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She has got to be kidding!

Recently on CNN, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell claimed her city was given “no red flag” from anyone to cancel the Mardi Gras celebrations which unintentionally spread the coronavirus.

She then claimed that government agencies follow the “response of our national leader.”

According to Breitbart, anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “Experts say, Mayor, that the Mardi Gras celebrations at the end of February in New Orleans may have actually played a role in accelerating the spread of this virus. More than a million people came to your beautiful city at the time. We are showing some video of that right now. At the time, Mayor, did you have any guidance from health experts on the potential risk of coronavirus?”

Cantrell answered, “Well, you know that the city of New Orleans as it relates to Mardi Gras, we plan Mardi Gras as a year-long effort. Around a part of our unified command is the federal government. Homeland Security, as well as the FBI. So in reaching out, meaning my health directors and public safety officials, every step of the way consulted with federal partners as well as the CDC in reference to COVID-19.”

The federal government did not issue any red flags and, therefore, we moved forward with federal agents being a part of our unified command on the ground. And with the first time the city of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we’re at a rating that was an improvement given to us by the federal government. So every step of the way, the federal government has been partners with us with Mardi Gras. No red flags were given. So absolutely, we moved forward.”

Cantrell later went on to claim that this was the fault of President Trump not hers or Louisiana’s Governors. You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. Sorry Ms Cantrell but you cant geet away with this dumb statement ! Common sense doesnt have politgical party so you cant blame the N.O. leadership for their failure to think. . .After all the only place where the Madi Grai has such important significance is olong the Gulf Coast so darn few of our leadership in DC would remember they need to molly coddle the State and city political leaders !

  2. You as the mayor , if that’s what you want to call yourself, are responsible for that decision, not the federal government and not the President. Typical dumbocrat to blame everyone else but themselves.

  3. Good comment, Bill. As was found out in Katrina, Mayor Moron Nagin was the fool that caused lives in New Orleans before, during and after. Then, they found out he was a crook. And, then the morons of New Orleans voted in this worthless POS. Take care of the Hard Rock POS. I left New Orleans 35 years ago, still miss it, but not the POS politicians like Nagin and Landrieu.

  4. When will Democrats realize that in a Republic there’s a division between the powers of the States and the federal government? Furthermore, when will they realize that the States formed the federal government ant that as a consequence reserved some powers for themselves? That meant the States accepted RESPONSIBILITY for certain powers and actions.

    I know, the questions are rhetorical. Socialist Democrats believe the federal government is responsible for everything, especially problems.

  5. This Mayor must be a Democrap given her statement proves she has WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where her brain should be. How could Trump know something back in February that was not known until the late part of March?? She sounds like that TWIT who sent all the buses to the lowest part of town and the bus drivers out of the State while telling the people they did not have to leave town in a MANDATORY EVACUATION during Katrina. She would do everyone a favor if she resigned and went far far away never to return.

  6. She’s the Mayor. She runs the city as other mayors do in other cities. Why didn’t she make the decision that should’ve been made? Why would she rather choose to victimize the people who live there and who elected her in the office. Mayors and governors all over the nation I’ve been making decisions So why didn’t she? She’s clearly inept and incapable To run the city to which she was elected. She’s trying to play the blame game now and that’s just typical have a Democrat because that’s what they do and that’s all they do except for betraying the American people and the United States consistently

  7. Allen
    You are spot on. Nagin was an idiot who didn’t know he had to request assistance from Governor Blanco, who didn’t know she had to request Pres. Bush for federal assistance.
    Stupid is as stupid does!!

  8. Boy, do these Democrats know how to pass the buck. I have a question if she is Mayor does she not use her common sense, if she has any, to make a decision on her own. Does she always wait for someone to tell her what to do? Did she do any individual research, did she call and ask direct questions about the status of the virus? Or did she just wait for someone to tell her what to do? That smacks of poor leadership and judgment and now she is blaming others for her lack of being informed. She screwed up , so admit it and take the licks for your errors.


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