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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke with MSNBC after President Trump’s State of the Union address. Ocasio-Cortez argued that the president only said America would never be socialist because “he feels himself losing on the issues.”

Ocasio-Cortez stated, “I think that the president was unprepared. I don’t think that he did his homework.”

Adding, “There was no plan. There was no plan to address our opioid crisis. There was no plan to address the cost of health care, there was no plan to increase wages. I had to ask myself, is this a campaign stop or is this a State of the Union?”

After being asked about Trump’s comments on socialism, Ocasio-Cortez stated, “I think that he needs to do it because he feels like — he feels himself losing on the issues. Every single policy proposal that we have adopted and presented to the American public has been overwhelmingly popular, even some with a majority of Republican voters supporting what we’re talking about. We talked about a 70 percent marginal tax rate on incomes over $10 million. Sixty percent of Americans approve it. Seventy million Americans believe in approved and expanded Medicare for all. A large amount of Americans believe we need to do something about climate change, that it’s an existential threat to ourselves and our children. I think he sees himself losing on the issues, he sees himself losing on the wall on the southern border, and he needs to grasp at an attack. And this is his way of doing it. But what we need to realize is happening is this is an issue of authoritarian regime versus democracy. In order for him to try to dissuade or throw people off the scent of the trail, he has to really make and confuse the public. And I think that that’s exactly what he’s trying to do.”



  1. Does she realize if she taxes the higher income earners that much they will pack up and take their business to another country. Talking about being unprepared for a position she has no idea what she is doing.

    • She is too stupid to realize anything. I’m surprised her body even knows how to breathe. What a complete moron and with a big mouth, to boot.

      • But she has the COMMIECRAT talking points down pat!
        She is accusing Trump of exactly what she is already doing!

        It’s an old NAZI and Communist ploy.

        And the funny, (not really funny, sad!), thing is, that stupid people believe her!

      • I would love to start a movement for me or someone else. To Challenge her to a debate. She has serious issues with what people really want and believe. She would probably be scared to debate with a 54 year old male. Who at 17 had to take a job to help my family to survive. Yep 11th grade education and a Truck Driver most of my life. I won’t call her the names she deserves. So hear it is I challenge (Air Head opps sorry couldn’t Help myself). TO A DEBATE ON WHATEVER SHE WANTS EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE. Bartender VS. Truck Driver. She’s scared already OPINIONS WANTED. And GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Yep. I said it

      • Wonder if she knows how deep an ocean is because she somehow wants to put pillars in it to support a railroad system that crosses oceans. My God, I would never believe that anyone could be stupid enough to think you can build a railroad over the ocean. Then it’s eliminating all cars, trucks, buses , ambulances etc. that are not electric. I don’t think we have the technology to make an 18 wheeler that can criss cross America using an electric motor. All goods and service deliveries would almost come to a halt if we went back to delivery by rails. Can you imagine waiting at a bus stop to go grocery shopping, going to a restaurant , or trying to pick up your sick kids from school when the bus is four blocks away and it’s snowing but the bus doesn’t come for another half hour. What about all the senior citizens that can’t walk to the bus stop to get that bus? She is a nut job for sure and anyone who votes for her and her followers are not visualizing the lose of freedom for Americans and the destruction of our economy. Maybe she should have been one of those late term abortions because I think most of her brain was left in the hospital anyway. I feel sorry for her, others like her , and the party that actually sees her as their future. Dumber than her.

    • AOC couldn’t find her own butt with two hands and a flashlight. She really should’ve been a blonde. Oops, that won’t work, every blonde I’ve ever met was sharper than AOC. Ah, I know, she should’ve been a box of rocks. :o)

      Phil in TX

    • What you say has happened beore – the rich moved their money and businesses overseas and it was to China. Now, trump has changed taxes for business tomove back in by allowing facility investment capital to be depreciated the same year it is invested instead of depreciating over many years. My concern is that Mexico is building one of the worlds largest free enterprise zones right on the border where there are no unions, environmental restrictions, healthcare , social security taxes and lots of cheap labor. Where would you invest with your market located just over the wall which will be built. John Kerry moved most of his money overseas during W’s presidency and Obama’s. Anymore, politicians just have their kickbacks deposited directly into cayman , bermudan or Panamanian banks to avoid accountibility and this resulted from financial laws that attempted to follow terrorist funding so kickbacks no longer have to be laundered since deposited directly from china to the caymans or panama. This is possible bc the kickbacks no longer come from american companies but from chinese concerns so does not have to be laundered.

    • That’s what she and the rest of the dems want. They want to DESTROY America by turning her into a socialist country like Venezuela.

    • That, STUPID-almost ,’sub-normal’-‘humanoid’, should be ‘placed’, in a ‘protected’, ‘GROUP HOME’, for ‘CONSUMERS”, who, cannot ‘Function’, in society-without a, “Keeper’!

    • I have listen to your thoughts on this for over 50 years, I have always said and will do again 75% or even more EMPLOYERS have never paid the laborer a free share of the profits of their products. I will also say that if citizens in this Nation really expect to have jobs in the future we need to make BUSINESSES to cover a greater share of the cost of SECONDARY EDUCATION. It’s in the best interest of these BUSINESSES and OUR NATION.

      • Just wondering if a business starts to lose money will the employees defer their salaries or give back money to help pay the losses? Twenty employees get a thousand dollars today after the quarterly report shows a nice profit. Next week an eighty thousand dollar machine dies and needs to be replaced, will the twenty employees each give back their thousand dollars to help get back up and running?

    • You are absolutely correct! We will all lose. if you overtax billionaires than the word will be to overtax Millionaires in which a;l of the politicians are in or climbing to right now!
      In l places Socialism has been used it has FAILED, it will never win in a Capitalist country. Our country was ”founded on Capitalism.” If we read about it we will see about Marxism and what really is behind it and how it has continued all this time. We can make it work if we would stop bringing in the illegal people as they are doing it now without that border. They will not come through portals and be vetted properly s we do not have an overabundance of people who are not legal and cannot give enough as they will take jobs from the rest and what is worse they will do it for cheaper labor, and they are not supposed to work, as they are Not legally here.

      They are all jealous of Pres Trump and he is a Billionaire and THAT is why they have this idea going right now, Let’s face it, they would do anything at all to ‘upset the applecart”

      Our country is’ founded on Capitalism or it is the view of the people and has been since the beginning!. ‘ Socialism and Communism never works and NOTHING IS FREE.

      Cortez comes up with ideas ‘off the top of her head” and never THINKS or REASONS it out! She evidently is too young and has not experienced enough. The men surround her as she is youthful and cute. It is ridiculous. If this is the future of our country, MANY will LEAVE! The les people the loess money this country wil have. The txpayers are not paying for illegals nor are they going to have to work while everyone is getting the dsame and peopel cannot get ahead on threi own merits. You see Socialms is not workign for what you receive, you cannot work yoru way upthe ladder, as some are a le to do and some work hard at it, and that will end. We will all live the same and it will not be good and proper medical care, as the Dr’s are nmot going to stay for the monty they get and the peopel wil become a NUMBER to the medical fiels. When you go to the Dr you wil receive a NUMBER, THE CARE WILL NOT BE UP TO PAR ANYMORE.

      hat on earth is wroong with these peole who cannot think thingsout? She is very wrongand If people had to live under Socialism I promoise more will leave. They want to take from Billionairs and not millionairs WHY? BECUAE PRE TRUMP WPRKED HIS WAY TO THAT AMOUNT.. HE is noT Taking any lonehy as Presodent and few knkw that about [email protected] he is Not being paid! NO other president EVER did THAT. Pres Trump only received ONe million dollars from hsi dad and he has bruilt himself up at least rwice and he knlws ow to create m oney and cane help this government. He also is a Contractor Builder and Superviosr andknow HOW to build the BEST border dn NOW is the tiem to get advice from a manh who ahs had lots of experience in bilding! They will NEVER have hsichance again. Godput hmin now to do THIS to wmake this country GREAT AGAIN! He alredy hasdone so much. Minumun raise it up and and people get mroe back for taxes and he has helped the peopel of color to now have more jobs and we have what over 300,000 more jobs now !? Think about how he has not been in for two yrs and is trying BUT we have some who just do not “get it” They do not want to understsnd they are jsut wrried about betinb rid of Trump so they can get their ONE WORLORDER in place! They are having a FIT. They need to mature. they need to give him a chance. They need to allow the border to be bilt so we can calm down some of this coming in ilegally and Not through the correct portals. We WANT them to do it PROPERLY so we know If they are Trafficking and If they are really the TRUE parents and If they are Not Terrorists. he NEdS THE BORDER TO KEEP uDSAFE.

