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How much lower could she possibly get…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is demanding impeachment over reports of a U.S. military stop at a Trump golf club in Scotland.

“The President is corrupt and must be impeached,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote alongside a retweet detailing reports of the House Oversight Committee investigating the atypical stop as part of a probe into military spending associated with Trump’s club.

The House Oversight Committee launched a probe after an Air Force crew stopped at Trump’s Turnberry resort during a “routine trip” in the spring “from the United States to Kuwait to deliver supplies on the way there and on the way back,” according to reports.



  1. Cortez is the wicked witch of the west lol…… Cant wait till she loses her next term, she worthless piece of crap…. She doesn’t know anything and says some of the dumbest things i’ve ever heard..

    • Well, no, if we want to be factual – -Nutty nan, from San Fran is the “wicked witch of the west”, while octavio, of the Bronx, is the wicked witch of the east. Makes no difference really, they are both more “queer and fake” then any three dollar bill. Absurdly mentally deranged communist factoids.

  2. I’m so Sick & Tired and Fed Up with hearing all of the Stupid SHIT that comes out of this
    Brainless Nitwit BITCH with the BIG Dumbass MOUTH !!! It’s TIME someone Shut this Pathetic
    Stupid Brainless POS BITCH the Hell UP !!! Impeach Her for being in a Office and being so Friggin’ Stupid !!!

  3. I wish that she would,just resign from her party and leave this nation,and the reason is,that in my opinion
    ( only ) that she can not discern truth from fiction; nor separate her Criminal religion,Muslim faith are her party,she has made a laughing stock to include she has lost her mind,are what little she claimed to have.
    The very idea that her mysticism Muslim,god Allah or Prophet Mohammad is like the urine and pissing in
    the wind,and yet,fools,love to see are follower,s of Witchcraft ,having a “form”of spiritual meaning or reality,that is neither “apparent “senses of intelligence based on her direct communion,with Allah or Mohammad,sickness,is in her brew are Mouth and needs to ask that “False,Queer,Homosexual and who
    she is guiding her,Thoughts,to release the Demon Grasp.Satan.Evil Spirits has to use vessels and even
    pigs and swine,can not stand evil. Ocasio-Cortez a Cliff and Deep water awaits,run to it,but NOT ” I “

  4. Thats All these freaks do,And get Away with it, Scream lies,And their cohorts(Media) Report it as Gospel Truth.Thats why the POTUS has the Racist label and On And On.Simple as That. It’s Criminal whats taking place in this country.It Really IS! Semper Fi

  5. If the DNC is watching that closely, where a flight crew is sleeping, it means they are spying… on every Republican in the House and Senate.. following people, possibly filming. The Party of Blackmail and Bribery is hard at work winning the only way possible.. , Mafia style.
    All moderate and RINO Reps better have a come to Jesus moment.. including understanding fighting fire with fire. Start off with setting privately paid investigators onto all the Dems ‘501 Umbrellas’… follow the money an expose 2-3 weeks before the election the Dems bribery and off shore banking holdings.

  6. Aoc is a stupid Cunt Theres no limit to how low she will go. She’s a granstanding obstructionist loudmouth. she’s Ignorant, self serving and a waste of oxygen ! did I leave anything out ?

  7. Ah yes little Miss Airhead On Crack strikes again just when you think she can’t out stupid herself anymore she proves you wrong and that’s why she is the poster child for stupidity…lol


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