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Why do people still listen to her?

Recently on MSNBC, failed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams claimed that he organization “Fair Fight” was “pushing to make sure vote from home is real,” due to the coronavirus.

According to Breitbart, Abrams stated, “We know that it begins with allowing vote from home, mail-in ballots, whatever you want to call it. The ability to not have to show up in person to cast your ballot, which unfortunately the Republicans are pushing hard against. But a coalition of organizations like Fair Fight, working with the Leadership Conference, and others we are pushing to make sure vote from home is real. And we have seen 50% increases in a number of states of people who know that when COVID is at risk, we have to have another way to vote.”

Adding, “We have to remember this July 4th that we have had to fight since inception to make citizenship real for every American, and we should double down in 2020 to make sure that we hear from the most vulnerable.”

You can watch a clip of Abrams’ comments here.

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  1. Abrams has always been a BITCH in heat . Anyone that thinks she’s right is mentally deranged , retarted &demented . NO republican will go with corrupt mail in voting.

  2. Why doesn’t this corrupt Libtard just shut up and sit down?
    No one wants
    to hear from her or see her. She is a big mouth with nothing worthwhile to
    say. She is just making a total ass of herself continuously.

  3. EVERYONE SHOULD LOOK AT WHO IS PUSHING FOR MAIL IN VOTING. WE HAD AN EARLY VOTING AND OUR POLLS WERE OPEN. IT TOOK ABOUT TEN MORE MINUTES THAN USUAL BUT I KNOW MY VOTE WAS DONE BY ME AND I KNOW IT IS COUNTED WITH A BACK UP PAPER TRAIL. If you can go to the grocery store or WALMART and spend your time surely you can vote in a serious manner and curtail the fraud that is already happening. If you are a hard core democrat you may want the fraud that comes with mail in votes. But if you are concerned with real democracy you cannot accept such a scam.


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