      WE DO NOT NEED sOCIALISM. hEIS RIGHT, Or country was not built to be on Socialist governing. We wer built dn founded on CAPITALISM and it was to always be this way! And statistics PROVES Socialism does NOt work! It has NOt worked! Communism will not work! yes, we need to change things but we need to keep Capitalism. We do not need people coming here illegally and telling us how to run OUR country! We LOVE OUR COUNTRY!

      She is living on Fantasy Island and needs to get her head out of the sand and realize she is living in America, and we are a ‘Capitalist country! ‘

      Her GREEN idea is stupid too. People do eat meat and people drink milk and eat cheese and use Butter, for just starters.. and just eliminating animals is inhumane and animals groups will be yelling and fighting her. If you think cows have flatulence, we l so do horses and ALL Animals/MAMMALS ! do we do away with all!?

      Plants, trees etc Need C02!! We need 0xygen and so we need to all work together. “IN GOD WE TRUST” andwe do know we wer FOUNDED on this and it is ion all our Government buildings and the money etc and kif anyone is offended by that they can move. They need to beleive as they please but we know what we wer founded on in THIS couontry. They can go to any other country if they want to beleive in anotehr way and are offdended by how we have ALWAYS been started as a country and will end that way. GOD has destroyed countries who do not have faith. As Lot had to leave and his wife looked back on the evil doing country, she turned into a pillar of salt. She forever was stuck in their dirty lives. So we will be too, IF NOT CAREFUL! We are getting too far to the LEFT. We need to move to the MIDDLE and stop the nonsense and being JEALOUS of the President, WE, the PEOPLE, have ‘chosen!’ UNLESS/UNTil/if, THEY SHOULD FIND SOMETHING BIG, ON THE PRESIDENT, WHICH HAPPENED AFTER BECOMING PRESIDENT( AS HE WAS A COMMON CITIZEN BEFORE WORKING A BUSINESS AND THAT WAS IT, NOT A POLITICIAN THEN, WHEN ‘THEY SURVEYED HIM!’ So to bother to scrutinize him before a year and a half ago is ludicrous! THEN WE WILL WORRY, OTHERWISE( ” INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! )THAT IS THE ”AMERICAN WAY!” THAT is how our LEGAL system works.. (we needed to let Obama know that when he screamed out against police all the time and never even gave a chance for a hearing first, and he was supposed to have been a lawyer? )Let us get BACK to how this country is supposed to be run and stop their nonsense. We are not asking to be in the form of ‘another country! ‘

      They’re dressing up all in White ( women) like Klu Klux Klan, they just needed hoods or hats, and they would have taken that part and this stuff is silly and not to be acceptable for people whom we would expect to be intelligent and fair people. They are not acting this part at all. Our people on government never acted as they did, and we must ask them to step down if this continues as they are causing too much chaos in our country.

      They must settle down and get to business and remember we are built on Capitalism and we do Not want a One World Government or Socialism as we were not going to do what other places tried and they all failed! People are moving out of NYS constantly now as Cuomo has our Taxes up WAY too high, and most are not able to afford to live in this State any longer! We do not need or want more poverty in our country as we are stretched way too far now! We cannot afford to take care of any more people who are illegally here and are just being brought in becue Democrats cannot win on the merits of their own people on this country any longer, evidently! They need to figure out WHY what they want we do NOT. THAT IS WHY THEY LOST.

      HOW much more clear can anyone be in order to help the politicians know we are asking for what Pres Trump WANTS and that is WHY he was voted in. It was what the majority voted for as the wanted the WALL, and they wanted to be PROTECTED from TERRORISTS who are coming over the border and bring in drugs and trafficking etc. They are not coming soon through the ‘legal’ portals. We do not want Socialism nor GREEN thinking as you would need to do away with all animals/mammals as all have Flatulence! Plus people cannot afford Electric cars and they will need to be RECHARGED all the time! We do not want solar windows and windmills all over the place for energy. We will go back to the old days and live like the Amish, (wood stoves and outhouses ) as most cannot afford all of this, in the OLD HOMES. BTW Septic tanks are dirty and pollute too, so how do you stop animals/mammals, from doing that? Yes, Pres Trump had the perfect point and Cortez is wrong. Very wrong. People must be realistic. Pres Trump is trying to be realistic and we do NEED what he is askign for and he is a builder. NOW is the time

      IN the meantime take Pelosi, And Shumer at the border to SEE the people flying over the FENCE and how the drugs come in and what is going on FOR EAL and TALK to the ICE AGENTS in PERSON. UNTIL THEY go to the border while people are flowing in AND not AT THE CORRECT portals THEY HAVE NOT ANYTHING TRUE TO SAY AS THEY DO NOT KNOW first hand while the people are coming in and will not stop coming in the wrong way on purpose! They have been told how to do it! THEY MAY NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR ROCKS aND STONES THOUGH. ‘PUT ON THEIR HARD HATS’. BUT THE NED TO BE FORCED TO GO BEFORE TALKING ANYMORE ON THE BORDER NOT BEING BUILT!

      Sorry, this is so long, but have much to say on these subjects. It is time the truth is spoken, and they must realize they must stop harassing the President. Just because they are jealous of him and can’t understand how he won that is because God wanted it, so they might as well settled down and try to work with him and stop causing divisions in our government.

      ‘Together we stand; divided we fall” now they had best begin working with the President and not give way to other countries seeing a rift so they can bring in their faulty governments to us. We have been PROUD of our country and people are killing themselves to come here, and what were we founded on, and why are these people doing it, because we are a Capitalist country and people can rise on their own merits and we all have equal rights. Do NOT try taking it all away!

      • Dear Carol A. Weaver,
        You said it all. I agree with you 100% on everything you have said here. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of us agree with you, but haven’t the passion or time to write it all down.
        God bless you. I am right behind you with your every single thought.

  2. She’s a complete idiot, and absolutely clueless about economics, or about how government’s role is supposed to be LIMITED, here in America!

  3. The only one not prepared with the facts is Ocasio-Cortez. She’s a pretty package on the outside, but what is between her ears is so empty of intelligence she should be blonde, like all the dumb blonde jokes. Tell me, how can someone get an education in economics, work as a bar maid, run for office and convince people she knows what she is talking about. Unbelievable.

    • Pretty package on the outside? Are you kidding!!!! Look at that face, eyes and especially her teeth. Put anything near that mouth and it will vanish in seconds—–her mouth is like a piranha.
      All she has going for her is a nice rack.
      She’s dumber than dirt—–not a clue.
      She’s an arrogant Socialist bitch that is taking over the Democratic party——so many of them are following this psycho bitch like puppy dogs.

