and jobs go away. Check out who has the mansions. Obama, Clinton Pelosi…..

        • Have you ever actually looked yourself at who receives the most donations in every election cycle. Democrats gain far more contributions than the Republicans. Uet i only hear how its the Republicans who are taking all this money. Funny how everthing is reversed with no true merits

        • Honestly, you could not be more wrong. All that you mentioned are from the DEMOCRATS, not the Republicans!! And who wants to abolish children, lets illegals run wild, allow certain religions to reign in the world (ahem– NOT Christianity), and basically destroy the foundation of democracy– DEMOCRATS!! WAKE UP !! God TRULY help us.

        • it’s the other way around democrats are the ones taking everything from the people but a lot of you are too stupid to know it

    • I agree, however these idiotic liberals leave the state that they destroy because it becomes too toxic for them, even tho this is what they wanted and created. They move to a Red state and infect it with their stupidity and spread their disease. They’re like cancer. If you have any doubts about it, look at all the states that surround California, Arizona used to be a red state, not anymore, Oregon, Washington State, the entire west coast has been infected with these diseased liberals.

    • … and what do voters do in good ole NYS?! … THEY/WE keep re-electing this so-called “monster cuomo” … explain that!?

      What can we do immediately? Work our butts off to “SUCEDE” from the Down State Socialists.
      … and we can, most definitely, make it happen. We must wake up the Rip Van Winkle in us…now!

      • Mark judging from your spelling and lack of education you really should keep your stupid ignorant comments to yourself ok. Thank Dummy

    • Good post…I feel the same….I’m in Maine, and the Dems are trying hard to destroy our state as well. We should be able to send them all to crap holes like New York!

    • The problem isn’t all New York State. Cuomo lost in all upstate except a hand full of counties. We hate that New York City is full of liberal idiots who out vote the rest of the state and wish the 5 Burroughs of demon rats would have there own state. They could call it state of death and confusion.

    • I agree. It will never happen if everyone supporting it would wake up, smell the roses, and get rid of this idea of socialism here. Support President Trump

    • “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Winston Churchill

    • Well said.
      As a lifelong New Yorker, I am embarrased by Cuomo . Late term abortions…what? How is that not murder? The first baby allowed to die per Cuomo’s new law and Mr. Cuomo himself should be held responsible and on trial for murder! If you don’t want your own child then give him or her up for adoption. Don’t kill them!

      And no Amazon facility!?!? Another fine job yes indeed.. Well at least we don’t have to let Amazon keep the $3 billon in tax breaks we would have given over the next 10 years as an incentive to get them here, right? Of course NY lost the $27 billion in taxes they WOULD have paid over the next 10 years. Hmmmmmm. Missed that, huh? The thousands of jobs that would have been created??? Gone also. Yes, fine job indeed.

      What a sad time for America.

      God bless Donald Trump🌞🌞🌞 Keep up the fantastic work. It is hard to knock back the haters, but please, please don’t allow them to win. We are counting on you.

      Enjoy your special place in hell Nan Pelosi. It’s that seat right there next to Chuck.

    • YAH watch how fast they go bankrupt ! Socialism is a Disease and those in favor do not deserve to benefit from We Willing to Work and Keep Our Great County afloat !

  2. We don’t want another war, we need to get rid of these stupid leftist Socialists. send them to turkey or iraq just get them out of ouir country which they are trying to destroy . that stupid brain less cortez needs to be thrown off a ship in the ocean to feed the sharks

    • Why take it out on the sharks? They will be infected by eating them. Then the sharks won’t work their jobs. What will take the sharks place in the oceans?

    • what do you have against sharks. just send her back to Honduras since she loves the socialist dictator system, she needs to live in it for the rest of her life. But not in America, she has lied and fanangaled to get her to get elected and in a way she is taking a free ride on the American tax payers dollar. She is the same as the other illegals that keep attacking our border and our constitution. We the people made a mistake and thought that our public school system and colleges were teaching our kids the true reason for being a hard working strong individual that truly believed in our country and our constitution. But now we are finding out that all they are teaching them is how to be a leach on society, and how to abuse drugs. Our who social system is crumbling before our eyes and we have to stop this take over of our country and our children. The true American Dream is freedom provided by our constitution not a bunch of pansie snowflakes and illegals running around our country being controlled by a bunch of dictator Democraps.

      • If you are just now finding out that the school system is failing our children, you have been sleeping with your head in the sand. This has been going on for 20 years. Wake up.

        • I have been telling people to get their children out of the public fool system for many years and people need to stop giving money to the colleges that are promoting this crap

      • I’m 100% with you! These leftists are trying to kill this country. Get these bastards out of this country! Americans don’t want Socialism. Pay people that don’t want to work? Hou stupid bastards!

