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This woman is the most vile politician in all of D.C.

Recently on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) foolishly claimed that President Donald Trump failed in response to the coronavirus pandemic because he is not a “credible” enough.

According to Breitbart, Waters stated, “Unfortunately, we were not prepared. The greatest country in the world was not prepared for this pandemic. It’s unfortunate.”

Adding, “Well, you know, one of the problems that we have is there’s not a lot of trust from the average American in the president of the United States. Unfortunately, he has been documented to have lied so many times, to distort, to change the story, and so, you know, one of the things we look for in a leader and particularly the president of the United States is the kind of leadership where people can trust you because of the way you have conducted yourself as you have led the presidency, been in the presidency. So that starts out being a problem. He started out being a problem and giving misinformation, and talking about it was going to disappear and all of that. Now he’s doing cleanup. That’s okay. I don’t want to blame him for that. I want him to roll out with real facts and real information. Then he steps on his own attempt to get credibility by saying he takes no responsibility for the lack of testing that we’ve had going on in this country.”

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  1. This ” Non-White ” Ugly Ghetto Bitch is g’damn CRAZY and IGNORANT !!! Where in the Sam Hell does she get off blaming our President for the CoronaVirus ! That Bitch has lost her friggin’ Mind !!!

  2. When Maxine and Schumer make such crazy, whacked out remarks at the President, how come they never have to answer questions from the public as Trump does? Each time they spew lies, there is no audience to question them about where they were under Obama when he did NOT ONE THING for the nation’s health when we had massive deaths from the flu.


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