  4. She is just a typical Socialist Democrat and has not be around long enough to know the facts. I think she should be sent home until she grows up. IN THE MEANTIME, MOVE HER TO A SOCIALIST COUNTRY SO SHE CAN HAVE HER EYES OPENED.

  5. AOC….The SOTU address is not supposed to lay out plans. It never has been. The purpose of the SOTU is send a message to congress regarding the issues the POTUS wants Congress to address. Congress’ job, both houses, is act on the issues as presented by the POTUS. You’re a freshman representative, obviously, and have a lot to learn about how capitalism works.

  6. If anybody is trying to confuse and mislead the people is you. The majority of Americans do not want socialism, they want a Democracy.


    • I agree her ideas are bad and at least for the most part unpalatable to the vast majority of Americans. But on the other hand, her overall point of view is no doubt shared by millions and deserves to be represented, not tyrannically wiped out. In a debate, the winner doesn’t get to execute the loser – not in a halfway civilized nation, anyway. In fact, to survive, we need to at least halfway get along and tolerate those of differing opinion, and the unpleasant and scary thing is that we’re not doing it!

    • This so-called legislator is definitely on drugs. And is a radical muslim. She needs to be impeached on the basis of her radical thinking that is not acceptable in America.

    • Amen, amen, you know that our once great nation is a third world banana Republic when such an obvious no-brain communist little twerp such as her can achieve office and have the sycophant media promote her as if she is the second coming! To listen to her talk you’d think that she didn’t finish grade school! Politics has been made to be a popularity contest by design. The communist revolution has been a success and that is why REVOLUTION will be needed as the SOLUTION to these demonic psychopaths that comprise the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that cleverly pass themselves off as Democ-rats; their suicidal useful idiots and all of the illegal aliens love them!

    • I know she was there,I saw her right there on my T.V. I know she was doing a lot of little girl talk and giggling , but did she really miss that much of the speech? I guess she just isn’t as smart as she thinks she is.

    • They put her in office because she lives in a liberal state which is notorious for having ignorant policies and socialist populations. NY is a Cesspool

    • CORTEZ was a Bar Tender before running for congress..she lived off of tips..I guess too many 6 inch tips have made her SICK stupid are the people in Queens,NYC to have voted for her..I’m sure they took it as a joke…and she wants Congress to change the age limits she can run now for President…looks into the mirror 5 times a day and says ” I,m so smart, I’m so beauty full ,look at my figure ..its so nice to the touch ..guess I qualify to be President”..this h–ker needs to run from the police..not for President …She is hurting the Democratic Party big time ….they better tape her mouth ..sooooo sorry might hurt her income.


  8. She’s about as dumb as bricks, maybe dumber. In one interview on CCN she said she thinks Trump is “scared” of her. Trump tells the leaders of N Korea, China, Russia, NATO, the U.N. , Canada, Mexico to “f” off, but he’s “scared” of that little Bronx btch. Hysterical.

  9. I can’t decide if this girl is a robot or an extraterrestrial but either way God bless this country if someone like this can be voted to Congress. I think the government should start requiring that all voters prove not only citizenship but proof that they have brains. This girl scares

    • She scares me to. OMG the nutcases that voted for her might be sorry now when she opens her mouth.
      She has some nerve the things she says are ridiculous. They need to put a gag on her ASAP.

  10. Where does she get her information. She is quoting numbers that aren’t supported. Just like the Dems have always done, tell a lie long enough and people will start believing it!

  11. what ever possessed the voters in New York to elect this Ding Bat? Surely She knows socialism has never worked nor will it ever work. Where does she think the money will come from to pay for all these glorious ideas of utopia ?

  12. BTW AOC, I do not agree with your proposal for taxation of 70%, nor do I agree with expanding Medicare, nor continuing to fund sanctuary cities. I do however want a DECREASE in illegal immigration, an increase in ICE agents, a pathway forward to citizenship for dreamers (if they want it. If they do not, deport them.)

  13. Where did this girl go to school? We need to fire every teacher she came in contact with because she can’t really be this stupid? She had to have learned this bs!!!

    • He won by a majority of electoral votes. This is the way the framers assured the masses that the leader of the free world would not be elected by a few highly populated cities. Thank God the electoral process is in place as our country couldn’t withstand another regime like Obama put us through. Another thing, if all of the illeagle votes and votes from dead people were eliminated from the final count Trump would probably have had the majority as well as the electoral votes.

  14. Her critique is crazy. He was prepared and did his homework. AOC, someday, maybe, your anus will release your head. To be so young and so filled with hate…

  15. This poor little “racist” girl needs to lighten up and get real! I wonder who her professor was in college… Did she finish college. With her credit score and the fact that she’s been kicked out of (2) apartments for unpaid rent should explain why she’s such a dingbat….

  16. She’s a total nutcase. I have a really hard time following her thread of conversation, she jumps from one thing to another in the same sentence. She needs to get it together before she speaks. The people in New York must be hanging their heads in shame for voting such an imbecile into office!

  17. I know the only one confused is her. She was so blinded by the glare of white around her and the Supergirl cape she was wearing that she missed the speech. This must explain why she always has that “deer in the headlights” look. She is totally clueless and when she opens her mouth she removes all doubt. It seems her hero Pelosi was checking attendance on her blank papers. After the speech they were going to attach their hoods for the meeting.

  18. Newby – Ocasio does know what she is talking about. The State of the Union is about what has been accomplished and what the President is now working on. Not how it is going to come about – the house and senate have to work on these things next. And as far as socialism is about, we would have a civil uprising before we would let this happen. Doesn’t anybody study history anymore? As far as millionaires paying 70%, they are not going to do this. Jobs at fast food joints are not going to be able to pay $15 an hour and stay in business, these are startup jobs for kids are extra jobs to take to get your bills down, not career jobs. I couldn’t afford to go these places if all employees are getting $15 an hour. I’m a retired middle class. As far as free college, just how are you going to pay for this? I’m from Illinois and are taxes are high already. Use what little brain you have before you open your mouth. All the things you say sound good, BUT?

  19. totally agree she needs to listen and learn facts and not just spout off about things she really has no clue . she is a socialist and i have no doubt about that she really has no place in our government holding any office or seat . she is a idiot moron and knows nothing about what the true American citizen wants . it is not what she believes in no morals and no common sense

  20. Really? He didn’t do his homework? I think quite the opposite is true. You haven’t done your homework in at least a decade or more. What did you do to “earn” your degree in college? You definitely did not learn what the heck you spew out of that mouth of yours. Public (and now private) colleges and universities are becoming hate teaching machines. So glad my granddaughter chose NOT to become indoctrinated!!!
    No, he hasn’t lost the issue of socialism, you have. 80% of the American people do not want your sick ideology of turning this great nation into Venezuela.
    Do us all a huge favor … GO GET A REAL JOB!

  21. The problem with AOC is that SHE doesn’t think! The SOTU is not the platform for laying out how things are accomplished but what needx to be accomplished and has been accomplished. She needs to do HER homework and if she tries very hard she may become more mature than a ditsy middle school child! She and her BFF’s, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib the two Muslims are wonderful at thinking up pie in the sky ideas without thinking any of them through. Yeah, she/ they should be criticizing anything our president does or says. RIIIIIIIGHT!

  22. The problem with AOC is that SHE doesn’t think! The SOTU is not the platform for laying out how things are accomplished but what needs to be accomplished and has been accomplished. She needs to do HER homework and if she tries very hard she may become more mature than a ditsy middle school child! She and her BFF’s, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib the two Muslims are wonderful at thinking up pie in the sky ideas without thinking any of them through. Yeah, she/ they should be criticizing anything our president does or says. RIIIIIIIGHT!

