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Right before the weekend things started to really heat up in front of the White House. Literally.

The U.S. Secret Service apprehended a man who was in the midst of lighting his jacket on fire directly outside the White House.

Multiple reports state that an unidentified man is now under arrest and being treated for injuries after he lit the jacket he was wearing on fire.

While the incident has been clarified as no threat to President Trump, agents still evacuated the North Lawn of the White House as well as Lafayette Square and nearby sidewalks. 

White House correspondent Mark Irons shared on his Twitter a video of the suspect being carried away by authorities.

Currently the man’s motives remain unknown but expect to hear more as the story develops. 



  1. It does not say much for the Democratic Party. They are the party of the crazies, big mouths, abusers
    and criminals. Couldn’t happen to a better party. They are full of racist, anti-Semitic, and terrorist sympathizers. How do these people even get into the country?

    • Sandra, You are spot on!! When you listen to the words coming out of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Nadler mouths, you wonder if there is some kind of disease in DC that rots their brain!! Now we have the 3 freshmen that are totally off the rails showing their ignorance daily. I have heard that AOC actually responded to a casting call and was selected out of about 1000 auditions. So this is where we are going, actors and actress performing as Congress??

  2. How do they get elected….., by the people!?
    Can’t wait for each of the illegal aliens to vote 4 or 5 times at each election! In the words of the demo-commies, that will make the elections fair!????

    • New to this site but WOW– 3 comments shown on my screen. Sandra – the answer to “how” is the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. The truth will set you free – You are now a proven liar and spreader of fake news, I never killed a baby. Alex – Check trumps committee on illegal voting, Pence served as chair of the commission, while Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach served as vice chair and day-to-day administrator. Here is some fun reading trump disbanded it when they could not find what they wanted – no final official report.


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