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In a recent airing of MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) aggressively called on Americans to protest throughout the nation to send President Trump a message that the declaration of a national emergency on the border is “fake.”

Waters said, “I really expect we’re going to have a growing number of Republicans that are going to join with us in this disapproval. Yes, they’re concerned if a Democratic president gets elected then they can use emergency powers to do a lot of the things they don’t like. As you know, they don’t believe in climate change. They don’t want us to talk about Medicare for all or any of those subjects they think we’ll spend too much government money, even though they’ve created the largest debt we’ve seen in government for many many years.”

She continued, “I’ve been talking about impeachment for a long time. I’m absolutely stunned and amazed that the American people have taken so much off of this president. This president has lied, I think it’s been documented, 8,000 times in the last two years. This president has committed obstruction of justice right before our very eyes. And if we could ever get Manafort to tell the truth, then we will find they conspired to get Trump elected so sanctions could be lifted off of Russia. President Obama created sanctions, placed them on Russia, because of their invasion, basically in Crimea, and they can’t drill into the Arctic, do some of these things they want to do. They don’t have the equipment. Our allies are working with us to honor the sanctions, and that’s what this is all about. The Americans have taken too much off of this president. He is dishonorable. He does not deserve to be president of the United States. As a matter of fact, he loves Putin, dictators, loves Kim Jong-un, talking about they’re in love now.”

She added, “And so it’s time for everybody to stand up. All hands on deck to refuse this president these fake emergency powers that he would like the have. And so I’m urging everybody get together —rally in every community across this country all this weekend, send a message to Washington, D.C., ‘No, Mr. President, we’re not going allow you to do this.”




  1. The women who are new to congress land the Senate should go to the Bordiers and see what is happening. They are disillusionsl disrespectful and need to be Educated in the proper converse. Their choice of verbiage is insulting, Those who voted for them had no knowledge that these women should. NOT be where they are, And Nasty Nancy is a poor example of a Congresswoman.

    • There are laws against inciting a riot!!
      When are we going to start arresting the

    • That ‘woman’, has been officially, ‘Censured’, by her party’s leaders, so many times, she must have a “Wall OF Censure’, in her ‘OFFICIAL GALLERY OF SHAME! Actually, with all the ‘pandering, lying & ‘partaking’, of $, that, supposedly go to ‘her people’-SHE, should be Convicted of, both Forgery & THEFT!

    • If you do the math that would that means Trump lied 10.95 times a day everyday. Let’s tell this corrupt lying racist to skive it up her big black booty. So insanely ignorant she believes people will believe. Time to check if she’s mentally fit to hold a seat at any capacity in government.😂😂😂

    • you know that any person in congress can be impeached, not just the president. Its about time the republicans start impeachment proceedings against waters. the american people are fed up with her ignorant mouth pushing riots, violence, and racial division. she needs to understand that outside of california, she represents the minority, not the majority. The democrats are grasping for straws, and this is all they can come up with: hatred for trump and his supporters. everything that they have cried about since 2016 are nothing but lies as they tried to stop anything that trump attempted to get done. they think they have power that they really dont have. the people elected trump to run this country, not waters, pelosi, or schumer.

    • I agree with you…if anyone get killed she should be the one to go to jail…I think they should ask all the people to go to a voteing station and do a vote for the wall, I bet it will come out 30 against and 70 for…

  2. She should be in jail for her involvement with govt monies saving a bank from going under in order to save her husband investments in the bank. Buuuuuuut she is a CA, Progressive Socialist so that will never happen! The laws in this country are becoming obsolete except if your a white male republican.

    • William Barr will have to work 24 x 7 to clean up this mess. After the big dogs have been jailed he needs to clean up the petty crimes like embezzlement, bank fraud, and bribery. I put Max Maxine in that group.
      I think we need more jails!