  3. These people are not just stupid, they are dangerous. Does this goofy woman really believe the junk she spouts ?
    One more thing, we all know that Hillary broke the Law, also our ex FBI leader, but no one is investigating them. Do we have a real Justice system in our country any more.
    How can we demand equally justice ? I suppose we can’t.

  4. Liberal – Progressive – Socialist – Democrats are airheads – cannot think or reason beyond the nose on their faces . Ocasio-Cortez wants a ” Green New Deal ” giving everyone Free health care – housing – food – a job – vacations – and at the same time eliminate fossil fuels – taking away automobiles – planes – trains because of pollution – how will anyone get to work – go on vacation – she wants a ” stone age society ” in the twenty-first century – without polluting the earth ! What a ” Total Idiot Airhead ” .

  5. She and the entire Man Made climate change FREAKS entire being is based on Ignorance.

    I don’t think they are able to read or research or they’d quickly change their tune.

    Very little of our green world, the plants, vegetables, wildlife and virtually our worldwide food system would cease to exist without the Carbon Dioxide they directly and indirectly thrive on for survival and growth.

  6. It’s great for the Republicans to watch OAC suck up all the oxygen in the Dem party with her moronic Green Deal and 70% tax. With no air travel how does the military fight wars with no jets? How do we explore other planets? Our enemy’s will defeat us handily. Because the prez candidates have signed on to this joke, they are guaranteeing Trump gets a second term. Thank you OAC

  7. oca IS THE DUMBEST FEMALE EXCEPT FOR THE ONE’S IN PRISON. her, pelosi, sxhumur, booker, nasty sciff- want a jerk he is OMG so many ignorant democrats who fail to represent USA CITIZENS ALL its time to kick ALL OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE. ASAP

  8. Smh it Amazes me how in this Modern World!! WITH All the Technology Everywhere!! That there Truly Are Stupid People!! It’s Not A Joke – Not About Hair Color – Race – Poverty or Country!! In all Truthfulness This IS A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM!! We as One Nation Really Need To Examine This!! Is This Truly Just This Person? Or Is This Truly The Way This Generation IS? Because If It’s The Generation GOD HELP THE WORLD!! I’m Truly Terrified to Think These People…… This Group of People are The Ones Teaching Our Childre and Grandbabies!! This WORLD…. NOT JUST OUR COUNTRY… BUT THIS WORLD REALLY HAS NO CHANCE!! I’m Truly Hoping it’s Just HER!!! 😨HER OWN STUPIDITY!! GOD Help Us All! Amen!☦❤🇺🇸

  9. AOC, HAHAHA. I wonder if anyone has bothered to ask her this. Where, and what, would she be if Mommy Cortez said, I think I don’t want her now she’s born, so what do you say Doc, pull the plug? Nevermind, don’t need your opinion, just do it.
    She,as well as the rest of her constituents, has proven that they can’t think past breathing. I wonder how she likes her steak? Probably burnt just like her brain.
    Whatever, I also wonder why the DCCC and all the socialist left wingers can never give a direct answer to a direct question. They sure expect their questions answered with direct and detailed response.
    They need to change the acronym from DCCC to DSDCCC. The DS meaning DOUBLE STANDARDS.
    My idea is for president Trump to put them all on Airforce 1and fly them directly to Vensuala. No need to land, just open the door and see if they can flap those left wings hard enough to get them to the ground

  10. The RBOA is going to make AOC their woman of the century.” Real Blonds Of America” spokeswoman Blondell Roberts announced that AOC has defeated blond jokesters in a short few months whereas they have been trying to quell their jokes for decades. We would like to thank AOC for showing the world what real stupidity looks and sounds like and it didn’t come from a blond Roberts said. The award was originally to be a gold bull horn so she could make more noise but AOC said she rather have a cow horn as she preferred female appendages.

    • Know why brunettes tell blonde jokes? It gives them something to do on Saturday night… I have had to listen to every blonde joke that came down the pike most of my life. And I took it in the humorous vein it was provided. Now the hair is gray, but they still remember the younger shade!

    • Ocasio-Cortez apparently know as much about Genetics as she does about economics……economics first: She said when asked about how to pay for all the nonsense on her Green Deal ” Money is just paper, if we need more we can just print more can’t we?”

      and to further prove she’s a babbling moron, she tops that with ” People from Latin America do not need to go through immigration because they are all related to American Indians, therefore, already Americans”

      case closed, Full stop…..she is completely insane. How this woman ever got out of college with any kind of a degree is a mystery. I could guess………….

