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Sen. Mazie Hirono is catching third degree burns from the blistering attack launched by Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee convened to hear the testimony of Attorney General William Barr, but Graham is asserting that Hirono “slandered” Barr “from top to bottom.”

During the testimony Hirono launched such attacks as saying that Barr has thrown his name in with the likes of Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Giuliani as individuals who’ve “sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar that sits in the Oval Office.”

“You know the difference, but you’ve chosen to be the president’s lawyer and side with him over the interests of the American people.”

Hirono continued, “You called a press conference to once again clear Donald Trump” and “used every advantage of your office to create the impression that the president was cleared of misconduct.” 

This continued until Graham deliberately put a stop to it saying, “Listen, you’ve slandered this man.”

He added, “You slandered this man from top to bottom, so, if you want more of this, you’re not going to get it, if you want to ask questions, you can.”



  1. Get that mentally-deficient idiot, Sen.Mazie Hirono out of Congress. She is definitely an extremely BIASED, ignorant unstable individual.

    • The dems are trying to discredit Barr so when he starts charging the real criminals it will give them Fake news media time. I can see it now Rachael Madcow, well how can this corrupt and lying Atty General charge our beloved Obama and Hillary and all the rest if he committed Perjury himself? It’s coming I am telling you right now

  2. Sen Jirono, D-HI, should be punished for her unprofessional behavior when screaming, yelling false allegations and lecturing AG Barr.

    Dispicable Senator of the WORSE kind

      • remember Hirono asking Ms. Blasey Ford how much Ford could contribute to her campaign the day after Blasey Ford received contribution from GO FUND Me . Ford and Hirono are the same low class women.

    • She’s awful awful awful. She showed herself in the Kavanaugh hearings. She’s as low as it gets. The left is full of scum. She is in the TOP 10. She should never be a senator…

    • She reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West! She should be disciplined in any way that is possible. Out A.G. Barr did not deserve the horrible things she said. I wanted to scream back at her, “Sit down and SHUT UP!”

    • I agree this woman is a shameful hussy that should have been shut down when she opened her mouth with her vile remarks. I think the senators and congressmen should be held at a higher standard but women like this should be asked to leave and don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

    • Crazie Mazie is out of control with her power as a Senator. Sen. Jirono has a closed mind and heart. She is bitter and ugly. Would not matter what A.G. Barr or President Trump says or does…She will do everything in her miniscule power to attack and degrade them. Vengence with no proof. OBAMAIAN BITCH!

  3. I thought he should have cut her off before she finished. But he let her go on and completely trash the doj.k

  4. Seems that Democrats are not only IMMORAL but they love to SLANDER people too ! How can anyone respect someone like that ? Thank you Senator Graham for shutting down Mazie Hirono !

  5. The DEMONocrats are not going to get off of President Trump’s back until Soros says so ! Not enough Republicans defend Trump. I wonder why???

  6. And this pitiful excuse for a Senator has the gall to talk to our President this way. What kind of a slop house or gutter was she brought up? Absolute disgrace to the title of Senator. Gary


  8. I watched all of it. She was the worst. The look on her smart assed face, as she sat next to Booker when he was talking, was so tacky, I had a hard time listening to his questions.

  9. I would like to get people to gather and march on Congress and demand they do their job that they were elected and swore to do and quit wasting Taxpayers money they show that they have no respect for Taxpayer

  10. This is the same crap that Dems do every time. They are twisted, sick and mentally incapable of fulfilling any and all of their responsibilities. We need more people like Graham to stand up to them. Vote out the weak spineless GOP and replace with strong brave men and women.

  11. It surely doesn’t look like she had been listening to anything he had said up to this point. Everything was a slanderous attack on AG Barr. Well, what else would you expect from an ignorant Democrat. I am personally fed up with the Democrats ideas, mouths, and their not doing anything but try to get rid of President Trump. How bout you go back to doing the job you were elected to do! Or has it been so long since you have done anything constructive in the last two and one half years that you just forgot how to serve the people?

  12. Ignorance in action of the worse kind.
    This personal attack on the Attorney
    General of the United States is despicable. She doesn’t belong in the
    United States Senate.

  13. The Chairman should have the authority to have someone like her removed from the hearing room, and kicked off the committee

  14. Hirono is the worst of the worst. I could never refer to her as Senator. She does not deserve the honor of serving our beloved nation .

  15. Mazie the horrible needs to go back to Hawaii and stay there she is nothing but, RUDE,CRUDE and needs to be tared and feathered. She does not know how to treat people she disrespected our AG the same way she and her cronies did Judge Kavanaugh. This should never be allowed to happen again.

