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Here’s what they had to say…

Recently on MSNBC, host Brian Williams spoke about the fatal police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant who was holding a knife when the officer’s weapon was fired and said there was no attempt to use non-lethal force.

According to Breitbart, after watching the body-cam footage, Williams said, “There was no attempt to use pepper spray or a taser, non-lethal force. While a knife can be seen in the footage before the officer fires his weapon, he indeed fired his weapon.”

You can watch a clip of Williams’ comments here.

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  1. The wench was in motion of stabbing the unarmed girl. MSNBC must all be mindless idiots. Why should we pay any credence to news media that stupid. To think you would expect an officer to stand idly by why a crazed girl stabbed another. Everyone else would have shot her too! MSNBC is brain dead.


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