  11. And for this after 1 year she will receive a full salary pension—— Do you think there is something wrong with this?????????..She should be impeached !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank the Lord people are seeing how stupid she really is. She gets out there with this nonsense that would ruin this country even after Pres.Trump said we are not a Socialist country. What she wants is a true nightmare,it’s totally unworkable and has no place in a country that has been so great because we don’t control the people. America is free because all can work for what they want and won’t have to worry about the gov’t taking it away. She even came out and admitted that it would require a huge gov’t take-over.

    • IIshr’s not she’playing stupid to get her way, give her people the gigive me do me & get me no way go to work live everyone enough with the free BE @

  13. The marxist pragmatist leftist’s (AOC, Bernie, Lie-A-Watha Warren…etc…etc) must be out of their combined ignorant minds if they are even entertaining the idea that those of us who have worked our butt’s off for decades and decades to build businesses and support our families are going to stand by and allow parasites like them and those who support them to steal what we’ve worked for without a fight!
    Many of us are former Military and have many active duty friends and we still possess some of our skills that we once used to protect America and our freedom’s and IF we have to use them against the marxist pragmatist’s who are now among us…..WE WILL!
    So as AOC and the rest of the lunatic, fanatic supposed progressive/commie-lib left make all their asinine plans for taking over…..they might want to think about that because our Military will NOT support them! I know they will fight with us if it comes down to that!

  14. The stupid Democrats running for president are lining up behind this Green idiot!
    There is no science to prove that this idiotic plan to ruin the U.S, economy and dominate our lives will lower the global temperature by even 1%.
    If Dems REALLY believed this crap they’d be over in China and India protesting THEIR Horrible pollution.
    I’ve been to both countries and the air is Green there so why don’t Dems seek out the REAL cause of Carbon in the atmosphere instead of hyping the lies they spout.
    This is about Fascism, control and power, not about the environment.

  15. This misinformed little woman with a firebrand mentality has not spent much time paying attention. We have to balance industry with the environment. Also there will never be prosperous freeloaders. We have 25 MILLION ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED immigrants sponging off the Federal government to the tune of 135 to 235 Billion per year. IMMIGRATION PROBLEM FIRST.

  16. You may not agree with AOC on anything, but a heck of a lot more people from the United States of America and the world are a lot closer to her ideas than your buddies Comrade Trump and his everlasting lover Comrade Putin, put together. We don’t know for sure, but I don’t mean anything sexual by saying “put together”.

  17. It could be worse, If she’d shut up, MSM would never have to show her massive ignorance and illogic, and subversion is a major tactic of socialists, both marxist’s and her own Democrat’s

  18. Y’all white people are here again having a go at that beautiful lady AOC glad she is giving you racist Trump loving holier than thou illiteracy enshrined. Americans a headache. Time is coming people when white Americans will move back to Europe….

    • Well then everyone else except for the true Native Americans need to leave as well…Latinos to South America, Islanders to their original homelands, African Americans to Africa, etc. everyone needs to leave. Now, how asinine is that? Too bad you just can’t face the fact that history itself teaches that to the conquerors go the spoils, so get real there will be war and the powerful will always come out on top! Just because something was once yours doesn’t mean you can get it back without a fight. Those that take it away from you often change and or improve it and are not likely to give it back without a fight! Also, look at places where the white people left, seems those places are downtrodden and sinking with corruption everywhere stemming from the so called indigenous leadership.

  19. What we are seeing daily is an assault on our sanity to reason coherently since the November 2018 election; the DEMOCRATS and those who voted for the democrats were thinking that they were right but, as it shows, that was not only just a dream But a total disaster! They’re still trying to take down our PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP and will continue to waste countless time and money in partisan gridlock in order to stop our PRESIDENT from carrying out his promised agenda to make America great. They hated that DONALD J. TRUMP did beat HILARY CLINTON after all and it only adds fuels to their cause even more. They will surely fail because people are seeing what’s happening in Washington and getting sick and tired.

  20. Lol the Muslims and Arbs come over her thinking that we American people need to give up our flag and our freedom to their culture and laws and then we have the Democratic leaders in Washington all on board then Nancy Pelosi go around and tell us that we can’t afford the wall but we can afford to give billions to illegal people coming here and they get food stamps and warfare and housing when our own people live in the streets and get killed by illegal gang members and no one in the democrats leaders talk about this oh no that’s raceism they say to us all.When is it a crime to speak up about people breaking the law and about people that are not in our country the right way..I’m sorry but I’m done voting for your democrats they gave up on our laws and the American flag and our culture for people who come here to destroy are freedom.