  23. Cortez, makes blonds look like superwoman….it is unbelievable how really stupid this lamebrain really is. She even once thought that by winning a congressional seat, that some how she could move into the “House” of representatives and thought she could save a bundle on not having to rent in DC area…LOL

    • Upon representing herself at the house. When was the proper moment to express the Defamation of Character and No privacy, so I should go ahead and Live up to Hearsaand Speculation.


  24. AOC was just repeating the democrats’ talking points and really didn’t listen to what Trump had to say. She has her own agenda which includes the right to murder babies the mother doesn’t want.

  25. where was this idiots head at last night because I watched it and he seemed well prepared and on course off what he has accomplished and what he wants to get done if the democrats would help and stop all the stupid investigations because they can and just want to slow every thing down

  26. Her having a KKK hat would most definitely fit her commentary, we need rich people in this country, or we would NOT have the growth in our economy that everyone is benefiting from. Every human being on the planet has an I-phone, smart phone, call it what you will, and while your at it, thank the wealthy in this country for investing in the technology that made that possible, also think about the thousands of people that are working so we can have things that make our lives more comfortable and the opportunity for more Americans to prosper.

  27. I thi k Donald Trump is a thousand times more prepared for anything then the whiny trollup who dresses like a whore to get attention while claiming to be a pro women’s liberal. Oldest profession out there: selling you body. Which is all -cortez ready knows

  28. She not only sick ,she is very stupid. Her eyes , her style to talk and her thinking and conclusion clearly show

    she is stupid. But for fun i read story about her. Like comedy.

  29. AOC was just repeating Democrat talking points and wasn’t listening to what Trump said. She is in favor of allowing mothers to decide if a child should live or die upon birth of the child.

  30. cotez,,,,,,,,,,,What right does she claim to the money of millionaires……..what and who gives her the right to this claim??……she wants money for people that have not earned it……….this is pure Marxism…..and if 60% of the country want it……it’s because they are so damn ignorant……..

  31. She is what would be defined as a first class “idiot”. She has no common sense; she is void of factual information, and I doubt that she had the where with all to develop her numbers on the cost of providing health care for all. That is the dumbest idea out there…a run a way from free education for all. And the fact that she acted her age in the chambers is just another reason why New York should be embarrassed about their selection. Surely, there had to be someone more qualified than this poor soul

  32. Cortez is an odd anomaly! Bartender and waitress who is naive and ignorant – clearly doesn’t understand business or much less economics, and spouts stupid comments. Yet the liberal media highlights her in ther newscast as some messiah.

  33. If you want a plan Cortez then get with it , and work with the President making one. You Democrats oppose everything the President says so lets hear your plan Cortez. Democrat are a sick bunch of politicians, and the voters need to vote them OUT OF OFFICE. They are paid off by the New World Order, and don’t care about the American people. They only want to destroy this Nation.

  34. Mrs. Cortez,
    Why don’t you get real and realize that President Trump is looking out for the working class Americans. You and the Demoncrat/ Socialist party are the ones trying to destroy America. The United States of America would be better off if you moved to Venezuela with the other Socialist. Why are you, Pelosi, Schumer and most of the other Demoncrats against President Trump ? You could work with Trump for the betterment of the American people but choose to oppose anything that he does to better the American people. In my opinion You are a certifiable IDIOT. Why don’t you do the working class American people a huge favor and leave the U.S.A.

  35. This poor little ditzy woman seems to have nothing between her ears. She was so lost during the SOTU speech and was looking to either side to see when she was supposed to clap or not clap or stand or stay seated. She had the lost in the headlights look for the greater part of the evening.

  36. CORTEZ………what gives her the right to the money of millionaires……who gave her this right??…….if 60% of the people want this…’s because they are ignorant of history/capitalism/economics/……go into inner cities and ask anyone tio explain what a Marxist principle is……????these people are ignorant…….they know nothing of what it means to redistribute the wealth……OCASIO-CORTZ, HARRIS, SANDERS and others like them are the death knell to the American dream………..this country is the most successful country in the world because it was founded on sound economic and capitalistic principles………and now some upstart Bartender in New York thinks we need to change 243 years of our history……..because some people make a lot of money………..pathetic……….

  37. That’s what is wrong with this and most dimwitted, delusional, dumbfounded, democrats. She not only doesn’t know a thing about economics and can’t do math (unemployment is low because so many people work two jobs) and (70 percent marginal tax rate on incomes over $10 million) won’t stop there! Most importantly it won’t pay for Medicare for all! This silly woman needs to learn her history and learn what real authoritarian regimes are. She needs to study how starting in 1999, Venezuela saw sweeping and radical shifts in social policy. Venezuela moved away from a government officially embracing a free market economy and headed towards socialist income redistribution and social welfare programs. Now look at Venezuela with just 20 years of that nonsense. Of course this silly childish democrat would look at that as…….a great diet program!

  38. Ha, this demented little commie cockroach should talk about “being prepared, or doing one’s homework”; she doesn’t even know basic facts about the USA – -the country she grew up in! She probably never did any homework, in the lying, liberal education facilities she attended. Don’t know exactly how this little “‘cee-U-Next-Tuesday” ever got elected, but she needs to be removed, quickly; right along with “tlaib” and any other mush- heads that are suddenly “infecting” our political institutions!

  39. Yes, and to describe this nitwit of a woman Ocasia Cortez is that she is SATANS DAULGHTER. No brains, no intelligence about our government. Hey Ocasia get the hell out of this country if you are going to take it down. You have no business being here. You are too stupid to be in the =government!! Never in our lives have we seen such a scumbag in office. Everyone in Colorado just laughs at her and what a drip she is.Impeach her, the motor mouth.

  40. Nanny Pelosi was immoral when she had American Samoa from the minimum wage hike a few years ago. Her husband, a big stockholder in the pineapple business, would make a lot more money with the minimum wage were to stay the same. American Samoa was removed at the sole request of shameful Nancy Pelosi. secondly gestapo officer muller will go down in history as a soulless and treasonous pawn of the dems and Clinton.

  41. How does idiots like this get elected? Do we really have enough people in these states to put people like this in a position to tear apart the ideals of the American way of life? If the voters for these nut cases really want a different way of life then at the moment they are free to move to a socialist country of their choice where they can live under their rules and be told when to eat sleep talk or fart. We have fought for the right to decide all this for ourselves, it is called Freedom.

  42. She seems to be so filled with racist hate for the President that she won’t acnolage the great things he’s done. I have noticed that she hates white people. Socialism do not work, who is going to pay for all that free stuff, Tax payers, that’s who.

  43. Socialist Ocasio-cortez is the confused person. First of all, the President is not about authoritarian regime he fights for and represents ALL AMERICANS and our LIBERTY exactly as the Founding Fathers wanted this republic to be!
    Two, she needs to wake up and Google Venezuela and let us know how socialism has been working for Venezuelans!
    Then, three, EXPLAIN to the 70 million people (and the rest of us) exactly HOW you plan to PAY for medicare for all! See how many people will continue to want medicare after they hear their taxes will be sky high just to pay for PART of it!

    As for the border wall, why has several past presidents, Obama, Clinton, Bush, and others have all participated in adding to the border wall! It was important just a few years ago but suddenly it’s not necessary and has become ineffective and immoral?!?!
    There IS a crisis or two on the border that needs immediate attention and help. So far this year, OVER 17,000 immigrants illegally broke through our border and we are only 37 days into the new year!!!! A huge drug bust happened a few days ago on the Arizona border! Our Immigration laws are a joke and the world is not only laughing at us but taking advantage of us! We can not afford to take in ALL people of the world!

    It has been proven time and time again that most Democrats are only concerned about power NOT people!!!
    For instance, why did Pelosi and 215 other Democrats vote NO to pay Federal workers while the government was shutdown???? Only 6 said Yes!
    While ALL 188 Republicans that voted said YES!!!
    Not ONE said no!

