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Sen. Lindsey Graham is still on the attack after President Donald Trump decided to remove troops from Syria.

He appeared on the Fox News program “Justice With Judge Jeanine” and told the host, Jeanine Pirro, that President Trump could cause another 9/11.

Rush Transcript:

GRAHAM: This is important, nobody is jailing ISIS as prisoners except the Kurds. Were not paying that. There’s about 15000.

This is not complicated, the Kurds fought with us and if we abandon them will never get another partner and they will get slaughtered by Turkey.

It’s in our interest to make sure ISIS does not come back in the Kurds who were guarding the jail, if they have to fight Turkey then they cannot fight the Kurds.

PIRRO: How long should we be there.

GRAHAM: The day ISIS surrenders call me. We should be there as long as there is a threat. I’m not asking for an endless war, I am just trying to be smart.

Bush sent 100,000 people in, that did not work, Obama left, that did not work. What Trump is done is pretty smart.

A couple hundred of us, less than a thousand working with the Kurds on the ground, let them do the fighting and we provide air cover and that has worked.

All I can say, it takes two to end the war. You may be tired but they’re not tired of fighting you. If we abandon the Kurds ISIS will come back and if there is an attack here or on our allies — you can avoid all of that in less than a thousand troops.

PIRRO: How long have they been fighting how long have the Kurds in the Turks been fighting?

GRAHAM: They have had troubles for a long time. Do remember 9/11?

PIRRO: Of course I do and I’m not suggesting anything other than at some point we may recognize that we cannot be all over the world.

And we are, how many countries are we in right now.

GRAHAM: Our footprint in Syria is about 1000. Here’s what you need to recognize, if you ignore the Mideast it won’t ignore you.

September the tenth 2001 we did not have any soldiers in Afghanistan, we got attacked anyway. They will not quit fighting us.

If you don’t get that, I’m am so sorry to the people who think if you leave radical Islam alone they will leave you alone, they will try to kill us until we stop them.

The best way is to have people in the region do the fighting with the little bit of help from us. Obama left Iraq. How well did that work out.

PIRRO: Clearly not at all. There was a vacuum. At the same time —

GRAHAM: I hope it works. President Trump has actually done something really smart, they not just read as a force. The Kurds and Arabs did the fighting, the kurds lost around 2000 people.

They’re doing the fighting with her help. That is the model of us working with the kurds to keep the 10000 from coming back and it’s really smart. In the oil fields so Iran does not take them over.

That is smart. Here’s what I would’ve ice President Trump, do a deal, take over the oil fields in the south, share the revenue with the Kurds who helped us fight ISIS and keep the money away from around, you could actually make money if you took the oilfields over insured the revenue —

PIRRO: I think the president talked about that a long time ago. If this is a cease-fire and their claims that there’s already violation. What do you suggest we do?

GRAHAM: I think the president has created  an opportunity. I will give him a lot of credit for weighing in and stopping — I talked to the leader of the Kurdish forces.

We should find a safe zone to protect Turkey, they are terrorist group, but they help was destroyed ISIS. It is complicated, you protect the Kurds, you don’t abandon them any prevent ISIS from coming back and you keep a safe zone and create one between Turkey and the Kurds but you do not allow Turkey to ethnically cleanse the Kurds from the Syrian border.

You cannot do that or allow Turkey to displace one hundreds of thousands of Kurds, that is not a safe zone that is cleansing in America will not tolerate that.

PIRRO: Let’s talk about impeachment, you’re on the chair of the Judiciary Committee, how do you think it is going —

GRAHAM: Impeachment is a bunch of bull. It is bs.

PIRRO: You are certainly fired up today. I know the — what are you able to do when he gets to the Senate?

GRAHAM: If it gets to the Senate. It is going to die, it’ll be dead on arrival. You have to hold a trial but is based on the transcript of the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.

It was a good phone call and to those who are listening Ukraine was involved in our election in 2016, there’s people in the Ukraine that put a hit job on Manafort the president campaign manager.

They wrote an article about Ukraine interference in 2016 election but only because it involves Democrats.

So Durham, the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut is looking at this so it is okay for the president to want to find out what role the Ukraine played in interfering in our election.

It was okay for Mueller to look at the Trump campaign and also okay for the Democrats and the Ukraine.



  1. We cannot fight the whole world’s fights for them. We will need our troops here at home. They didn’t fight our war for independence for us and we need to let them fight for their own. Besides, it’s Bible prophesy and what the Bible says will happen regardless of what people want.

  2. Trump has a lot of advisers and he is a very smart man. I think things are working out to our advantage in Syria, it just takes time. We do not now nor should be ever be the world’s policemen. We need to get out of a lot more places where we are losing lives for no real purpose. Afghanistan is going to revert back to its’ old ways when we leave and everyone knows it. We need to get NATO and the UN to do their job of keeping peace in the world. The UN needs to be cleansed of war mongering terrorist countries to start with. If not, then we should end our support.

  3. I would ask Graham to sacrifice his kids in that war if he thinks it is worth risking one American life for these radical Muslimes. We need to bring our troops home to guard our own border.

  4. I faught in all those useless wars & like VIETNAM our military won every BATTLE but our politicians, esp Obama lost the war.

    Trump id right! Enough with our nation LOSING it’s overall, patriotic youth to an ungrateful nation

    100% Disabled VET/ Retired USAF

  5. Graham is another Benedict Arnold RINO who misses his very close,buddy John McCain

    Arizona’s worse politician

    Born & raised in Az, Az residence


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