  21. Everyone Listen up… there will not be a problem with the radical liberals.. they will never survive., their IQ is so low from living in mama’s basement that when and If there is a Grid / infrastructure breakdown / apocalypse all of them will freeze to death from trying to find a non existent app on their cell phone to light a fire to keep warm., they have no life skills, no basic survival skills… they want the government to feed them, bathe them, sing them lullaby’s and keep them warm.

    • your right, good part is after they kill their babies or marry all same sex the idiots will breed themselves out of existence, one more generation dems will be extint. stupid bastards

  22. The reason socialist are elected is because for years educators have not taught basic history, civics, and math at a passing level, or even at all. These people don’t have the foundation to think for themselves or anyone else. The numbers prove that education has failed.

  23. I totally agree with all the above comments!
    This woman represents all the “losers” in this country ! The ones that are receiving freebies because the believe they deserve it
    These losers hate successful people! even though the majority wirked hard to reach their goals! These. Of course, include the ones that invented and created wonderful things to make our lives better. Also. The do not realize that the
    oil in our country has been explored by private entities ! These liberals are so ignorant and stupid they have no clue why we are the in the world. Our freedom to work and become whatever we want. ! The less government intervention, the more we suceed

  24. Regardless of what anyone wants to hope & believe, by saying it here, we are basically already there!
    The destruction of the first amendment. The “FREE” Press is supposed to present an UNBIASED opinion, Untainted by their interpretation!
    The 2nd Amendment will be dead by sumner’s end. They are at this very moment working on confiscating every firearm from law abiding citizens! AND THIS IS THE BEST PART, THE CRIMINALS -CURRENT & FUTURE GET TO KEEP THEIRS!
    ON & ON!

  25. From what I understand if she serves one term she will get a check for the rest of her life. The tax payer will be saddled with her the rest of her life. Health care and retirement benefits better than the working person. I doubt it will do any good but when I file my federal ( I will owe ) I am going to put a note in the memos of my check that this money is to be used for the border wall.

  26. ocacasio-kotex needs a thorough mental health evaluation SOON because she’s escalating. And so do the dems hooking their wagons to her CRAZY UNBELIEVABLY insane destructive rhetoric. Oh yes kotex, lets delete Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers from history and send all our cars and aircraft to junkyards to be crushed.

  27. I have to take partial blame. I raised 5 millennials. They were praised for doing nothing, spoiled rotten, and made to work for nothing. I helped raise a generation who have no work ethic believe in fairy tales and were unprepared for real life. I hope and pray it’s not too late to be corrected. Ocasio-Cortez- is a product of this same up bringing

  28. Without the Electoral College we are all doomed! Too many fools are buying into the AOC rhetoric … just look at how many young, (pie in the sky), people are getting into office. Without the Electoral College, most people won’t need to vote. Everything will be decided by NY, CA, IL, & a couple of other high population states.

  29. Just remember what the head of the democrat national committee Tom Perez said about AOC, socialism is the future of the democrat party. Hopefully their new platform is quicksand!

  30. AOC is dumber than a box of rocks. She ain’t bartending now and we ain’t he dumb drunks listening to all her crap. Smoke another one aoc. At least you won’t have a hangover.

  31. The Dems. have competed at the Constitutional level and failed. They don’t represent AMERICAN values. Their system doesn’t work, so they now want to try Socialism. A system that has harmed the citizens who live under it. The DEMS. are going from dumb to dumber. I guess their idea is if the golden goose doesn’t give you all you ask for, you kill it. Sort of is line with their abortion ideas. In a Christian society, this is murder. You might hate Trump, but you have real winners in AOC, Warren, Waters, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, several new Muslim leftist and more. I think 2020 will prove that your party is diseased and incapable of finding a reasonable candidate. Why don’t you wait a few more years, so our educational system can generate more socialist for your cause?

  32. Remember people votedfor this idiot !!?(who. They should tell is who so we can watch them ) and not let them anywhere near a voting booth.

  33. Shame on the Democrats for letting AOC into their party ! What ever happened to them ? They used to be a decent party, I know cause I used to be one. NOT NO MORE ! I’ll bet Pres. Putin & other world leaders are getting a real kick out of this !

  34. I agree. I stand with Trump against socialism. The Democrats have become leeches and should be removed. Pelosi is nothing but a crazy woman, craving power. Take her down. This Castraz woman is an idiot. Only idiots listen to her.

  35. I am not as concerned about the person, Ocasio-Cortez as I am about those Americans who actually voted for her. The poor souls. What were they thinking? Actually; I don’t believe they were thinking at all. Just led blindly by the absurdity of AOC’s accusations and “Fix It All” promises. Further at SOTU address, the child like games and spectacle of disrespect has got to stop! Don’t like the President? Okay; but respect the office and the country; as well as the countrymen who do or do not agree with you. Need to make Democrats, Republicans and all sit together there and on other occasions intermixed, and show unity in that respect; if not respect for all and each other; which should be.

