More Biden NEGLECT And Here’s Who’s Exposing It Now

Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (R-IN) has criticized President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Ukraine, calling it a “political” move that detracts from pressing issues within the United States.

Speaking on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America” on Friday, Spartz claimed that the Biden administration is neglecting issues such as the southern border, the East Palestine derailment, and the economy in favor of making political moves.

Spartz argued that the Biden administration has been slow to provide aid to Ukraine, which has resulted in prolonging the war and costing more lives. She stated that she and her colleagues have been urging the administration to be more proactive and address the internal issues affecting the country.

While acknowledging that the visit to Ukraine was important for the strategic interests of the United States, Spartz claimed that the administration should also prioritize informing Congress and the American people about their actions.

She warned that failing to do so could result in a lack of support for the administration’s efforts.

Spartz’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among Republicans that the Biden administration is neglecting domestic issues in favor of foreign policy.

Many Republicans have criticized the administration’s handling of the southern border crisis and have called for stronger measures to address the situation.

Additionally, the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has raised concerns about the safety of the country’s infrastructure. Republicans have criticized the administration for failing to invest in infrastructure and have called for more funding to address the issue.

The economy has also been a major issue for Republicans, who have criticized the administration’s handling of inflation and rising gas prices. Many Republicans have blamed the administration’s policies for the economic challenges facing the country.

Overall, Spartz’s comments reflect the frustration felt by many Republicans with the Biden administration’s focus on foreign policy at the expense of domestic issues.

While the United States’ strategic interests abroad are important, many Republicans feel that the administration should prioritize addressing the challenges facing the country at home.

As the 2022 midterm elections approach, it is likely that these issues will be a major focus for Republicans as they seek to win back control of Congress.

Whether or not the administration responds to these concerns remains to be seen, but it is clear that Republicans will continue to push for action on the pressing issues facing the country.