  16. This person from the state of Hawaii, is a sad, sorry piece of garbage. She is in the habit of bombing. She is now bombing the mainland USA. Maybe she forget, she lost WWII. They surrendered to America in 1945. Here she is now trying to put the impression to the American people with her imperialism tactics. Bonsai celebration is no longer appropriate, in case you’ve forgotten. You lost WWII. Stop your grandstanding, it make you look so stupid and dumb.

  17. What she said was despicable. I could not believe that a Person in the Senate could/would address someone the way she did, slandering the AG and being so condescending. She does not rate a place in our government. Other Democrats were so inept that they would not allow the AG the opportunity to reply. They only wanted to grandstand. The collusion they referenced with the Russians was done by the Democrats!

  18. Wow. These Dems just keep on heaping disgrace after disgrace on the America We the People love. Shame on you, Ms Hirono.

  19. This woman is an insult to the American people she’s a total disgrace! she needs to be voted out, better she should resign! shame on you! A corrupt Democrat traitor!

  20. The lack of respect spoken by Dems is verbal abuse. How can they live
    with themselves? I am ashamed of their utterly despicable behavior.
    I am still a Dem but I don’t know why . They need a course on
    Basic Manners. Please clean up your act!

  21. Crazie Mazie is out of control with her power as a Senator. Sen. Jirono has a closed mind and heart. She is bitter and ugly. Would not matter what A.G. Barr or President Trump says or does…She will do everything in her miniscule power to attack and degrade them. Vengence with no proof. OBAMAIAN BITCH!

  22. Unqualified reps like this are trashing the American House of Reps with their reckless and profane outbursts. show disrespect for the office she holds and is an embarrassment to her constituents. There are several this year who are a disgrace to their office and the USA.

  23. These Reps have no real resolve to help US citizens, just promote their self-centered agendas. I am becoming quite skeptical of how they arrived in office on whose money is putting such losers in office to undermine the US and all its citizens…SOROS FUNDS??? MAYBE SOME OTHER GLOBALIST LOSER WHO IS DETERMINED TO TAKE DOWN THE USA.

  24. This poor excuse for a representative is a disgrace to Congress. Not only did she totally slander Barr but also called our sitting president a grifter. Sorry, that your democratic boy didn’t provide the results you clammed for with his report, but that’s the reality of it. Not only did you give Congress a bad name, that’s not held in high esteem anyway, you have disgraced yourself and the beautiful state of Hawaii. You have sunk to even lower depths than humanly thought possible. To bad we don’t allow public stonings

  25. It’s okay for the Rep. to trash any and everyone in their way so stop with the name calling and insults. She was doing exactly what Reps do all the time and get away with it

  26. A coocoonut and surfboard accident? You, Hirono, are a disgrace to the Democrats, who don’t need any help there, our entire government and mostly…the beautiful decent people of Hawaii!

  27. Bravo Maisie! Grifter and liar hits it on the head. Think the Wash Post’s latest count of the Trumper’s lies is over 6,000. This administration is by far the worst in our history. The founders are rolling over in their graves!

  28. Bravo Senator Maisie! You are a truth teller, to be sure! And the founders are still rolling over in their graves !!!

  29. Anyone who approves of these stupid democrats should be deported like all illegal aliens who are living off our hard-earned taxes. Very simple game- Democrats are only interested in votes- they don’t give a damn about doing their job of doing what we voted them in for and protecting the constitution which is what we fought for, not to give our tax $ so illegals can come in and trash our country. Hopefully Democrats have shot themselves in the foot for another decade.

  30. This woman is as crazy as Mad Maxine, Wacky Warren, Hateful Hillary and Pathetic Pelosi. If you want to talk impeachment — there’s a valid list of names to get rid of, but add Abhorrent AOC, Inconsequential Ilia, and Radical Rashid. These women are a shameful disgrace to women everywhere.

  31. The only good thing to come out of this entire fake collusion illusion is we have gotten a birds eye view of the incompetence of the Senators we, the people, voted for. Otherwise we would have never known how many of them are wasting our tax dollars on their useless tactics to get rid of our duly elected President. They really do suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY!! If we are stupid enough to keep on electing these incorrigibles, we deserve everything they do TO us….NOT for us!

  32. Ask her why she and the entire Hawaiian legislature have been fighting the passage of Jessica’s Law for years. It protects children from sexual exploitation. Only thee other liberal states haven’t passed it. I wouldn’t listen to or vote for anyone that protects pedophiles. She must not have kids or is pimping them out.


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