  36. If only she had the inside information on The Clintons, then her disappearance would aleviate any more of the belly-aching about her that’s produced from all sides of the political spectrum.

  37. I’m thrilled to see that there are still people in America who believe in our Constitution and love ❤️ our great Country. The “Leftovers”, AOC, etc., are deplorable, despicable, and disrespectful of everything this Country stands for. They will use whatever means necessary to accomplish their agenda, which is to bring it down and destroy it. We can’t allow that to happen.

  38. She’s ridiculous who was elected simply because she’s of Hispanic heritage. Of course New York will elect anyone with. “D” following their name. You need no credentials or experience just having a D after your name that’s the only criteria
    Just look at the recent abortion late term passed by and signed by the Democratic legislative and Governor. That state is willing to KILL a 36 week of BABY but never ever give a child a soda ! We’ll kill your baby but we don’t want any fat kids. If that doesn’t sum up the Oxymoronic Democratic Party. Sad that New York would elect someone with such extreme and out of touch ideas. Let’s hope 2920 sees the Dems tout some morals starting with the Disrespect House Speaker Nancy “puss face” Lemon sucking Pelosi

  39. is this the ridiculous agenda we’re going to have to listen to for the next few years – from the Socialist

    is this the ridiculous dems idea of making the country great – it’s not only ignorant but immature and uninformed
    God help us if this is the idiotic direction they are planning for the future if we let them

  40. AOC come on, drop some more pearls of your wisdom on us. I can’t believe that the media is giving her air time or the newspapers are giving her space because her proposals are so beyond the scope of rational thinking.

  41. The Massachusetts Congress man Macgovern who goes along with her should think about the next time he is up for re-election I think that both of them should be voted out of office.
    How could the people be so smart and allow people like this run this country, this country belongs to the Americans not the idiots in Congress

  42. I posted a mistake and apologize to Senitor Macgovern. I ment Massachusetts Senitor Markley should think about realection he gets high marks for stupidity

  43. America was founded on Christian values and the devil is working very hard to destroy it, but if all Christians would pray daily to our Lord Jesus Christ, he will save it. The Bible says that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the devil and his demons, he uses his servants like AOC some democrats in congress, some college professors and many other people in authority across the land to destroy our country. The Lord put Trump in the white house as an instrument to bring back America to him. We must pray for Donald Trump and for America. Wake up Christians!

    • Just curious. Do you have a direct line to God? Have you been tweeting or texting one another? Or do you think you’re so special that only you have all the answers? Is your God – or whatever is in your head – as hostile, angry and mean as you are? Just curious.

  44. So now we have Ocasio-Kotex and Maxi-pad Waters, two of the most stupid and lazy people in America, leeches of society, are trying to destroy Trump and our Consitutional Republic? I think they will just bleed themselves to death!!

  45. So now we have Ocasio-Kotex and Maxi-pad Waters, two of the most stupid and lazy people in America, leeches of society, are trying to destroy Trump and our Consitutional Republic? I want to bleed is dry!!!

  46. American values, culture, and stability are under constant attack now. We must stand up as Americans against these leftist politicians. We’re not Democrats or Republicans first, we’re Americans first. One nation, under God, indivisible! They’re trying to divide and conquer. Remember Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama we’re followers of Saul Alinsky who said “ The despair is there, now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change!” Stand Up America!

  47. IIshr’s. She’s playing stupid to get her way, ,give her people the give me do me get me .No way go to work live everyone enough with the free Bee’s
    Americans are to galleble,&to good

  48. Remember that when you are dealing with the Godless, democratic party, and people like Pelosi, Schumer, Cortez, Obama, Clinton, or etc., you are dealing with people who support the Murder of Unborn Babies AND Selling Baby Body Parts … They have no HEART, SOUL or BRAIN – they are capable of ALL KINDS OF EVIL – Violence, Voter Fraud, Lying, is just “business as usual” to them. Psalm 22:9,10 Psalm 139:13-16 Proverbs 6:17 – Prov. 24:11-12 / Jeremiah 1:4-5 – Matthew 6:26 / 1 Peter 5:6-9

  49. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a complete and utter idiot. I have a dog that’s smarter than she’ll ever be. Sadly, this is the face, of the new Democratic party. There was a time, decades ago, when Democrats, actually had a few good ideas. Today, AOC, and the entire Democratic party, are out to disrupt, destroy, and block, all Republican efforts, to improve, grow, and protect, America and the American economy. The Democrats stink of National Socialism. The last time, National Socialists, governed a country, they almost destroyed Europe. Their leader was Adolf Hitler. Remember him????

