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He is very serious about this.

Recently on “Fox & Friends,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about President Trump’s message that the US needed to hold China “accountable.”

According to Breitbart, “What the Chinese Communist Party did here in not preventing the spread of this around the world they are responsible for,” Pompeo stated. “America needs to hold them accountable. I have been heartened to see Australia, other countries joining this demanding an investigation because while we know this started in Wuhan, China, we don’t yet know from where it started. And in spite of our best efforts to get experts on the ground, they continue to try to hide and obfuscate. That’s wrong. It continues to pose a threat to the world, and we all need to get to the bottom of what happened here not only for current instant but to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. There are still many labs operating inside of China today, and the world needs to know that we’re not going to see a repeat of this in the days and weeks and months ahead.”

“Those are the kind of things that communist institutions do,” he added. “We all know them from the Soviet days. We know the kinds of things that communist parties do to try and manage information inside of their own country and around the world.” You can watch a clip of Pompeo’s comments here.

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  1. We have been nice and tried to get along with China and what has it gotten us. . .NOTHING ! Likewise the same with Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. etc. we talk and talk give lots of tax payers $ that get us smiles to our face and sneers bitterness to our backs. WE ARE ONLY “UNCLE SUGAR” to the rest of the world! The country that go’es to war beats them then rebuilds and maintains their population better than they ever have been all at the cost of the US tax payer so now we are hopelessly in debt ! So now lets turn over a new leaf and threaten them a little then when they react militarily, hit them with all the power we can muster ! The surprise would be felt around the world and all of those who enjoy testing us would be shocked beyond belief . Maybe these nasty dictatorships and Marxist nations will show us a little respect and quit “poking the bear”


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