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Roger Stone, friend and confidant of President Donald Trump, has managed to come out on top as a federal judge as issued only a limited gag order on the self-proclaimed “trickster.”

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered that Stone not make any media statements at the Washington, D.C. courthouse handling his case. But otherwise Stone will be free to speak publicly. 

This could be a potential boon for Stone, who regularly contributes on Alex Jones’ InfoWars and is the fashion editor for The Daily Caller. Yet Jackson did specify that the gag order could be strengthened in the future.

However this leniency did not extend to lawyers and witnesses involved with the case. Jackson’s four-page  ruling stated, “Counsel for the parties and the witnesses must refrain from making statements to the media or in public settings that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case.”

It will certainly be interesting to hear Stone’s take on the case as it moves forward. 



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