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Democrats let out a collective groan as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler admitted the truth. 

While numerous Democrats are calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Nadler just shared with CNBC that “probably we’re not” going to press impeachment. 

This very closely echoes what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shared. Even though she declared that Trump was “becoming self-impeachable,” she admitted that “impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path.”

So even though Democrats seem to be bent on getting Trump out of office those at the top of the chain are saying it’s far from happening. 

Looks like confusion is the modus operandi for Democrats these days. 



  1. It’s past time that NADLER put a SOCK in IN IT! So, suck it up, Buttercup. Leave the TRUE AMERICANS ALONE. DEMON CRAPS are just that : CRAP! Socialists, Communists out to destroy Our Country. DAYHEM, you are ALL just as bad or worse than the half-breed, Barack Hussein Obama. He was recruited by the JESUITS, CROOKED CIA, FBI and DOJ, trained to be our president. What a treacherous POS!

  2. Socialism is rotten to the core. They only function through hate mongering, lying, violence, censoring and evil.

  3. Nadler, or should we call him ” PENGUIN” Is in the lime light an loven every minute. He has grown almost to a normal height, in his own mind. He really has nothing to say with his ugly down turned foul mouth. I never knew of him until these knock out drag out, sessions.

  4. Why are you conservative nuts so friggin stupid? You’re biggest hero, Reagan, had Altziemers which makes sense…as you are all brain dead. Now a pathological liar is your hero. Get your heads out of your ass.


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