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The democrats are going for broke with this…

Recently on MSNBC’s “All In,” House Financial Services Committee chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) insisted she will continue to investigate President Donald Trump because she is certain he “colluded with the Russian government.”

Waters stated, “You know, what I don’t bother with? I don’t bother with the speculation about what the Senate will or will not do. We don’t know what unveils. We don’t know whether money laundering becomes very evident. We don’t know whether or not collusion based on even what Mueller has done or whatever other information that we discover will be the deciding factor among Republicans. So I don’t buy the speculation by the talking heads and by the media and others who speculate about what happened with Bill Clinton as opposed to what could happen now with Trump.”

Adding, “I just say that number one, this president is unworthy, that he has no respect for the Constitution of the United States of America. I say that the Mueller report gives us a guideline that is indicated in that report basically that he has obstructed justice. I believe that he has also colluded with the Russian government he does not criticize Putin. I think he has been involved with the oligarchs in the Kremlin and I think there is a lot more information that Mr. Manafort has. I looked at all of his allies and long before we got in depth in this discussion. I believe whether we are talking about Manafort and Papadopoulos and all of those people are organized around their relationship with Russia. They all want to lift the sanctions to drill into oil for the Arctic. It’s about money. It’s about everybody making out with this new playground in Russia to make money. I believe that. I will continue to believe that and continue to do my work as the chair of that committee.”



  1. You would like to believe all that Maxi but just because you want it to be true does not make it true. Your neck is stretched out just like Comey’s and the rest of the traitors so your time is coming faster than you think.

  2. The loon speaks again. She gets crazier with each non-coherent rant. She should be in the nut house but instead Democrats are all nuts enough to put her in charge of House Finance? Now that really is more than crazy!

  3. She lost her ever love’n MIND ! She’s been looking at her DEPLORABLE DARK SIDE again. With her and her BROOMSTICK SISTERS = PELOSI, Harris , AOC, Tliab .. LOONYISM strikes every THIRTY SECONDS..

  4. understand she does not even live in her district. pays her daughter lots of money to handle her mail. there was somthing about her husband yrs ago . her actions do not show reality to me . question for the legel beagles out there . if a congressman uses posistion in a strickly political investagation without proof or reasonable facts to back it can they be sued by the public for wasting taxpayers money. if not why not. to me this type of action would not be covered under existing laws

  5. Ya know I’ve come to the conclusion that these politicians like Waters aren’t really the problem here. In my opinion our most significant problem is the media. I understand the 1st amendment perfectly. But these sleaze ball media people are really the ones who keep bringing the politicians idiocy to the front. The media has completely stopped serving the public. Instead they are serving the politicians like Waters. The media is NOT required to publish or report anything. And they are supposed to bring the TRUTH where they find it. But you won’t find anything in the first amendment that says lies and gossip should be their first priority. I think that allowance is covered in the oath the politicians take. But then lies and rumors sale papers and raise ratings. So we can take the blame for that ourselves because we keep watching and reading the trash. It won’t happen. But if we stopped buying the garbage it would take the media out of this deceitful loop. But the media knows that articles just like this one brings rebuttal comments from US. So they keep pushing it out there. I wonder sometimes if we are the dumb ones.

  6. The demonrats are the ones that have NO respect for the Constitution!!! They are trying to take EVERYTHING away from the TRUE Americans because they HATE us!!! President Trump has done more for this country than anyone!!! The demonrats HATE him so naturally they’re going to say and do things against him!!!

  7. She is the one that needs to be investigated for her wrongdoings, over the past 16 years. Rather than a President, who has only been in politics for 2 years. And is on his way to getting re-elected. Oh, and maybe see how of the other
    democrats in California. Were re-elected illegally. False vote, and dead people voting for them?


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