    • That’s why Maxine “The Jumpin’ Bean” is always ready to jump into action and cause chaos. She has NOTHING else to offer but “riots”, “protests”, “go in their face”, etc. She had better watch her steps, she has a lot of fraudulent financial issues with which she may have to deal. As Mr. Shaw said, Maxine was instrumental in saving her husband’s bank from going under. THE BEST IS YET TO COME FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IF THEY WILL JUST “S T I C K T O G E T H E R”. We will KEEP AMERICA GREAT by NOT BEING A Socialist Party. Whether they like it or not, OUR GOD IS IN CONTROL OF OUR NATION….LET NO MAN THINK MORE HIGHLY OF HIMSELF THAN HE OUGHT.(Rom. 12:3) We must come together as Christians and pray for our country as God has asked us to do in Chronicles 2:7-14. GO TRUMP & GOD BLESS THE USA.

  3. maxine waters your jail cell is waiting
    we voted for this president and he is so much better than the alternative. we have jobs, not mobs. no rioting, sorry maxine the con

  4. Why does Mr. Trump want to fight this fight? There is no need to, raise the funds privately and take Congress and the Dems out of the loop. The Dems say it’s about cost if the American people donated less than $ 200 dollars per household we could boild the wall without the fight. The American people understand it is an emergency even if Dems don’t.

  5. The government you are speaking about that has run up our total debt is your none other obummerass. He is the one who spent all the money by giving to our enemies and also whatever he fattened his pockets with. Oh by the way crazy Maxie you are under investigation for funds you have funneled to your daughter that should not have been done. Each and everyone of you who cries the loudest should take a look at your own crooked schemes you have taken and then maybe you can open your big fat mouth about others, remember those who live in glarss houses shouldn’t throw stones. Can you understand that or do we have to explain it to you?

    • Isn’t this the ” get in their faces” Maxine who was nearly charged with inciting a riot? Now she’s still trying to create chaos. These Dems aren’t stupid. They set the fire and then yell fire to divert attention from the public. When’s the last time ANY MEDIA mentioned last term abortion? Or the Virginia Governor’s situation?
      They do it every time.

    • You love liars! The joke is on you.
      People who work for a living. Is losing
      Every thing they worked hard for.
      You must be one of them that still from the poor, so you can brag , look at me
      I have and you don’t.😡

  6. I support Trump. Illegals are exactly that – illegal. Come across our borders legally or stay out. If they are seeking asylum, they can access asylum in Mexico. Our Social Security is going broke. It isn’t right that SS has to support them. We have rights, also.

  7. Build the barrier. Americans should march on Congress to find & build the barrier for the good of all U.S. citizens.
    The illegals are draining our hard earned tax dollars. Socialism does not work that is what they are running from.

  8. Maxine Waters is crazy! President Trump has done more this country than any president! God Bless him!! He cares about all the people, unlike her!!!!!

  9. how the hell do you retain that seat in house? you sure the hell have not done much for your constituents on LA.
    You don’t even live in your “house district” and you can’t be found as no one knows what million $$ home you may be hiding. so america should riot! You are a selfless irrational bitch that belongs in some freaking dungeon with half of the demrat house of rep (who)!!

  10. This old witch needs to be removed from office. She chants about anarchy and rioting. She is a bad influence in America and should be cast out!

    • This woman is as hateful as hateful gets and she is crazy as well, not a good combination for anyone especially in her position in our government. She is a racist and a very dangerous woman. She is an embarrassment to this country, her party and her race. If I’m not mistaken, enciting a riot is a crime. She has been enciting riots since President Trump was campaigning for president. She should already be in prison. If she wasn’t a black Dem she probably would be. Somebody needs to do something about her before she causes people to be killed.

  11. Wow! She has really flipped her wig!! A very dangerous woman to weak minded people! These Democrat minds have taken them to the edge! Somehow, President Trump will prevail! Unbelievable lies from Maxine! Unbelievable Poer of The Man, Mr Donald Trump! I couldn’t do it!


