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This guy is just as crooked as Obama!

Recently on MSNBC’s “All In,” former Obama era Attorney General Eric Holder shockingly claimed that Attorney General William Barr “is doing all that he can to weaken the very institutions that he leads.”

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked, “[O]n a sort of scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being like an absolute rule of law emergency, 1 being the kind of normal back and forth of democratic politics, where do you place the moment we’re in right now?”

Holder replied, “I think we’re at a pretty consistent 9. What we have is a president who is bound and determined to delegitimize those parts of the government that he thinks pose the greatest threat to him. That is the Justice Department, the FBI, the intelligence community, as well.”

After discussing Trump talking about “Obamagate,” Holder said, “It’s all part of a plan to somehow make those institutions weaker so that he can do the kinds of illicit things that he’s been doing. And he’s facilitated by this attorney general. This attorney general is actually complicit in this by weakening these institutions. This is an attorney general who’s supposed to stand up for the people who work for him. And in fact, he is doing all that he can to weaken the very institutions that he leads.”

Holder then said Barr has butted into the Flynn and Stone cases, “mischaracterized the Mueller Report. … He has supported the effort to keep documents away from Congress.”

You can watch a clip of Holder’s comments here.

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  1. Hey, Eric Holder! Didn’t you get in trouble…hmmm, something about guns???

    You big POS, You wouldn’t answer a subpoena…huh, BIG SHOT? You big bag of hot air…Who believes any shit you spew?

    Blow it out yer… ya know?

    • Eric Holder is one of the men in Obama’s administration that was as crooked as Comey. Holder and his gun deal wasnt sanctioned, in was one of those back room deals. And in doing so, it caused the death of one of the ICE agents with poor guns. He resigned before he could be tried. He is another of Obama’s baad seed collections.

  2. Holder is a worse human being than Obama and he is the ultimate of bad news. they all are crooked as a barrel of snakes. They want to move the US into the “New World Order” where we will be just another has been nation,(after the other nations finish plundering our wealth and since none of them are Capitalistic nations they wont be able to replicate what we have always done. Of course we will find ourselves in a Socialist nation pore as church mice picking crap with the chickens and with UN uniformed troops parading around instead of American police or US military. When they try to do this the finally will understand why we civilian Americans are the best armed and well let militia solders in the world and will hot submit to this Soros plan without q fight !

  3. Holder, how’s the fast and furious going? You douche bag. Your so corrupt . You make people want to puke. You should of been charged for treason and hung by now next to Obama. Keep your lying pie hole shut.

  4. Affirmative Action boy needs to shut up and keep his mouth shut . He and his boss , Obama did more to sully the integrity of the Presidential office and that of Justice in this country than anyone since the founding .

  5. Media refuses to admit Holder was a clown, wing buddy, to Obama so well the after Obama had the DOJ illegally fund OFA, and BLM which OFA Leads, and LaRaza which provides legal services to OFA and BLM and ANTIFA…. Illegally Loreta Lynch gave these organizations ONE BILLION DOLLARS.. to their ‘%01″ non profit corporations…….. and then,,,, THEN… Obama gave the director ship of OFA to Holder… who used the money to set up the Charlottesville riot/OFA-BLM-LaRaza along with another ex-Obama official getting the march permits for the other side… all to show up where they knew a fight would breakout… and “Racism” would be the narrative for weeks on end.
    Holder is still Director of OFA…. living the high life off the OFA 1/3rd BILLION dollars… using it for whatever his “personal” needs are.
    Holder is the face of ‘corruption reward’ Obama practiced in his closest cabinet and Agency ‘helpers’. Of course Holder is going to ‘come to the ‘recue’ of Obama as the Durham indictments are being handed out… he has 330 million reasons to!!!!!

  6. Holder is as much a criminal as his” best” friend Obama. He committed a crime selling guns to the Mexican Cartel and a agent of the US govt. was killed by one of them. He was offered a trial or a removal from office. He chose the removal, as he knew he was guilty of crimes against the USA> This man stanads still with Obama. Poor choice, he may be called to. testify in. the upcoming investigation into Obama, Yates,Rice, Biden and others that have been called into court. Holder needs to go to jail for being the one behind the sale of guns that “MURDERED” AN AMERICAN AGENT. HE IS A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING!

  7. Biden let out of his cage and when talks with out his best friend, the teleprompter, he is incoherent. He listed 6 things he would do if elected. I laughed for 5 minutes. Trump already has all of these items in place. More plagiarism as he has done previously several times. He calls Trump a racist but the strange thing is, he is the racist. remarks he has made lately and in the past shows the black/brown people exactually how he feels. We’re going to put you all back in chains,Biden once referred to AFRICANAMERICANS FELONS AS “PREDATORS” TOO” SOCIOPATHIC “TO “REHABILTATE”. IN FAC BIDEN WAS A LEADING PROPONENT OF MASS INCARCERATIOB THROUGH OUT THE 1980’S ns 1990’s. He sought the help and called state mandated school integration. (the most racist concept one can come up with.


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