  50. Maria Perez is right on target. We need to return to faith in God not government or men/women seeking power and self satisfaction. It is called humanism! Man’s will versus God’s will and promises!

  51. Isn’t it interesting that all these Dems who want to turn our country into a socialist one are getting their message out on tools built by capitalists!!!!

    Also walls are immoral but killing babies born alive is ok and not immoral!!!! Really! Democrats with this thinking disgust me!!!

  52. As for Ocasio-Cortez (AOC):
    At first I was astounded at her position; then my attitude turned to amazement; then anger that resulted in pure outrage that any public figure [with such politically counter productive concepts] could high jack our airwaves as she has done. It truly took me back to 1929 – 1930’s and the crap that was being sold to the good and reasonable German people of the time.
    Now my thoughts are full of pity for AOC, but with greater concern for her constituents.
    Who are they?
    Where is their “heads at” to have given someone with such un-thought out liberal ideas even the time of day?
    Where has our educational system gone that we are producing such non-critical thinkers ? To connclude that an ideology she aspouses is even worth a passing thought in a free democratic society with all the global evidence to the contrary is simply astounding.
    We all need be angrey & concerned. But let’s be certain we direct that frustration in the right direction !
    Two quotes I am reminded of: “FREEDOM IS BUT ONE GENERATION AWAY” and the other being:

  53. As for Ocasio-Cortez (AOC):
    At first I was astounded at her position; then my attitude turned to amazement; then anger that resulted in pure outrage that any public figure [with such politically counter productive concepts] could high jack our airwaves as she has done. It truly took me back to 1929 – 1930’s and the crap that was being sold to the good and reasonable German people of the time.
    Now my thoughts are full of pity for AOC, but with greater concern for her constituents.
    Who are they?
    Where is their “heads at” to have given someone with such un-thought out liberal ideas even the time of day?
    Where has our educational system gone that we are producing such non-critical thinkers ? To connclude that an ideology she aspouses is even worth a passing thought in a free democratic society with all the global evidence to the contrary is simply astounding.
    We all need be angrey & concerned. But let’s be certain we direct that frustration in the right direction !
    Two quotes I am reminded of: “FREEDOM IS BUT ONE GENERATION AWAY” and the other being:

  54. All these comments are missing the real problem.–Which is all the ignorant socialist nuts that voted for her will vote again for her and anyone like her.

  55. Ocasio- Cortez and all Dems, to the new Dems Freshman Sen I love your deranged and thought-less performance you showed the World at the State of the Union Speech how Humiliating, We as a country now have a great Commander and Chief in the White House, and are leader President Trump can and will make America great again. so with are border in Chaos hopefully the (HOUSE OF REP.) will come to Govern lets all come to the table as one Party, Socialism will not become a part of our American dream. lets Legislate and get are country back in the hands of the American people no more wasteful spending we have a National crisis at our border (Mark Morgan FMR Border Patrol Chief) on the crisis at the border Mr President we need to build the wall (PELOSI) get off your high horse and lets all work together. 02/09/19 L.Z.

  56. New Yorkers who were fooled by this all mouth no brain, used to be bartender, into voting her. I challenge you the 48 States will overrule the West Coast especially California and New York. Lucifer will not win against Jesus. AOC and the old, confused man Sanders, fooled you that socialism should replace our Constitution. Look what happened to Venezuela. It’s a night mare! Let’s pray civil war will not happen there. You are living in a country, the envy of the world, where billions of people from other countries are dying to be able to come here, why do you believe the Demoncrats? Pelosi will receive the just wrath of God I tell you. She and Biden have no conscience calling themselves Catholic. Obama and Killary are paying the price already for their evil deeds.

    • The film depicts the life of Eva Perón, detailing her beginnings, rise to fame, political career and death at the age of 33. This the one you are speaking of ? Stress shortens one’s life.

  57. I know how ridiculous she is, but what amazes me is how she found enough other crazies in OUR America who think they know more than all our government, the world’s governments history, and the results of unsound stupidity as she proposes in each area she stands for. They have no way possible to end well, as they defy all of human history for good and evil and how they interact in the REAL world. This is all made up hysteria hype from her platform, and with no desire to enter into the Care and Preservation of Americas foundation and Elevation to the position it has come to be these near 250 years.

  58. This AOC is a loose cannon. I think the people of New York that elected her evidently must be as stupid and crazy as she is. Put her back behind a bar, she couldn’t run a vacuum cleaner, much less trying to run a beautiful country as the US.

  59. Wow where did this idiot come from and who are the idiots that voted for her, Is She for real OR IS She a new Comic Book Character.