  13. People beware of Democrats such as Maxine waters etc——she is purposely inciting people in order to keep on track with the democrats long time plan to destroy America and allow socialism to rule. Immigrants are there way of trying to guarantee votes.

    Wake up!! People you will one day have to fight to get this great country and freedom back!!

    Democrats are now basically one step away from communism, believe in destroying and ruling by fear.

    Dems have infiltrated our education system and dummied up our youth——little do the youth know that they are handing our country over to be destroyed.

    Stand up to the rich, elite democrats who have worked so hard to brain wash youth to the fact that they are “better than” if they go to college and get he rest of us don’t matter! Shame!!!

    God is our answer and He will take care— no matter who you are!!!

  14. Maxine is the liar. Our government is $22 trillion in debt (Obama increased the national debt more than all of his predecessors combined) and we must cut spending.

  15. Maxine had best be careful what she wishes for….if anyone is guilty of creating a riot, it is Mad Maxine! She obviously cannot fathom the fact that she is front and center with this call to riot….do you think she can spell “TREASON”?

  16. I filled it out but guess you didn’t like it! that bitch has not done a freaking thing for her constituency in all of her years sitting on her ass running mouth like the irrelevant big mouth that she is. does not even live in her district as she prefers the hollywood area and the few mansions she has some way acquired. she, pelosi, cortez, the muslim rag head from minn. and half of the demrats in house need to be removed.

  17. Maxine Waters is bent on riots and violence taking place in America because she keeps calling for and dncouraging assaults, riots and violence to be perpetrated against anyone who supports President Trump. That should be justification to throw this woman out of office now. If, God for bid, anyone gets hurt in any of the riots and violence that she’s perpetrating she must be held and charged as an accessory and be prosecuted. She is being paid and his filling her pockets with American taxpayer’s money and living a luxurious life using the exorbitant expense account all paid for by American taxpayers and she is advocating violence against them, seriously? What she’s doing is criminal and she needs to be held accountable and that needs to happen now. This vile racist woman is so Full of hate that it absolutely has consumed her. Would be interesting if her residence became part of the riots and assaults that she’s calling for. How would she feel then? Does she seriously believe that the American people that she is trying to victimize won’t fight back?

  18. Well I’m willing to bet Big Mouth Corrupt Maxine Waters has lied even more than that!! And you can bet So is so far off on that number to begin with, And Maxine Name one Politician that hasn’t lied to get the position they are sitting in right now including yourself!! These Riots That you are calling for You Know, Inciting Violence On Republicans again! You might just get your wish Bitch! Don’t you think we are tired of all of the disgusting antics that you Democrats have done!? What about when you Democrats tried to set up our President with the Dossier!! Why hasn’t anyone been arrested yet? What about your ridiculous New Green Deal!? What about the slaughter of late term innocent babies!? What about an unsecured Border!? What about Americans getting slaughtered by illegals everyday because you Democrats need the illegal votes to even come close to beating Trump in the next election!? If you think we are gonna sit back and take what you psychos are pushing down our throats here you are sadly mistaken!!!! MAGA

  19. Maxine Waters – you are mentally ill to the Max! You need to retire and seek treatment immediately! What a loon! How in the world did u get elected? Oh yeah, voter fraud.

  20. She is the absolute scourge of the Democratic party. I was a life long Democrat until Pelosi, Obama and Waters entered the landscape. They have no principles, they lie to support the party’s goals and objectives as well as their personal agendas. These people are evil and they need to go. Term limits are the only way get rid of these people and we need to do it now since there is a whole new crop of them coming up behind them … 🙁

  21. Dear Max: Do you remember Benghazi; Uranium One; Solyndra; Operation Fast and Furious; the “promise” of keeping our doctor if we liked; keeping our (medical) insurance if we liked; saving $2,500 on our medical care annually; endless ‘red lines’ in Syria & Crimea; and lastly, not waiting for congress to act but to instead to reign with a phone and a pen? Now THAT is when America should have revolted, but those in government kept lying to us (yes, that includes Congress).

