Migrants GONE Wild! GUESS Where The Problem Is Headed Now

The Canadian border crisis continues to escalate, with calls to shut down Roxham Road, a major border crossing, growing louder. Migrants coming from the U.S. use Roxham Road to cross into Canada illegally, and Canadian officials are struggling to manage the situation.

According to Hélène Gravel, who lives near Roxham Road, “Canada is soft,” and there is “no political will to fix this.” Canadian citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation, and even the National Border Patrol Council is taking note.

Sean Walsh, president of the Swanton, Vermont sector of the council, has criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for allowing the migrant crisis to worsen.

He says that the visas in place make it easier for migrants to travel to Canada, where cartels and smuggling organizations are making money hand over fist.

The premier of Quebec, François Legault, has also called on Trudeau to shut down Roxham Road and renegotiate the treaty between the U.S. and Canada that has fueled border crossings.

The treaty includes a loophole that allows migrants crossing illegally into Canada at an unofficial crossing to claim asylum in Canada instead of the U.S., despite being in the U.S. first.

Asylum-seekers from the U.S. are fleeing to Canada because they believe that it is unsafe to remain in the U.S.