    If The Democrats truly CARED about people, especially those 800,000 workers not being paid, they would have voted YES to pay them while the government was shutdown.

  44. Why do we care what Cortez thinks. So she didn’t like what Trump said. That’s the Muslim way. So we shouldn’t hurt their feelings. Well too bad. Who is she away? I am Jewish and have so many slurs and negations and laws I don’t like. That includes everything that comes out of her mouth. That’s also their way —-theycan say what they want about our governent or Jews or anyone like that? Capitalism is out of their way of thinking. They are 1st century. We are a part of the 21st century. Another thought is that I can’t in my mind understand why women (some who have lived under Sharia Law) stilll want to be a part of that degrading and dangerous life style.

  45. I agree with Linda. The homework is to get their tales back in school and study history, economics and government. These freshman need to educate themselves. These older democrats should have learned these 3 courses. Do these women want the men to become extinct. Devils got control of all of them. God be with us and them.

  46. She represents New York, needs no further explanation. Apparently she was so zoned out she didn’t hear very much of the President’s speech. Her facial expression looked as though she was severely constipated like most of the other democrats. When she spouts off about Medicare for all, she better be including congress. The same goes for Komodo Harris when she shoots her mouth off about doing away with private insurance and putting EVERYONE on Medicare better be including congress. There’s only one way to fix Medicare and Social Security, and that is to force the government to be on the same insurance and retirement plans as the workers that pay their salaries for them to tell us what we can and can’t have or do. The democrats plainly showed where their allegiance lied, and it isn’t in putting America first and protecting our great country.

  47. This is ignorant nutcase from New York is the one not prepared. Only MORONS, like those getting welfare and sitting on their butts, agree with her idiotic statements. She shows that she is NOT EDUCATED. I agree with PRESIDENT TRUMP, we AMERICANS will never accept Socialism, a sick controlling agenda dreamed up by HITLER and STALIN years ago.

  48. One comment I saw said she should have been sitting in her high chair. Very on the spot. She also commented on the President not being prepared and hadn’t done the homework. Now this is very demoncratic , when being accused of something they completely ignore the question and blame the other guy.

  49. Cortez is just as ignorant and in DENIAL as the rest of the demonrats. She had nothing bad to say, because what the President said was all good, true and accurate. The demonrats love to “quote” polls of their OWN making to try to cover up the FACT that most Americans DO want a WALL, because they are ordinary people who SEE for themselves the dangers of NOT having a wall. She said he didn’t bring up the opiod problem, but HE HAS a million times, as he has stated, people outside the US are infriltrating these harmful drugs across our borders in here!! That is just ONE of many reasons why we need the WALL! Where did that girl go to school? Is she in denial also about this issue? She’s as dumb as a doornail! As for increasing wages, TRUMP has ALREADY done this as MOST Americans know! She just says that because it SOUNDS good, and it will be her excuse to RAISE OUR TAXES to justify trying to deceive Americans about the DEMONRATS trying to say we want a socialist country which couldn’t be further from the truth!!! She tries to convince college age kids that they’ll get EVERYTHING FREE but that’s all a BIG LIE! Someone has to pay for all this, and I’m telling you, it SWON”T be the middle class because if, GOD FORBID, satan has his way, there WILL BE CIVIL WAR HERE in AMERICA!!!! We don’t want to hear about her fairytale stories anymore. She is SO OUT of touch with WORKING Americans that it is sad & pitiful!! All the dems r like PUPPETS, who follow the voice of their leader, Pelousy! She says jump! And they all say togather- “HOW HIGH/” Like the sheep they are! If one of them ever dare voice his or her opinion, GOD FORBID! They probably fear they’ll die that same day! They are disgusting to watch, hear and see. May God make them learn a lesson from HIMSELF! (oh, and they WILL!) mark my words. They just don’t know it yet!

    • Your right that bitch Cortez is nothing but a ugly crazy looking donkey bitch, I like to see her give 70% of her paycheck EVERY payday to the homeless on skid row bet u she won’t do it.they love to spend others peoples money there good at it .Cortez is a nut job. Love you comment.

  50. Politics is getting to be ridiculous. We finally got rid of Hillary’s face before our eyes all the time, and NOW it’s been replaced by having AOC’s mouth in front of us all the time. I’m starting to get seasick.

  51. Kotex Cortez has a serious brain hemorrhage going on that spews out of her mouth. While the sound of ‘free’ anything resonates with the majority, who do you suppose ultimately pays for it? KC has no idea other than taking your wealth and redistribute it. That’s called ‘socialism ‘. Government entitlement kicks in and you become the property of the government. Eventually the government will run out of money and whalla you have Venezuela. Cortez should set herself as an example for her minions as the first to contribute 70% of her annual salary to taxes. She wants to lead the socialist party then she should put her money where her mouth is. I doubt she will lead . She just want your money.

  52. No sooner do we get rid of Hillary’s FACE that was before our eyes all the time, we now have AOC’s MOUTH before our eyes all the time. Is there no rest for the weary?

  53. You are a young “idealistic Idiot”, who does not know what is real or important in America for the rest of the World.
    Go and work and “Break your Back” to earn what the rest of us “Baby Boomers” have achieved after the “World’s Greatest War” ! Grow up and be respectful ! Work for what is right and Just! Earn your place in Society before you wish to give it all away!

  54. I agree with those above. Ocasio Cortez doesn’t have the sense God gave a goose. More than once, she has spoken nonsense, proving she hasn’t done her homework. She is an embarrassment and an affront to all decent Americans. All of a sudden, the House is full of strange foul mouthed ignorant women. Why did anyone vote them into office? In 1954 Islam was outlawed. Now they have weaseled their way in!

  55. She didn’t know the three branches of government when previously asked, can’t answer basic questions about her political positions and POTUS didn’t do his homework? Lol, pot meet kettle. She has a lot more in common with Trump than she cares to admit. Both from New York, both first termers no one thought would win, both prolific twitterers, similar political styles, both annoying with abrasive personalities … they’re perfect for and deserve each other, lol. God help us all.

  56. Please….no to your last sentence, Donna. AOC (her initials) is what some of us now consider a very leftist radical, and she is considered by many democrats as the leader of their party. She and others such as Bernie want to take our freedom independent loving country into Socialism. That would destroy what our intelligent founders designed for our Republic. Our liberal education systems (many) are heavily indoctrinating our students with the socialist views. If our young is not hearing the difference of values at home, our country moves left, and are expecting government to take care of them. Much of our education system is not teaching our history any more. When I heard AOC interviewed, she wasn’t aware of the branches of government the founders designed. After that goof, hopefully she found out.

  57. She talks about being prepared an the president doing his homework, anyone in politics should know the 3 branches of government. DUMB B—H.

  58. I wonderwhy miss “know it all” AOC don’t come and face FOX NEWS or talk to Hannity or Laura Ingrham or Tucker, you know Why? because she won’t be able to face the truth, she will be a babbling moronic nincapoo.🤣

  59. There is a battle going on in Washington and we are the recipients of all the trash being spewed. Our congress no longer cares what the people want it is what they want and they will do whatever is necessary to get it. We are electing people who are dedicating themselves to third world antics and will bring those sorry sad inhumane conditions here. If we are not careful and forget 9-11 and how patient the terrorists were in learning how to fly our planes while attending our schools we are in big trouble. Citizens, be careful be vigilant and be aware, Pray to God for peace fortitude and guidance before it is too late.

  60. Does this woman even live in the real world or a world she has made up in her head !ike the garbage she spews forth? I suggest she start taking care of her district and try to start learning before she speaks. After all GOD gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.