  22. Its about time someone opened their eyes in congress. Ive being say it all along with all these breaking news about the president just telling lies. Tumpy needs to get impeached or step down. The chain of government has crumbled and everyone is taking turns stabbing each other. Its a shame this fued is being displayed to the news media and countries all around. We really needs to clean up the debris that is in our government and trust is shot in the butt. How can we rely on our own government for leadership if they all are playing battleship. Its a very big dilemma.

  23. Would love someone to take on these idiot Dimms with the authority to charge them with inciting a riot. Until that happens, those morons will continue their unlawful, illegal, anti America rants. They need to be charged with not fulfilling their oaths of office, too. Such total disgraces‼️‼️‼️

  24. Yes, let’s have wide open borders so there is no impediment to heroin and other drugs coming into the country! After all Maxine and other politicians need to have more payoffs from the drug cartels.

  25. It’s true. It’s time for America to riot. Everywhere Mad Maxine is found, people should riot. At her home, when she’s shopping or having dinner, people should surround her and let her know she’s no longer welcome.

  26. Maxine Waters better hope no one gets hurt by any one of the crazy left nuts that thinks she is speaking the truth. Unfortunately their are people in this country that is that stupid. She is opening her self up for a huge law suit if someone does get injured. She is liable in inciting violence towards a group of people. She is the leading fascist in that party so far and that is saying something considering.

  27. Ms Waters you have lost your ever loving mind. Trump is correcting what is wrong with this country and the Democratic thinking. Your party and Obama/Clinton did more harm to Americans/America than Trump. Illegals need to do the same as all the legal immigrants did by the book. We don’t have room or the money to support for illegals. When we have homeless vet, parents and children leaving on the streets. That can not get help from the government because you and your party support illegals before the American people. I was a Democrat at one time until I saw that you and your party were money hungry fakes. You and your party are only worried about filling your pockets from criminals. Time you and your party were impeached for traders to the American people and our country. With all the voter fraud that has been discovered time for term limits on you and every Senator/congress.

  28. Democratic Party is liars!
    Debt is our money! It’s the money we use to buy! Pay all debt off of private, public,and governments, there would be no money in circulation or in piggy banks! 🤡 We have no money! It’s debt notes we use to pay for materialism!
    Lol 😂 the whole world is the same as we are ! Destination is falling of societies and mankind! I wouldn’t sweat global warming! So what it’s a part of everyone’s lifestyle! World was here before man and be here after we’re all gone! Our creator has a plan for us! Get to know it! Forget the future of the world it’s not for mankind!!

  29. I hope this bi**h chokes on a chicken neck bone, a piece of watermelon, some dirty chittlins, a fried chicken leg, or some ox tail stew. Did I leave out any of “THEIR” favorite foods?

  30. Maxine waters is a nut she should be in an institution the Democrats are completely off the rails it is obvious they hate this country they love illegals and there is a crisis at the border and president trump is doing the right thing finally a president that does what he says and not a Washington worthless rat

  31. This “ B” on a witches BROOM IS NO LEADER

  32. This drama queen with the fake hair!!! Made her way through life by living a lie and no pity for her constuants who she tricked. Makes me upset I cant say this to her face!!! Im not afraid of her, peeelousy and the other liars!

  33. Mad max is a nut case and needs to be confined to a nut house!!!!! She should be charged along with anyone that riots she is so dumb it is an insult to Los Angeles!!!!!


  35. Maxine Waters is a complete fool and even worse, a criminal. She has created election fraud, and is funneling money to her daughter in violation of our laws. How in hell did she get so many houses and such a bundle of money unless she is guilty of bribery and fraud. She should be in jail.


