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You won’t believe what she said.

According to CNS News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked Republicans stating that they “all vote no and take the dough.”

“The Republicans all vote no and take the dough. They don’t mind going home and bragging about some of the initiatives that were in our rescue package. That’s what they usually do. They don’t mind giving a nearly $2 trillion tax break of a cost to our national debt. Think of a $2 trillion gift to the richest people in America, 83 percent of the benefits of their tax scam in 2017 going to 83 percent – 83 percent going to the top one percent,” she told “CBS This Morning.”

“So what we’re talking about here are investments. Nothing brings more money to the Treasury than the investment in education that we make – early childhood – and the president has universal pre-K, early childhood, K through 12, higher education that he talked about – lifetime learning for our workers -all a part of the plan that he is putting forth. All of that brings more money than anything back to the Treasury. So these are investments,” she said. You can read the full article here.

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