  60. Christians will never buy into aoc and I thank God for that. That girl should go back to her native country because and cannot be convinced she is an American. What a shame she is to our country.

  61. I think carting those who can or should carry themselves is wrong I don’t think there’s a country out there that does that. It sounds like she’s gone a bit far. People want democracy not dictatorship which Trump is on the verge. Don’t we get a say in things w/ out it being forced on us? Especially something that’s got billions of dollars on the price tag and was promised it’d be paid by another country?.. We all want and need proper healthcare and a good education for our children, supporting hose who can support themselves? That’s a little over reach, even for me..

  62. Nothing wrong here…just keep letting that soft little gerbil talk her empty fool head off, a-l-l-l-l over the media, for all to see and hear. Socialists will start to realize what they’re getting with people like little miss “tippy-top.” Somebody snapped a picture of her with one of those big flash bulbs, which made her eyes pop wide open, burned a residual dot on her retina and now she’s puzzled that it’s there wherever she looks…ever notice?

  63. AOC, She is ruining the United States. Please stop this idiot. They just keep getting dumber and dumber. This is great news for Trump in 2020. I hope they keep up this nonsense. I live in Southern California (45 district) and trust me , everybody loves President Trump. I personally don’t know how our representative got voted in. We have to deal with sanctuary cities, illegals coming across the border, high taxes And stupid politicians who line their pockets. The Democrats want power so bad. They don’t care about the American people they only care about illegals and their votes. So I hope they keep up all this nonsense because we have this election in the bag.

  64. Cortez should be given brain electric shock. Something must be wrong with her brain wanting To make America a Socialist country and to help people who does not want to work. She’s not only idiot but moron, nincompoop and must be sent to Venezuela to work with Maduro. We will never accept Socialism.

  65. Jack, a handsome man, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the bar and stared up at the TV as the 10:00 news came on.

    The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump. Alexandria looked at Jack and said, “Do you think he’ll jump?”

    Jack says, “You know what, I bet he will.”

    Alexandria replied,”Well, I bet he wont.”

    Jack placed $20 on the bar and said, “You’re on!”

    Just as she placed her money on the bar, the guy did a swan dive off of the building, falling to his death. She was very upset and handed her $20 to Jack, saying, “Fairs fair… Here’s your money.”

    Jack replied, “I cant take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 o’clock news and knew he would jump.”

    Alexandria replies, “I did too; but I didn’t think he’d do it again.”

    Jack took the money.

    Alexandria went back to work at the US Congress.

  66. What do you expect when you give a bar fly a seat in Congress. Wonder if she even knows how to mix a good drink. I traveled through the Bronx a couple of times, the second time I tried to go around it but the stupid gps kept bringing me back to it. She will undoubtedly keep making these stupid remarks because she doesn’t understand that we don’t work for her she works for us. God don’t spare any mercy for New York they don’t deserve it.

  67. I would like to be unwilling to work, just to see if AOC would support me. afterall she is making 150K a year and I would be willing to share half of what she has, I don’t think that is unreasonable because half is less than the 70% tax that she wants to propose! I believe that if she would support me for a year, that I could help her understand the reality of her loud and open mouth approach to society and maybe she wouldn’t talk with so much inexperience and stupidity! Just Sayin’

  68. I agree this is a little twit with BIG EYES BIG MOUTH LITTLE BRAIN and talks like a moron but the real sad thing here is the AIRHEADS that voted her into office.

  69. Interesting, all this anti socialist commentary. In the most recent survey, 5 of the 10 most liveable and happiest countries in the world are socialist.

  70. OK, America-let us, ‘all, attempt’-to, ‘not go Ballistic’, on this ‘pathetic, mentally deficient, being’! We, are a, Country, that ‘Care’s’, for those who are ‘Developmentally Deficient’ and WE, must, understand those, who say & do ‘things’-that make no sense! So, America, We, must, utilize, the same tactics, that are, used in the, agency’s, for, those, across the USA, that are considered to be, ‘disabled”. This, ‘person’-should NEVER, have been, ‘selected’ & cannot serve, in Congress! Bless her little Heart-thanks to the ‘desperation’, of the Dem. Party-‘she’, was elected to the Congress! THEN, that party, realized, AOC, was, not , CAPABLE! Now, it is, the ‘Responsibility’, of the Dem. Party, to ‘CORRECT’, the error, by, ‘eradicating’, her!