  37. This “max-pain-toxic-waters” is nothing but one sorrowful ugly pig. She’s nothing but an instigator, one who’s well known for her loud-mouth, for her thirsty and love for power and money and, for her immoral deceitfulness in manipulating, using and playing with the minds of ignorant individuals and the weak minded. Yeah .. she’s right in saying that she knows who’ll be joining her .. ’cause she knows of the level of intellect of those in her audience. Now, on the other hand .. if there ever was or, there truly is a need – as in NOW – to investigative them treasonous pigs inside “our” government, those who are really and presently working at trying to destroy or, to cause havoc in all of our US society .. then, we need to forget Russia for a while and, just pay real close attention to them liberal-democrat-rats like this filthy loud-mouth “max-pain-toxic-waters” and all them other radicals on the extreme left .. these are the ones who need to be put in jail for treason

  38. The black Pelosi, both came from the same mold. I guess the brain was not included. Bad politicians teaching violence, so sad. This is not the way to handle issues.

  39. Pretty much dems like her just talk real loud but what they claim Trump is doing they are really the quilty ones. They are the ones that worked with the Russians in the past. Trump and Putin if you really pay attention are battling about several things, Syria, Venezuela etc. so no they are not buddies. Speaking of dictators well look again at Venezuela, trump against the dictator and for freedom of the people. They have to talk loud so that maybe people will not really look who the true enemy of America is.

  40. How many years has she bilked the taxpayers and now she wants to shirk her responsibilities ? We need to protect this country from migrants at our southern borders.

  41. Why do the democrats hate America? This witch should be thrown in jail for encouraging violence so many times against Republicans, if anything happens to anyone she needs to be arrested and sued.

  42. Yes, Mad Max! Conservatives would be extremely concerned if a DemoCrap president used emergency powers to destroy our America! No, we do NOT want medicare for all, because medicare sucks eggs. We want the medical care like you idiots in Congress receive at tax payer’s expense. Learn what you are talking about Mad Max. Obamanation put us deeper in debt than Trump ever will. We are absolutely stunned and amazed (not really, just trying to use your wording Mad Max) that we have taken your garbage for so long. You lie every time you open your mammoth mouth. Only obstruction is what your boy Mueller has been doing, while stealing the American tax dollar. Manafort has told the truth, but you are too ignorant to realize this fact. President Trump has more honor in his little toe than you have in your entire body. Did I miss anything?

  43. mad max is happy to take on her assigned role to Destroy the USA for the globalists so she can then be one of the “royals” in the new feudalistic state.

  44. All good communists like Maxine always call riots and do everything they can to get thousands of poor people amongst the general population, tear down the walls, right Maxine

  45. If the DOJ does not do anything to punish this woman then we have no laws anymore. These politicians that incite riots Have broken the law , I do not care if they are Congress or Senate they should be picked up and charged.

    • Our laws seem to only apply to republicans now days. The democrats can do anything they want to without consequences. They want to bring America to it’s knees and rule over us like the communists they have become.

  46. What all Patriots of America need to realize is words are not going to slow down or stop the democrat Jihadists like Maxine Waters!!! She, pelosi, schumer etal are pushing an on the ground war here in America!!! If We don’t start pushing back & remove these out of control leaders & their supporters, WE Will literally LOSE OUR AMERICA!!! You Fight Back or there will be NO AMERICA!!! WE are so desensatized here in America due to games & movies, history not taught in schools, that people are braindead & don’t or won’t see what is happening here in America! Radical muslims in Congress calling for AntiSemitism, sharia law, termination of public shows of christianity & church bells! This happened in Europe with HITLER WW11! MILLIONS WERE KILLED before the World woke up, by then, it was too late for millions! This is a two fold attack from democrats: ILLEGALS/OPEN BORDERS, RADICAL MUSLIMS IN CONGRESS & THROUGHOUT AMERICA!!! WAKE UP!!!

  47. Maxine, It is ILLEGAL to incite a riot. Just because the democrats don’t get their way they want to riot. If had been a republican wanting to riot they would have arrested them already. The only rioting that will be done by the republicans is against the democrats.

