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This is low…

Obama used a eulogy for the late Democratic lawmaker to talk about himself. In a 15-minute speech, “Obama referenced himself 30 times, averaging twice per minute. Overall, he used the word ‘I,’ 24 times, ‘me’ 3 times, and ‘my’ another 3 times,” Grabien reported.

“I remember I had the pleasure of meeting Elijah’s mother, Ruth, and she told me she prayed for me every day, and I knew it was true, and I felt better for it,” Obama said. “I was thinking I would want my daughters to know how much I love them, but I would also want them to know that being a strong man includes being kind — a strong man includes being kind,” he said.

“Once during my presidency, when the economy still looked like it might plunge into depression, when the health-care bill was pronounced dead in Congress, I would watch Elijah rally his colleagues,” Obama said.

“President Obama was in Germany on Saturday, ostensibly to speak about ‘community leadership and civic engagement’ on behalf of his eponymous Obama Foundation, but Berliners soon discovered his main topic of interest was Barack Obama. Obama talking about himself in an almost obsessive manner is no new phenomenon, but today he shattered his own records. Over the course of a 90-minute town hall with ‘emerging leaders,’ Obama mentioned himself an eye-popping 467 times,” Grabien reported then.



  1. Obama and his Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, all but DESTROYED the United States of America. However, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    I thank God for President Donald J. Trump, who has brought back America and is Making Us Great Again.
    That being said, I want Obama to know this will NEVER BE A MUSLIM CULT COUNTRY, you can stick your allah SWINE where the sun doesn’t shine.


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