  61. Cretinous life form, there are millions of men in this country that spent significant amounts of their life defending the USA against socialism and communism. I suspect that more than one of them would be happy to show you how they did that, if anyone has an address on this ersatz life form please post it.

    • Send her to Venezuela and let her really see socialism in action. Let her live there for awhile!!! She knows nothing!!!!
      The college age and 20-30 age people know nothing either!!! She is like the Pied Piper and they are following her blindly!!! God help us all! Pray to God every day to get rid of Satan in our beloved country. Pray for President Trump every day for wisdom for his decisions and to be kept safe! He is a wonderful president who truly loves this country and the American people. He is not a racist and never has been.
      It will be proven in the future that he will be one of the best presidents that we have ever had!

  62. CORTEZ, President Trump was far more prepared to deliver the “State of the Union” Address than you have the ability to comprehend what he said. I know it was boring for you to hear all about his successes in the past two years but if you had done your homework you would have recognized that he was talking about everything that he has been able to accomplish during his time as President. If you done your homework about what other Presidents have done in the first two years of their terms, you would have come to the conclusion that President Trump has gone above and beyond what other POTUS’s have even attempted to accomplish.
    You need to open your mind to the possibilities that the USA can become as a Conservative Republic as opposed to being a Socialistic (Communistic) Country that wants to control the lives of everyone who is a citizen of the USA. What the illegal immigration that the Democrats are so in favor of will do for you as a Congresswoman is
    nothing. Allowing Illegal immigrants to flow freely into our Country will reduce the money you have to spend because the taxes will rise to pay for their housing, medical, food, transportation all other necessities. They will work for low pay and take jobs from citizens who are in the same job market but have taxes to pay therefore, the illegals take, take and take whatever they can while Citizens are being denied the opportunity to work. Being illegal is against our laws but the Liberal Democratic Elites only think of them as VOTES for Democrats at election time. Securing a fake identity is the way of life for illegals. Those who want to be Citizens are put through a system that requires time and effort to learn our language, laws, customs and culture. Illegals can’t be bothered because they do not even try to go through the process to become a citizen.
    What kind of a world do you really want to live in? Think about ethics, morals and honor for your country. You are in a position to be a positive influence and instead of being a negative, inexperienced person who should be studying the rules, regulations and accepted decorum of a Congresswoman before speaking out.

  63. So sad that people don’t use their brains and any symbolism of common sense. It was so obvious that most of the women in white were concentrating on their own ideals of resistance that they were incapable of hearing what the president said. Also it was embarrassing that these women didn’t have the good graces or manners to show respect for the position of the president and the importance of the process because they were so bound up and full of their own importance instead of representing the reason they were in that great place! They all have LOST the real belief and meaning of democracy. Really do wonder what the ideals of a democrat stand for in this day and time.

  64. She is as stupid as a box of rocks. Who does she think she is. Best speech from a president in several years. President Trump did fantastic.

  65. This woman does not have a clue about the way that any type of government system works or should work I have no idea how she got elected Did nobody else run for the position or was the count off in some way to make her win she could not run a cash register at Walmart


  67. She has no idea(like most) what socialism would do to our great country! This is what happens when you open the loonie bin!

  68. Cortez your a nut job u want every body to have free health care free college free this free that are u fucken crazy who’s going to pay for it? U tax 70% of company’s that make over 10 millon a year they will shut down and go else where and no jobs u moreon, if u want the U.S to be like sweden government controls every thing and climate change there’s no such thing u want to go to electric cars and shut down coal mines are u crazy Cortez your a ugly buck tooth looking crazy donkey bitch. U thing u no every thing and another thing u want all them dam illegals to come in so they can take are health care away from seniors that need it your just like hillary clinton,polsei,maxine waters look a california its so fuck up, your policeys will run the United States to the ground, wake up u dum bitch, fucken show off. And I am a Democrat to.oh buy the way Cortez why don’t you give 70% of your salary every payday to the homeless on skid row, bet you won’t do it donkey bitch.

  69. Cortez is losing on her socialist ideals, she needs to think like an American. Putting a 70 percent tax on rich people because they are successful is outrages. This woman needs to do her homework, if everyone gets free medical and other free benefits then the low life people who don’t want to work, will not work even if they are able. Commonsense. These low lives are the ones who support her madness and unrealistic ideas.

  70. When will the people of New York wake up they have a governor who is an idiot and they have her.

    The democrats have lost it.

    Wake up America.

    • If trump owns the stopping of the Green movement he will be recognized as a wonderful leader for it for generations ! As for no more airtravel not too brilliant since California has found they cant build a train to go from LA to San Frisco how will they move these train cars on ferry boats to the rest of the world. What an unusual party the Democrat/Socialist have become. . . We have this looney tunes from NY along with Chuckie Shumer, a gaggle of Muslims, Nancy Pelosi, and dont forget Spartcus, the fairy vegeterian who will make wonderful decisions using his magc wand, Mueller the first Justicer Dept Judge to go to jail, and Balloon Head Schiff running around leaking information like an old bucket !!! God Bless the Bonny Blue Flag its just too late !

  71. I can’t wait till her “Socialism Agenda” reaches those million dollar athletes, actors and actresses who are so fond of electing theses no nothing liberals.
    Was her degree in ignorance or fantasy?
    White on all those women? Where were their hoods?
    They are an embarrassment to all women.

  72. Cortez and all the other so called socialist idiots need to leave here and go to Russia or some other country that feels like they do. AMERICA is for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. Try reading the CONSTITUTION. It does not have Government run the every day lives of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  73. The congressional virgin has spoken. If there’s anyone who would know and understand not being prepared for anything it’s this soulless subhuman maggot. She thrives on the misery of others by giving them hope for something that will never come to pass-in this country. These people will sit around waiting for all that free stuff that’s never coming. Waiting for her to share that $177k paycheck of hers with them (that will never happen). Socislists only share other people’s money by stealing it. They hoard their own money…….that makes her a monster and her constiuents stupid





  75. I am truly sickened by some of the responses. This is not the democratic America that we should be. We need to be what we are…..a pot of immigrants for over a couple of centuries; unless we are Native American, we are from immigrants…..why/how did our ancestors get here? It was a lot of work, effort, and sacrifice….let’s not make their dreams and efforts for not.

  76. Ocrazio Cortex is exemplifying her ignorance once again as she does dailly ! her insanity is emblematic of a generation of “ entitled brats that got trophys for showing up” if she has student debt she should sue Boston U . more to the point would be an academic review of all her professors as her degree was obviously obtained with out basic economic principles taught at the High School level ! she is as the child in a store screaming that she wants something her parents can not supply ! Her approach to debate is not one of discourse rather recourse as she simply restates her position by rebuffing questions presented to her about anything she imagines to be so avoiding those little details like FACTS Deluisional insanity clearly an unsharpened pencil in the pencil box ! her and her group looked like escaped mental patients in white straight jackets ! is there no intelligent canidates in the Democratic party ? Doesn’t she realize that her party is but 29% of American public with a great number of them being patriotic citizens that fought and died to preserure this represenative Republic furthermore her own party has been criticizing her for her poor math skills and clear lack of understanding economics as well she displays a lack of decorum and Statesmanship

  77. Ms. Cortez does not do her homework and every time that she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it. She had best learn the history of the United States which she is lacking, and also learn about our Constitution which apparently she knows little about. She also should read up on Socialism,

  78. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Congrats on your getting there. However. your wrong about the bulk of this country siding with your leftist, socialist, communist, marxists, progressive leanings. Whatever you call it, It has been tried in other places, FAILED. It has even been pushed here in America in decades past, and FAILED. Your eutopia is between your ears not what this country needs. desires, or wants. It would have been nice to see a freshman congressman show she’s knows how to give respect to the office of the President despite who sits in the chair, or her personal feelings for the individual.