  48. Big mouth maxie and pissiosi needs to retire because they are both evil and do nothing but spew hate! Maxie doesn’t even have the decency to live in the district she represents. Does she think she is so much better than those people? It must be something in the water in California that produces these idiot women! First we have Nancy, who thinks her shit doesn’t stink, then we have Diane Frankenstein, who tries to hide information trying to frame Judge Kavanaugh (only didn’t work die it Di?), then we have Kamal Harris who has to sleep her way to the top to become something (not much of anything if you ask me), and then we have Big Mouth Maxie, who is probably so stupid that she can’t even figure out how to take care of herself, but she figured out how to cheat and save the bank that had her husband’s money in it! They always know how to lie and cheat to save their butts.

  49. I think she needs to take and house some illegal immigrants in her home since she has so much room. And they can be protected from us mean people she sure does have plenty of our money to do it with and a nice security wall. I have gotten to the point let’s lock and load! If any dumb ass wants to start they may take me down but some will go with me. I am sick of max-mouth threats and like many of my post this one will not be excepted either. Only the Democratic Party can make threats I just keep my promise.

  50. yes, mr. maxine waters you need to quit as a politician. you stink and are a trouble maker that has no business being in office. you are inciting a riot. so just take your trashy ass on, we don.t need you.

  51. I totally agree with all of y’all. Wished I didn’t have a cousin living in San Diego. I couldn’t hope the big one finally dumps Crazy Cali in the Pacific. Not sure how to get rid of the East coast cesspool. Then there is the city of Chicago and Detroit taking down their whole states.

  52. That’s why we call her “Mad Maxi-Pad”. She is disgusting and a criminal. Why she isn’t thrown in jail is beyond me, guess it shows how corrupt Washington is.

  53. we should start at her and pusslossy house’s first and go to every demaassrats house’s riot there first show them what America really thinks about there dumb ass ideals run them out of our country

  54. I have to ask myself why the media allows her to spew this stupidity on-air and my answer is that they want these lies to be made to seem like truth. As pathetic as the much of our political leadership is, both left and right, it is the media that scares me the most. They use these puppets to further their sick agenda of destruction of this great nation, for what purpose I have no idea. If any conservative made comments as false as these against any Leftists they would be crucified on-air. The same should be done to Maxine and her cohort. Shame on the media.

  55. I have to ask myself why the media allows her to spew this stupidity on-air and my answer is that they want these lies to be made to seem like truth. As pathetic as the much of our political leadership is, both left and right, it is the media that scares me the most. They use these puppets to further their sick agenda of destruction of this great nation, for what purpose I have no idea. If any conservative made comments as false as these against any Leftists they would be crucified on-air. The same should be done to Maxine and her cohort. Shame on the media.

  56. I have to ask myself why the media allows her to spew this stupidity on-air and my answer is that they want these lies to be made to seem like truth. As pathetic as the much of our political leadership is, both left and right, it is the media that scares me the most. They use these puppets to further their sick agenda of destruction of this great nation, for what purpose I have no idea. If any conservative made comments as false as these against any Leftists they would be crucified on-air. The same should be done to Maxine and her cohort. Shame on the media.

  57. Maxine Waters and the Democrats are the true enemy of the people. They are trying to turn Our Country in to a third world country. Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up I believe inciting a riot is a Felony. MAGA Trump 2020, Pence 2024, Pence 2028.

  58. Anytime this negro opens her mouth accusing president Trump of something, she is actually referring to herself. With all the corruption she committed while in office, I just don’t understand how she got away with it…..she should have been in prison a long time ago. Talk about black privilege? Fuck this mothaF’er !!!