  71. We need to return to our constitution as a democratic republic where we are responsible for ourselves to work hard to not be handed our life, but are given a free choice to pursue it based on our own abilities, under God, in a free nation, with less government controlled. No more taxation without representation as it is what we fought for as a country. Watch out America. All our mistakes are coming back to enslave us if we do not listen and wake up and take control and out of the hands of elitists and get rid of the new world order, return to the gold standard and fight all countries trying to end our financial system. We can be the best if guided by common sense, the bible as our guide, freedom of choice, of the people and by the people, and fight hard to not be controlled or enslaved by others. Everyone needs to get over it , be responsible for ourselves and throw away our since of entitlement to be free. And yes, it is a free choice to even be ignorant. Be real and wake up. Take charge of YOU!

  72. People like this AOC and Cuomo should actually go to China. Not only are they socialist/communist there, but there are many abortions because it’s the law in order to control the population. No freedoms, no religion, no churches. Nothing. Unless you do it in secret. Dems also want to take the phrase “under God” out of the pledge. See where this is going?
    Cuomo isn’t stupid or crazy. He’s a very smart and calculating guy. Actually he’s an anti Christ. Maybe that sounds fanatical to some people but if you believe in the bible you know what it says about end times. He and the other dems twist the truth. He says it’s a woman’s right to commit murder. If they say they believe in God, they are lying. And what’s with the abbreviation of this
    woman’s name? Why can’t you call her by her actual name? She’s not JFK or MLK. We’re giving her way too much importance. All we should do is laugh at her because that’s what she deserves.

  73. AOC or POS or whatever the Hell you want to call this idiot is exactly why, America cannot trust these little socialist POS, making laws for our Country. I think these radical socialists pose a threat to the freedoms of our great nation. When these Socialistic Morons get elected to the Congress or the Senate we all should cringe. These idiots will have America in the same poophole that Venezuela currently finds themselves in…. AOC needs to be a one term Congressional member and that’s it….

  74. The airways of our great country will be filled with untruthful rhetoric, out and out lies and great distortions of the truth as twenty or so individuals from the so called democratic party dual for the Presidency of the United States. Those individuals that have already announced their formal bid for the white house have already promised more socialistic programs than they can deliver because of the enormous cost even though they promise and promote the taxation of the rich above 70 % of their income. With idiot pawns of the DNC like AOC pushing her communist doctrine and the Dem Presidential candidates praising her for her thinking, our airways will surely be tainted. We patriotic Americans must rise up and counter every lie and the false propaganda that is already poisoning our airwaves.

  75. Wouldn’t it be great if NOBODY ever mentioned her name again? The page got pulled by the time I got here, so MAYBE she will get the message (although I doubt that!), that her socialism and ideology is NOT what we want. She is nothing bot ”know nothing” about ”anything”. I’ve said her ambition is bigger than her brain. We don’t need anyore CORTEZ, HARRIS, WARREN, etc. in DC.

  76. Ocasio-Cortez will bankrupt the United States if she gets her way. She is a socialist and an idiot. Who would vote for her, except for the liberals, democrats, and the far left who want to destroy America .
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Keep America Great!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  77. 75% to 12% !!!! Total population 75% to 25%.
    Numbers don’t lie. Thats 75 whites to very 25 of all other races here in the US.
    So if the 75% are racist and against everyone else, hands down none of the non white population could or would go about attacking that population without seroious consequences. Think about it. There would be no civil rights. So the white man in whole can be proved that are opposite than racist. In fact it is because the majority of whites felt racism to be wrong is how we made so many progressive changes to root out this evil. Now you who call for civil war and keep hammering against the whites and believe you can force migrate whites back to Europe….
    The numbers don’t lie. Good luck with 25 trying to push 75. And considering the 75 have majority of guns ……Good luck.

  78. Sorry foolish little Liberal have you even talked to everyday Americans you know the Legal Citizens who live in this country!? You must not have because if you had, they would tell you we don’t want to live in a Third World Country!!! You are a complete MORON but the cow Fart part of the New Deal was so dam Funny I’m still laughing!!!! But I will stay tuned because you truly are the gift to Republicans that keeps on Giving!!😂😂

  79. After the 2nd Civil War is over, we (Conservatives, who will be in power) should round up all the IA’s, convicts, Liberals, and dumber-crats, build a 30 foot tall wall with armed guards stationed on it around , say, 20,000 acres of the Badlands, and put them in it. If their way of socialism is so great, they should have no problems thriving there. Idiots.

  80. I am 79 and can’t believe all that is happening to our beautiful country. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop her and all the others .? When they listened to people to take God out of everything, destroyed all our memorials, took down the Ten Commandments,and started to change everything to their way of thinking. I just can’t believe what’s happened to us. We loved our country and now I am starting to think if they take over its time to move from here. Just believe in God and support Trump. He is trying so hard for us.please stop ripping him Down.

  81. She does it every day. What she’s REALLY doing is pointing up the stupidity and hypocrisy of HER HANDLERS.

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