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How brainwashed can these people be?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews lost his mind over President Trump’s speech regarding impeachment comparing it to a fight in an actual war.

According to Breitbart, Matthews stated, “The evil part or I should say the serious part was the revenge contract he signed basically against what he calls the deep state, going after Peter Strzok and Page, and Comey and the author of the dossier — going back to the roots of the investigation that led to the impeachment in the House. He wants to get to the root of it. He wants to root it out. He wants to say it was all evil by his enemies. There was no truth to it.”

Matthews then said, “I think especially a promise of what’s to come, not only lack of any reasonable divided government, he is at war with Nancy Pelosi in a moral fight. They are talking about banishing Mitt Romney from the party. That’s the language of a cult, banishment. It’s not the language of the Constitution or our American tradition. Banishment for the one guy who dared in the United States Senate to vote to convict.”

Adding, “I think it is also an attempt for the president to tell the troops here’s the fighting line now. We’re going after everybody that went after us. We’re going to fight to the death. We are going to get them. It is about righteous moral indignation. Our family has been abused. I have been abused. The constitution has been abused. We have to get these people. We have now to November to do it. This is to me is a cri de guerre, a fight to war. He is calling on his troops to fight to the death against the Democrats and the American bureaucracy itself. This is the starkest fight I’ve seen declared by any American politician.” You can watch a clip of Matthews’ Twisted comments here.



  1. CM is an absolute idiot and when he keeps up the lies and rhetoric it makes him look more like a complete moron. Stop the lies and just shut up.


  2. Chris Matthews is a walking and talking joke. Calling Trump supporters names
    is not going to make him appear any smarter or enlightened, right the opposite.
    He has made so of the most ridiculous and ignorant statements that he can not
    ever be taken seriously or considered legitimate. If you want to get a laugh just
    listen to this boob and his rants. The shut him off and forget him.

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