  59. This woman is a big disgrace – to herself, her constituent and to America. She has lost her brain and needs mental rehabilitation. But who is surprised by her wild loud mouth? She represents the unruly that’s why she’ld incite violence over and over again with impunity because she has back up from her deranged supporters and fake news media. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  60. If Maxine calls for riots she needs to be careful, they usually turn on the one calling for the riot. Her district will see the money she cheated them out of since Obama. Where’s the $516 Billion HUD is missing Maxine? for low income housing to be built, Investigate that. IRS needs to investigate her. She had over $200,000 in some Global account with Russian investors. Schiff needs to investigate her banker husbands foreign accounts. Pelosi has foreign accounts, Hillary has foreign accounts, etc. They want to remove GOD from everything they can & our guns. Do a background & follow up. CIA better be watching the 2 new foreign congress women.

  61. According to the First Amendment people have the right to peacefully assemble, however it does not include the right to riot. In fact, it is against the Federal code to incite a riot. Maxine Waters used a television network to broadcast her wishes. She needs to be arrested, and placed in jail just like any other person who incites rioting. Maxine is all mouth with very little brains.

  62. Maxine is all mouth and little brains. She should be arrested for going against the 1st Amendment which allows for peaceful assembly. Instead she choice to appear on MSNBC program All In where she urged people to riot across this country this weekend. This is not the only time she pulled this stunt. She stated that when you she a Trump follower get in their face, where ever they are. Make sure that they know that they are unwanted anywhere. In fact her actions cause problems for many people, where they were threatened at home, and insulted in, driven out, or asked to leave restaurants.

  63. Every time this woman opens her mouth she is committing treason against the current administration. By condoning and asking people to riot/revolt she is confirming this to all. Who is going to have backbone to make sure this woman is behind bars? Gary

  64. It’s amazing how this idiot even got elected. But then again it’s California where all the Liberal freeloaders live. The trouble is We The People have to pay for her ignorance and arrogance.

  65. I don’t understand how these people are elected are these voters stupid. Electing Maxine Waters, AOC ,Booker, & the rest are we a nation of crazy people?

  66. THE VOTERS OF CALIFORNIA have consistently returned Maxine to office since 1991. THEY are responsible for her deranged and potentially dangerous words and attitude. Why does the media publish this crazy stuff?

  67. I read all these posts and the hatred for her is stunning. She never used the word riot in her statement but rather demonstrations. That is every Americans right. The MAGA crowd is losing its mind.

  68. Every single thing she said in there is the absolute truth where are you people’s reality at do you live on Mars where the hell do you live.??? All our lives essentially end when we decide to be silent about things that really matter Trump is a petulant child and it looks like you’re all children of the Damned. National Emergency gimme a Break we didn’t have an emergency last week we don’t have an emergency now, an emergency is when we have some rouge militia that if attacks us our border from that’s an emergency give me a, please man where is your reality. Please think about it there is a man behind the curtain telling you not to look at that man behind the curtain this is all this is about every single thing it’s about Don’t Look Behind the freaking curtain we’re doing crooked ass shit -1.5 TRILLIONthat ain’t got nothing to do with what we’re talkin about here- do you realistically think that he’s not going to get a kick back on all that money a guy like him a businessman, moneymaker like him is not going to expect a kick back for all that money that these companies are going to save, PLEASE that’s what matters to him, all this shit is a sideshow for the morons. This is the guy you want running our country I don’t think he holds himself to very high standards of morals or ethics I mean this is the guy we want running our country,and we’re supposed to be smart people,THINKABOUTIT and remember I didn’t make up the rules #ULBSRY


  70. I’m 72 yrs old. I have never witnessed such verbal assault on any President in my lifetime. What a testament to the strength of this President. SH Tx

  71. I could say the n word but that would insult a good many people that are good people not bad and I only use the n-word for people in your race that do bad things and you are bad you’re trying to incite riots you’re trying to make people go up in arms against a man that has been elected president of the United States get over a Democrats you lost okay and as far as I’m concerned for you you can bend over and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine that’s pretty dark in there.

