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She’s doing herself no favors.

Rep. Maxine Waters recently hit back at the judge who presided over Derek Chauvin’s trial.

Maxine Waters had previously called for “protestors” to “take to the streets” and “get more confrontational” if the result of the trial was not what they wanted. When asked about it from reporters Waters simply stated, “The judge said my words don’t matter.”

Judge Peter Cahill responded to her statement saying that her words can be “reasonably interpreted to be, threats against the sanctity of the jury process, threatening and intimidating a jury, demanding that if there’s not a guilty verdict that there would be further problems.”

Read the full story here.

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  1. Waters is not the only Democrap to incite people to RIOT she is just the most familiar because she is the FUGLIEST to do it. By that I mean she uses the worst language and wants the worst things done. She also is the worst looking especially when she opens that massive pie hole of hers. She is also the one with the UGLIEST SOUL.


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