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Mexican officials are trying to get the word out that a new caravan threat is on the rise in Honduras and that it could consists of over 20,000 migrants. 

Mexico’s Interior Minster Olga Sánchez Cordero is forewarning that “Caravana Madre” or the “Mother of All Caravans” is starting to develop and looks like it will be a major issue.

It has been reported that Mexico will alter their visa policy in an attempt to keep migrants from traveling through the country, but Mexico also states it will not militarize its borders in order to turn away migrants. 

Reforma correspondent José Díaz-Briseño shared Cordero’s announcement on his Twitter. 



  1. Desperation amongst Dems is extremely high…must have paid a pretty penny for all of these illegals to come barging to the border.

  2. Mexico, is only digging their country a deeper hole, than what they have created. Good luck down there. The U.S.A. will take care of ourselves. But please do not cry to our President. When your President in Mexico had the chance, to stop them, at any time. The United States will get the one’s back home, that got across the rio grande. But the one’s that are scattered in your country from the beginning, and through out your country, it is nobody’s fault but your own. Good Luck, and to the leader. Whoever it is now. And whoever will have to clean up his mess. Just like what the President of the United States, is doing, now.

  3. Did I not just recently read the “boasting” of a Central American man who claims he charges nearly $12,000 per immigrant to reach the US boarder. Others only charge $5,000 but are warned they go through unsafe territory to reach the boarder. Question…..if these people are so downtrodden, so poor…where on earth do they get the money. And the one collecting says, “it’s only business.” So now we see a huge caravan surging northward…does that mean each one is paying the price…hmmmmm…entrepreneur?

  4. It’s every American responsability to defend their border; (including me). And anyone that fight against it is a traitor to America, and it should be dealt as such.
    This is not a GOP or DNC problem, is our problem. Is our future, our lives our childrens life. Wealready have over 170 thousands that need pur attention and our care, but nothing happens. But every democrat crying wolf in order to help these childrens that are being firce to come here from Centro America is totally wrong.
    By NO participating in the fight against illigal imigration, we are participating in the distraction on our beloved country, and the future of our grand-childrens.

  5. Kill the first dozen of the Boldest Beaners, crossing the river! Where they’re from, Law Enforcement is BRUTAL! They take kindness and mercy as Weakness!


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