  72. If this insane skank is worried about the national debt she needs to talk to the biggest spender in our history, who spent more than 203+ years of all presidents combined, BARF INSANE OBLABLA. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  73. This woman is going to be investigated, because of some kind of influence she had with some bank. ( Not sure what she did. But it’s on the agenda

  74. Maxine Waters, You are unfit to be a public official. You should step down from office immediately , You stoke the fires of racism and either mean to do it it are too stupid to realize what hatred you are spreading. The media should never place a microphone in front of you. No one on either side of the aisle wants to hear your nonsense. So please, let another person capable of serving take your seat. It’s the best thing you could do for your country .

  75. Other than the headline (which inaccurately characterizes what Representative Waters had said), where do any of you haters see a call to “riot”? “Protest” =/= “riot”!

    Read past the headline, idiots!

  76. Anyone that aids, and support violence, illegals, or crime of any sort, should be held responsible and arrested for the same charges that a rapist or murder would get. This goes for all Mayors, Judges, Sheriffs, Governor, Senator, or Representative, this goes for all people that allows illegals to be free in their city or state.
    Bet your bottom drag a bunch of Calif, Oreg. and others into jail and their tune would change.

  77. I agree with her, Americans should riot. Only not the way she wants. I think we should riot against the liberals and the demoncratic party. This would definitely show them that we are sick and tired of their anti-American ways. And we want term limits and for the politicians to obey the 28th Amendment.

  78. IF this woman is an example of what it takes to go into Politics then I want NOTHING to do with our House or Senate! I would like to see what her finances are before she went into Congress and what she is worth Now? Women should improve what men have done in past Congresses, but Waters, Cortez, Pelosi, the blithering idiot from Hawaii, and those women from California should all be removed from the Congress for inciting the American Public to do unlawful or Disrespectful Acts. I know if someone spoke in my face, like suggested by MS Waters, there would be an altercation! There is a reason why people need to be on this earth for a few years (Not 18) so they can make hopefully informed decisions in what was said and done, what we vote for, and what we believe! I taught in college for over twenty years and I hope none of my students would fall for Cortez’s GREEN Ideas. And lastly please explain how to negotiate with anyone who said “NOT ONE DOLLAR for a WALL? Please Americans vote these women OUT of Congress as SOON as Possible!

  79. I am still wondering how Democrats/liberals tolerate this idiot woman; that shows their infatuation to the real progress of the nation. The nation has benefited much by improving the relationship through meaningful negotiations with world leaders like Putin, King Un, China, Japan and others. What this despicable woman needs is eternal enmity with them and have war. War is not a good option, making peace is best option, that Trump is on. She must be booked for all the civil disturbances in this country. If she thinks she is better than the President, why she did not contest for the job. Stop your foul mouth.

  80. Why can’t this be passed in to the cia. FBI. Security feds. This is terrorism and needs to be addressed. President Trump need to know this is going on. Mitch McConnell. Anyone who can investigTe this pompous a$$ in a position of trust showing she is a terrorist. Help out there in security land. Investigate and shut this woman up!!!
    President Trump is our POTUS, our leader and deserves respect for the excellent job he is doing.

  81. No maxxie pads, IT’s UNBELEVABLE that you haven’t been arrested and tried for TREASON for the bullshit stunts you have pulled. You ever got in my face I would litterly tear your fricken head off. You can’t be trusted and you represent absolutely NO ONE except your ego and your husbands bank account.

  82. Maxine you tout riots in the streets, sad u need act in such a manner to radicalize the democratic party in such a manner, I can assure you it is doubtful I will ever vote democratic again. I am but one but am sure others will change their mind too due to your psychotic behaviors. Oh, you bring up Obama sanctions on Russia, but can you explain what he and Clinton received in exchange for the sell of 50% interest in a uranium mine owned by US days before leaving office.

  83. Hey Mad Maxine Jesus put it best “Let he that is without Sin cast the first stone” I wonder how your life would stack up against that standard I’m curious have you always had this Brain damage or is it just happened recently ?


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