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What a scumbag…

During a visit to LA’s Skid Row, Congresswoman Maxine Waters demanded her $10 dollars in change after purchasing a book from a homeless person.

According to American Mirror, “Waters visited the desolate on the corner of 5th and San Pedro in the heart of the city’s Skid Row, where she touted a $13 billion bill known as the “Ending Homelessness Act.”

Waters and Rep. Al Green visited a “tent protest” set up by homeless activist Stephanie Arnold Williams.

“I put all these tents here, with my own money,” Williams stated. “Free sewing for the community. I do high-blood pressure readings. I give shade … and a place to sit.”

After buying a book from the lady whose name Waters forgot, she aggressively demanded her $10 in change back.

“And she’s so creative. She set up a really nice environment here, but she’s got all these educational books. And guess what? I bought the … Langston Hughes book, $10,” Waters stated, while waving her $20 bill around. “I need change.”




  1. Maxine Waters is a disgrace to the people in her District they need to vote her out she’s nothing but a corrupt Democrat she doesn’t care about the people in her District all she cares about is getting the vote come time to vote, vote her ass out

  2. Maxi need to give ALL her money to the homeless and join them. Then maybe she would appreciate the needs of others. She is a disgrace.

  3. She is a disgrace to her party and people she represents. She earned her money through suspicous deals with her family anyway. she should retire or leave office

  4. American people need to do away completely with every corrupt Democrat get rid of them now before they push their crazy agenda and you lose all your rights and freedoms! they will control every aspect of your life get rid of them now before it’s too late

  5. This is getting pretty bad, our USA office is full of freeloading thugs like Maxine Waters, and the scumbag Muslims, brain dead Biden, street whorh Nancy, brain dead ex bartender AOC and this quack o called Dr.


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