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Key pieces are falling into place that could signal the end of special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt investigation of Russian collusion in the 2016 elections.

For starters one of the most highly visible aspects of Mueller’s investigation is coming to a close. Paul Manafort is receiving his sentencing. This is after the judge overseeing Manafort’s trial noted that it had nothing to do with Russian collusion.

Similarly, Roger Stone will be issued a court date that acts as a count down to when details about his Wikileaks relations will be made public. Stone has maintained that he is innocent.

Then there are the status reports soon to be expected from Michael Flynn and Rick Gates, once submitted that will show that the counsel has gleaned all the viable information they possess. 

Even more tantalizing is that Attorney General William Barr could announce that Mueller has concluded the investigation and a summary would soon be forthcoming.

“It’s one of those moments when a number of the threads are finally starting to merge together, which is to be expected because we do appear to be near the end,” said a former Justice Department spokesman.

It will be interesting to see what great accomplishments President Trump will be able to achieve once this ignorant farce finally concludes.



  1. enough is enough Mueller let our president do his job so we will be fantastic again. if you keep kissing dems. behind our country won’t survive.

  2. Mueller leakers must be prosecuted

    MUELLER team ILLEGAL writing of REPORT speaks for itself

    Investigation Report should only contain facts and not INCLUDE POLITICAL comments

    Former IG Investigation Officer (IO), 1995-1999


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