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During an episode of NBC’s “Today” Show, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe made a startling revelation about the congressional leaders known as the Gang of Eight.

The prestigious group is one that is regularly briefed by the executive branch on classified issues. The current Gang of Eight members are Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff, Richard Burr and Mark Warner.

Now McCabe has exposed that the group knew about DAG Rod Rosenstein conspiring with other political leaders to spy on President Trump and did nothing about it. 

“That’s the important part here, no one objected. Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds and not based on fact,” McCabe said.



      • I believe that the GANG OF EIGHT should be tried for something1 i am shakened to the Core, that this Bunch sat on their butts–playing politics and letting the Special Council amass such expensive debt against our tax-payers money….Ryan,Warner,Burr,McConnell. –OMG and Acting like such children.They should have a “CONSPIRACY” charge thrown around their necks by the Administration./the President’s lawyers.—Just think how Much our Country has lost with all this time lost and all the HATE Produced. Yes , Conspiracy and Contempt . GANG OF 8 HATES AMERICANS , LOVE THE MONEY THEY TAKE FROM US. DERIDES OUR TRULY ELECTED PRESIDENT …

        • AGREE WITH YOUR POST 100%…I’d also add Mitt Romney’s name to this list as he is NOW pontificating about POTUS Trump, as Romney is like the Bush Gang,
          ALL GLOBALISTS, WHO TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!! They can ALL go to hail.

  1. That’s what I say…McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Bremmer, Hillary , strzok, Page, Powers …the WHOLE damned lot should see what it’s like to be behind bars.

  2. This man (and I will not call him a gentleman!) has NO credibility! And to add insult to injury by saying Peter Strovek (sp?) and Lisa Paige–(liars and cheats to their own spouses and children)—are really good people. They just made some mistakes—really? .. So do we automatically look the other way when a far left Trump hater lies and deceives the public while we lock up people like Roger Stone–and I hear it is a life sentence!! All of this bunch needs to be behind bars—along with Hilary Clinton and Bill–liar of all liars—“I did NOT have sex with that woman!” ……Disgusting–all of them!

  3. That headline was just crap. President Trump is not in trouble. McCabe is the one in trouble. Lying piece of trash. This all started with Hillary and Obama. Two biggest traitors in America. Hang them high. Just sickening that our government has traitors in it. All nazis. Hillary loves nazis and Obama loves Muslims. Both hate America.

    • Does anyone remember last year when Devin Nunes went directly to the Whitehouse after some of these meetings? Adam Schiff was incensed! But here was Nunes going directly to the President to tell him the extent of the lies and deceit going on! Egregious!

  4. If President Trump would be left alone to do his job he will be the greatest President in history. Even with all these attacks and innuendos he is doing a fantastic job. President Trump is an achiever and does what he promises. Build the wall, protect our citizens. President Trump for 2020.
    VIVA Presidente TRUMP! All Hispanics for President Trump!

    • Thank You Sir , you are right, President Trump will and has been great for ALL Americans, ( Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and us White folks) , and he will not back down to the Liberal idiocy 🌏👍💪🙏

  5. America it is past time, let get off our lazy buts and start impeaching these XXXXXX, we need to take a good look at our leaders, cant trust any of them

  6. If there is a few things I have learned about Trump, it’s that he is a lot wiser than people give him credit for…and he knows how to keep his mouth shut when he needs to. Most would say he say’s too much, but usually it’s only to get his opponent mad so they will make a careless mistake. All of these people will go down in the end. They are already starting to turn on each other, and panicking. Rosenstein knows the only way for him to stay out of prison is to keep an investigation going against Trump, or his supporters. Trump knows it’s only a matter of time before they all crumble under their own crimes…and, he won’t have to do anything!!

  7. The RINOS need to be voted out of office and The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED BY ANY LEGAL MEANS NECESSARY.
    The President ruined their playpen and graft.

    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American Hero. MAGA

  8. I’m a 78 y/o male, that has seen lots of different changes in our government, both good and bad, but these last five decades, has continuously gotten worse and worse. The Democrats, who at one time were recognized as the “peoples’ choice” has slowly but surely become the anti-American party in MY lifetime. Reaching so far left, that they are seen as favoring a Socialist style type of government, which has a proven record of failing. Capitalism, versus Socialism, has a proven record of success more so than the other. Our worst problem we have to deal with today is corruption from within. It is obvious to ME, that the main reason most of the members of Congress ran for office, is the opportunity to be powerful, rich, and taken care of. They have inside information they can use and not be held accountable for. And for these and many other reasons, they vote for the Party rather than what is best for YOU and ME and our country. Our government is MADE FOR CORRUPTION. The members who join to serve their country are greatly outnumbered and THAT is the problem in a nutshell.

  9. No one hears between the lines!
    McCabe is crafting still another narrative! He is the messenger of a master justification narrative picture to iverlay the scattered crosswork of piers and lies!this reader thinks he has been sent out to try to salvage the situation by a cohort of people still there who have not been hauled into the police station!!major media knownutbus a huge face saving agenda for 2 departments, delivering on a set up to save them and continue to hide their actual corrupt high risk bailout on a long history honesty and justice in a sentimentalized attempt to preserve HRC as the First female main party nominee, and her husband a disgraced displaced ex-president! Getting the wife to run to continue we can see in two strands of the same mop and glow coverup with a redo!! One strand was WJC wanted “in” to vindicate the family legacy-“” THE first ‘black President’” (some wish) and as far as Barak eyes a 2020 run by his own ex-first lady who would help finally seal up all the dirty deals he seemingly may have been engaged in! For what? To prevent a greater demise by holding onto a pattern just long enough to slide into a 2020 election! MC CABE IS OUT THERE MESSING WITH ACTUAL REAL SHAMFUL EVENTS TRYING TO KEEP THE DEAD WOOD CLUB (those who just stayed too long) AFLOAT IN THE OXYGEN DEPRIVED BOG, called the SWAMP notably— NOT BOUYANT AT ALL! We will always have freeloading floaters, but at least they need some signs of honest life in them-not just signs of corruption! M.

  10. I totally agreewith you. It’s past time to start prosecutions and act on prison sentences! They all and more are so deserving. As an American I can’t wait to kick their asses!!!

  11. The Sharia, is the Political Ideology of the Muslim Religion since the Muslim Religion was failing to get enough converts. Enter the Sharia, Prepared by the Muslim Military. This Ideology is what ISIS fighters based their activities to get converts to the Muslim Religion through Military actions and intimidation by Raping , Maiming, Dismemberment, including Decapitation in Public Places to scare people into becoming Converts, like the A-hole women in the USA. They were showed the Koran That is similar to the Christian Bible. And treated the women as they were trained in the Sharia
    procedure and Practices. In the Sharia teachings all non Muslims must be killed until there are no non-Muslims left and God will come down to Earth with endless gifts for the remaining Muslims. That is what AOC and her Democrat Wimps who appointed her to Congress to join them in overthrowing this Government and G.Soros will come out of hiding with new fashions for all the loyal Sharia followers will give them.


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