  79. Exactly what you would expect to come out of a socialist’s mouth. I can only give you a couple of compliments and they are definitely not on your intelligence. You are some what attractive and you do appear to be in pretty good shape. That’s all I can say on your behalf, so do all of us patriots a favor and shut your pie hole.

  80. She is so out of touch with the facts that she is a complete idiot. Trump did he homework and gave a good speech. Cortez is a Socialist Communist who wants to overthrow the US government.

  81. America is under attack by these brainwashed socialist coming out of universities that have been hijacked by Marxist professors. Nikita Kruschev said decades ago “ I will destroy America without firing a shot”. Well we are fast approaching that promise!!!!

  82. All of this leftist subversion has been developing for decades. I live in California where the Democrats saw the writing on the wall telling them that they were obsolete, ineffectual and on the way out. This is why they initiated a coup to overthrow the government, with Jerry Brown as the figure head to put the last nails in the coffin of the Republicans that had been healthy and viable. California now has a one party, overbearing big government socialist / neo-communist party that will win all elections. How did they accomplish this? The leftists forces deliberately went all in on the illegal open borders and have been encouraging the practices and providing tax payer funds for major support for millions of illegal aliens and their offspring (“sanctuary cities and state”. This Trojan Horse program has worked perfectly to take away the sovereignty of this state and make it an extension of Mexico. The propaganda behind it has been working so well that our entire nation is being overwhelmed by the California style Trojan Horse that is forcing its way through all the other states.

  83. That bug-eyed creature is just plain nuts. Has she been inaugurated yet ? I think they want to interview her to hear more of her jokes. She should be a stand-up comic.

  84. It sad at her age she has grown to be such an expert at world political problems.I think she thinks she is so proud of her popular views and being in the spotlight that she doesn’t know how much she doesn’t know !

  85. Who keeps giving this unAmerican antiSemitic loudmouth a microphone?Her idealogy is abhored by almost all Americans and we don’t want to hear from her. Select some of the intellectual and interesting members of Congress so we can hear what their plans for America are.

  86. What I would like to know is when did the Speaker of the House have more power than the President?
    Nancy must think she is God but when she dies she may not get in heaven with all that fake stuff she has had all the Plastic surgery.
    By the way she says fences are Immoral but has any one seen her mansion in Calfornia, 8 foot iron fence around it

  87. I dont know who puts this shit on the news, but you Capital Hill are the problem for making such stupid comments and giving attention to such a junior, ignorant Ocasio Cortez. What ever she does or says has no meaning or bearing to Capital Hill.

  88. Ms. AOC. You are out of your effing mind. It is YOU that has not done her homework. You have shown your ignorance on many occasions and you just keep compounding it. Perhaps you should just be quiet for awhile so that you can actually learn what is out there. President Trump is VERY right and on the mark concerning socialism. We do NOT want the government running our very existence; and certainly not by the likes of you. Every time you open your mouth you convince us more and more that you are going down. Grow up, shut up and give up!!

  89. The president with the second highest IO (151) of all presidents didn’t do his homework?? That’s a joke especially coming from one who expresses such a dumb statement. It she really a US citizen? NY must be pretty hard up to vote her in.

  90. She is a nut case. I was so disappointed, not one of those democrats stood up for the innocent babies that they want to murder after they are born. This people in this country are crazy liberal nuts. President Trumps was excellent, it goes to show that he cares about this country and the people that live in it. The democrats care more about the illegals. I love it when he said the government workers have walls around their rich mansions. He is for the people. The democrats are for themselves. They just can’t get over the fact that he won the election, and he is not one of them. Thank God. He brought God back into this country too. Under Obama you couldn’t even say Christmas of God. Keep up the good work President Trump. Please get rid of the Obamanation Healthcare Act, it is destroying the country. Wonderful speech, very heartfelt.

  91. Clearly, POTUS Mr. Trump’s SOTU speech was a very hard pill for most all of them democrats .. particularly for them neo-commies in their ranks who appear to be pooping bricks.. this, judging by the frown on their ugly painted faces. Constipation problems ?. And, as if any real proof was needed, it’s evident that a good many of them “old and new commie-democrats” .. they were not just going sick and most unhappy – envious ? – perhaps, knowing of the success and, of all of the good things POTUS Trump has already managed to accomplished in a short period (2 yrs.) of time .. all of it for the benefit of the American people and our Nation .. despite of their venomous and most malicious “resistance and opposition”. For .. who in their right frame of mind on this Earth would be turning into a raging-mad-lunatic(s) .. going psycho and totally upset, when knowing and, or seeing that – finally – “someone” who’s no longer pretending being POTUS .. is, in fact, really doing positive things and, of all those many good things that are happening .. these really are for and, to the benefit of all common US American families and, for our Nation ?. Well .. it is clear that, the real and most stupid of fools, these would be the only ones who’d be the most upset and loosing their minds when recognizing success. MAGA

  92. Americans, we need qualified candidates in government. AOC comes from a district in New York. Hopefully they can find one that has an idea about the branches of government. When first interviewed, she had no idea what they were. Voters, this is your fault. Yes, our schools are lacking in teaching history and government today. Education, unfortunately is mostly liberal. Our universities are extremely liberal. Help!

  93. alex cortez & her mama are lowlife MORONS. alex cortez thinks she know what the American people want. I don’t know where she is coming up with those figures but, Millions and Millions of good, decent, honest, respectable, hard working, caring, law abiding U.S. BORN CITIZEN’S stand with President Trump. alex cortez is just a BIT_H that has no idea what she is talking about

  94. alex cortez is a kkk loving supporter. She knows nothing about america. She thinks she still lives in that country she was born in. I wonder how many more lowlife scumbags are in that country that alex cortez comes from ? She’s an IDIOT. A MORON, TOXIC WASTE & A PILE OF COW & HORSE MANURE TOGETHER.

  95. What rock did she crawl under? She has to be the dumbness person ever elected, but wait she belongs to the same bunch of pinko Democrats in the Congress and Senate.
    God will have a reward for all of them.
    Vote the Demagoes out of office
    President Trump in 2020 for 4 more years.

  96. cortez, you and tiab really don’t know how to govern anything. you have been put accidently in the wrong profession as you are to stupid to realize anything about govermnent. you are nothing but trouble makers hired by soros. americans don’t need your kind in the usa. your brain is about the size of a bb rolling down a 6 lane highway. you need to start schooling in the first grade and listen to the teacker.

  97. you and you buddy need to leave america as you certainly don’t know anything about america. your nothing but low breed trouble makers paid by soros. you are an embarassment to yourself every time that mouth opens.

  98. This ‘GIRL’….. and that is what she is….. makes no difference her age; she has a teeny bopper mindset; a mental midget…. is a joke. An entertaining Bimbo.

  99. Trump was MAGNICENT!! I never saw
    him look at the telepromter. The president loves our country and IS
    Making it Great Again. These woman
    were disrespectful of their office.
    Shameful behavioir! These woman did
    Not represent AMERICA! NOR WERE
    THEY ANGELS in their WHITE uniforms!

  100. WHAT in the world is wrong with this country when the President of the United States is questioned about every breath he takes, every word he utters and everything he looks at. My God, what is wrong with people? I don’t even think it is politics as much as just evil hatred of the man. May the Good Lord watch over him!!

  101. Commie-crats are the far left with AOC at its head. She is a disaster for America. I am so glad Trump said “We will never become a socialist country!”

