There’s an old joke: How can you tell when a politician is lying? Answer: When their lips are moving. That certainly seems to be true of Democrats in Washington, D.C., and, sadly, it’s also true of our mainstream media outlets like CNN.

If you’ve ever doubted that to the case, here is yet another example of the mainstream media completely misrepresenting (and, in this case, outright lying) in order to push their agenda (hint: their agenda has nothing to do with telling anyone the truth). Jack Phillips writes,

The Department of the Interior’s inspector general said Wednesday that Trump White House officials did not forcibly clear protesters from Layafette Park last year during Black Lives Matter protests and riots in Washington and around the United States so that the former president could get his photo taken in front of a church.

The inspector general’s report […] also said the U.S. Park Police (USPP) did not use tear gas to disperse Black Lives Matter protesters near the White House on June 1, 2020. The Metropolitan Police, which is operated by the D.C. municipal government, used tear gas in a separate, unconnected incident, officials said.

Last year, Democrats and some administration officials alleged that former President Donald Trump ordered the clearing of Layfatte Park so he could pose for a picture of him holding a Bible. That incident occurred during the height of left-wing riots, demonstrations, acts of violence, and arson incidents across major metropolitan areas after the officer-involved killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May.

The pictures and allegations, along with other Trump administration actions, became a flashpoint foisted by his critics who claimed the former president mishandled the riots and protests.

Park Police had the authority to clear demonstrators in the park to set up fencing after riots and protests in the area—not because of Trump. The former commander-in-chief has also denied the claims he used police to clear them out.

So, let me get this straight: a Federal agency (the Department of the Interior) in an administration run by a Democrat who has a history of using Federal agencies for personal political agendas just cleared the previous Republican President of accusations that multiple Democrats and the mainstream media repeated over and over and over. Is that right?

Yeah, that’s exactly it. The American people were lied to, yet again, by Democrats and their accomplices, the liberal mainstream media propaganda corps.

They should be ashamed of themselves (but I doubt that they have even that much self-awareness).



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