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These people can’t be serious, can they?

Just when we thought liberals couldn’t get anymore stupid MSNBC’s Joy Reid proves us wrong. According to Breitbart, Reid accused President Trump of being responsible for Nazis “walking around” in America.

In a recent airing of “AM Joy,” Reid stated. “What we’re kind of all getting to is Donald Trump — we were talking about this in the hair and makeup room as well — he produces a kind of anxiety in people that is so profound. It’s part of the reason people are obsessively watching this show and Rachel Maddow. It’s like Rachel Maddow is sort of their psychologist at this point. People are afraid of not just what he can do but what he’s bringing out in people. The kind of people he is surfacing in the United States. You have swatting happening and Nazis walking around. It is a scary time.”

She added, “You look at the polling on what Donald Trump has done, and rather than make people feel more confident, it’s made people more anxious.  Here is the anxiety level in 2018 versus 2019. People are more anxious. Do people feel safer after the strike on Iran?  They feel less safe. Everything he does makes people feel worse. So do you think that redounds in particular to any particular candidate?” You can watch a clip of Reid’s comments here.




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