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They will ruin this country if gone unchecked.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) exposed some dirty little secrets about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new $3 trillion HEROES Act bill.

According to Breitbart, Lee said that the bill which has already passed in the House is a complete non-starter.

“Obviously, we’re very worried about what they passed,” Lee said. “It’s not going to become law. We have to remember, Shannon, this is a stimulus bill, a $3 trillion wish list of progressive priorities, one that has absolutely no chance of passing in the Senate. Now keep in mind, Shannon, the word cannabis appears more times in this bill than the word jobs. It contains a trillion-dollar bailout for mismanaged states. It contains a huge tax cut, a huge series of tax cuts for rich liberals in big-spending democratic states.”

It contains amnesty for illegal immigrants and gives illegal immigrants stimulus checks, so this is a complete non-starter,” Lee stated.

You can watch a clip of Lee’s comments here.

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