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Here’s what he said.

According to the Daily Caller, Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed that the Senate would be on trial along with President Donald Trump.

Nadler said that the impeachment, from this point forward, would be “a test of the Constitution” and claiming that “the president’s conduct violates the Constitution in every single way.”

Nadler argued that if the Senate failed to present a trial that met all of the House’s demands, that would be “an unconstitutional and disgusting cover-up.”

The Senate is on trial as well as the president,” he insisted. “Does the Senate conduct a trial according to the Constitution, to vindicate the republic? Or does the Senate participate in the president’s crimes by covering them up?” You can read the full article here.



    • We can’t, but these Democrats are actually Democratic Socialists, Socialists. Socialist is a soft way of saying Communist. The National Democratic Party is fully aware that these characters are not truly Democrats, and they elevated another Democratic Socialist to the Oval Office. Barack Obama waS a “card carrying Democratic Socialist, and the Party was fully aware, and still nominated him as the Democratic Candidate.

  1. Nadless needs to be on trial himself and the house talking about going against the Consitution the better look in the mirror because they have been breaking it since before Trump was swore in

  2. Let me get this straight, He wants the Senate to NOT use the same rules that he and Shiffty used in Congress? If he has questions he should be limited to 5 seconds and be put out of order for 6 of them to be just as fair as they were.

  3. Almost every word he uttered is an out and out lie, which is typical of Democrats. They are still trying to run the Senate. Let us all hope the Senate has the gonads to stand up to these idiots.

  4. Hippopotamus Nadler needs to remember that his the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE fat boy needs to be banished from Congress and put in PRISON along with Pelosi aka Pollack, Cry’n BOY Schumer and MAD MAX WATER’S !

  5. The Democrat Party is a massive criminal organization posing as a political party. Just look at their behavior of the last three years. Since election night 2016 they have not done a single constructive or productive thing. They have been active participants in the palace coup attempt along with the Deep Staters, RINOs and Libertard Propaganda Media. They have not done a thing to earn the wages and benefits we tax payers provide them through money extorted by a punitive tax system. They have used our tax dollars to conduct unwarranted attacks on our President, his family, and associates and a jacked up witch hunt all with the taint of the D.N.C. Partisanship about them. How can anyone who sees what this great man has done for this nation and it’s people all the while fighting an uphill battle support the 21st Century Bolsheviks common;y called the Democrat Party????

  6. Nimbulb nadler is just a twisted and corrupt as nutty nan, schiffforbrains and the entire lot of dimwitted communist self-servers. They are all guilty of everything they are charging the President with, whether it’s obstructing/destroying the US Constitution, or “serious” abuse of office, complete betrayal of their oaths of office, along with all the other collusion and fraud each of them have committed since their very first day of becoming elected officials.

  7. Someone should tell FUCKFACE NADLER, who obviously has his head up his Fucken ass, that he, and the rest of the scumbag demoCRAPS, have not followed the Constitution at all…they have violated every part of it………they are all disgraceful, disgusting ,and unpatriotic, and unAmerican………..FUCK HIM………

  8. Nadler is the pig in the frying pan. His arse is on the line along with Schiff for concealing information, lying, immoral activity in the duties of his office and just plain treason.

  9. Why arent the Dem being brought to trial? They have committed many, many crimes against the president and the American people? Everyone of them has lied over and over again and nothing happens to them. Is everyone afraid of them. They are all rude, obnoxious, liars and downright inhuman. It is time to clean that swamp of liars now. Not tomorrow. Adam Schiff is mentally deranged and need to be mentally ill and placed in an institution for help. He has cost the AMerican people almost $50 million in his conspiracy to dump Trump. Take it out of his pay. He’s rich, we pay him his salary. He doesnt even live in Ca. He has a mansion in Wash. and in Ca. he has a low rent apartment. He is screwing us all around. He is like BIG MOUTH Waters who doesnt live in her district but in a district about 40 miles away from there. It is too dangerous.


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