  102. This woman, makes up her own numbers! The President said he want Congress to lay the ground work for these issues. It just wasn’t what she wanted to hear! People who has this train of thought, will not compromise! Pelosi and Schumer say that the President is like a child who can’t get his way. But, the truth is that they are the children here. They will not sit and discuss the issues at hand!
    In my humble opinion, this is a plot to make this President fall on his face. If a Democrat gets elected as President, then they will all stand behind that person and vote for a barrier on our Southern Border! For them, it is all about image!
    One has to think that she has done a great job, lifting her self from a “bartender” to become a part of Congress. I give her that great feat. Ocasio-Cortez has no idea what she is talking about. This woman states that in 12 years, the earth will be no more. This is what All Core said back in 2000.
    It is the same with Stacy Adams, after her rebuttal on Tuesday evening, she had a lot of her facts wrong!
    We are in need of a great battle that will on our shores. I think God has allowed man-kind to go their own separate ways. But he will pull us back to reality. God’s will be done not that of man-kind! He may think that a Good Lesson for America is to lose he way of life. Then after 20 or 30 years, of their Cortez & Bernie Sanders view point have dominated the Nation, then He will do just what He did in Egypt with Mosses, then destroyed Russia He will once again bring Freedom to this Nation.

  103. I think the woman is ALL ABOUT HERSELF – I don’t believe she gives a damn about the people in her community the ones who were fooled by her & that elected her & I think she can be a very dangerous person ONLYL interested in herself

  104. She is a NUT CASE,who is going to support the bill on every American on Medicare?does she now that Would Raise the taxes on everybody who pays taxes.what about the people who do not Pay taxes,illegal people,non working people this would put our economy in further debt.

  105. She is a total nutcase!! She is soo out of touch with honest, good, hardworking americans! Trying to destroy incentive to make a better life by taxation is a joke! But not so funny because tyranny through socialism is not funny! Talk about being out of touch! She is a prime example! Most Americmans do want a wall and even Democrats in the past have supported it. Were it not President Trump promoting a barrier, it would already be built! What I find scary is that she was elected to our government in the first place.!!!

  106. President Trump is our savior to this
    socialist agenda. He is brilliant, kind,
    honest, fair and He has a great LOVE
    for this Country. Oprah interviewed
    Trump years ago and asked if he would consider running for President. He did not answer that exactly but he was
    quoted as “I love this country and would
    Want to save it from any EVIL.

  107. She wasn’t so disgusting and completely uninformed it would be almost funny Trump knows what he’s doing she doesn’t have a clue of how this country should be run

  108. How can such a pretty face sit atop such an ugly heart, a totally depraved heart. Ds are proud of their depravity. They have no shame. Rs are depraved too; at least most are not proud of it.

  109. Just a PS- – her little pointed white hood, tailored to fit her pointed head, is still missing from her “costume”! Those gals all dressed in those white blazers, for the SOTU, because they wanted to present themselves as the KKK “auxiliary” women.

  110. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a first class bimbo. She is an embarrassment to her constituents, the people of New York, her Congressional colleagues and most importantly Boston University. How could she have graduated, let alone graduated “cum laude”? The University must have slipped her through to fill a quota of graduating a minority. Little did they imagine how that is now coming back to discredit Boston University. Nincompoop, imbecile, fruitcake are only a few adjectives applicable to her. Come on New York, really, you actually want her to represent you? Wake up!

  111. She scares me to. OMG the nutcases that voted for her might be sorry now when she opens her mouth.
    She has some nerve the things she says are ridiculous. They need to put a gag on her ASAP.

  112. Cortez. You really do not understand this President at all! He is not afraid of anything as trivial as America going Socialistic! He has more important things on his mind! you need to take some courses on government!

  113. Goodness, just look at California as an example……..high taxes, government regulations at every turn. Consequently, 10,000+ businesses have moved out of there along with 100,000 people. That has hurt their economy….unemployment has gone up, housing is completely unaffordable, hospitals have closed in record numbers, is she nuts??

  114. It is even more amazing that Common sense Americans could ever have fallen for her arrogant, Insolent, No NOthing attitude of ” knowing better than everyone else” what America needs. She doesn’t even know what America means let allow how to resolve all its problems.
    She thinks she’s enrolled in a beauty contest or contest of wits. Why can’t we have real politicians filling American politics anymore?

  115. Quite obviously she was too busy talking to listen to what the President had to say. She does talk way too much about nonsensical stuff–where I live, climate is not an issue nor do I believe in all the climate change hullabaloo started by Gore.

  116. Be very wary. A large part of our populace has been indoctrinated by the ultra liberal press and education system. You don’t need to be able to think logically to cast a vote, and to those zombies it boils down to a beauty or popularity contest. No brains or morals required!


  118. Look who’s talking about not doing their homework???? I don’t think she did hers in grade, middle, high school or college. She definitely did not do her American History, Civics or Economics homework as proven by her idiotic comments since she assumed office.

  119. What really amazes me when Crazy Cortez is on stage blabbing about all her stupid ideas, the dim dem politicians stand behind her clapping away because they think they have finally found their poster child!

  120. AOC. Its because of libtarded Dumbfucks like you that I truely believe that Some Abortions. Should be Retroactive. Is it possible for you to show the world Some documentatiin that says that YOU are Mentally Compitant to be in Public without Your Helmet Care Giver Crayons & Coloring books. You Your Muslims And the Demosaurs that have been in control for way too long and the shit Our PRESIDENT RIGHTFULLY ELECTED is Doing everything possible to REPAIR THE DAMAGE DONE BY YOUR RETARDED PARTY & THE ILLEGALLY BOUGHT & PAID FOR MUSLIM PRE-TENDS-A-DENT a NON-CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA and the LAST THING True Americans & Patriots WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR HIGH LEVEL STOOOOOPIDITY or Your Treasonist Party bring thus Great Nation Down just so you & YOUR THEIVING TRATOR PARTY CAN increase YOUR ILLEGALLY MAINTAINED BANK ACCOUNTS!! So on behalf of Patriotic Americans You & your democrats can all screw yourselves!

  121. There is an old saying in life that is a spin off the Barnum Effect. If its “vague enough to be true, true enough to be real and real enough to be believed,” people will buy into it. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing just that. Its all smoke an mirrors. She has no substance and she knows that. Its all about here ability to convince others that she does while she learns along the way. Don’t discount this woman. She is not dumb and she is now embroiled in a world where her learning curve is very steep. The Democrats will educate her in a heart beat because she clearly has some political traction. All she has to do is keep convincing people she knows what she is doing while she learns and then you will have another Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters, to name a few, on your hands. Beware the Trojan Horse … 🙂

  122. AOC is a nobody that thinks she’s all it. She doesn’t even know what she doesn’t know and what she does know is all wrong. The MSM covers for her because exposing her would be exposing themselves since their all in the same boat.

  123. Pelosi and the Washington elite are ruining this country. Instead of doing there job and what WE pay them for, they spend all of there time trying to stop the first president since Regan who actually cares about America. Her holeyer than though attitude hides behind a multi million dollar estate . She is so out of touch with the struggles of the middle class and the poor it’s disgraceful. This woman and her devil sidekick Schumer should be made to live the struggles that there kind have created for the heartbeat of this country. Stop trying to secure Democratic victories by caring for non citizens and start earning what the AMERICAN people pay you for

  124. This BARFLY is booze soaked addled. She knows nothing.I know smarter high school kids with more intelligence than this bottom feeder.,She hasn’t a clue as to the direction she wants to take. Does she think her life will be the same under the Socialism she’s pushing. I think no. She likes the attention she’s getting even if she looks stupid.

  125. Trump needs to be more environmental…..the only thing I don’t like about him but hes trying….just completed the EVERglades to be helped in Florida. AWOK or the Wookie from Star Wars Ocasio whatever….Is just a moron. Her ideas are outrageous ….maybe in the next world Alexandra you can put your idea in force…..see how the cavemen and women feel about it.

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