Image credit: National Review

The Democrats better think VERY carefully about their next move…

Recently on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) swore that the “whistleblowers” accusing President Donald Trump of crimes will have to publicly testify if Democrats push forward on impeachment.

Graham stated, “Here’s what’s going to happen: if the whistleblowers’ allegations are turned into an impeachment article it’s imperative that the whistleblower be interviewed in public, under oath, and cross-examined. Nobody in America goes to jail or has anything done to them without confronting their accuser. So here is what I’m going to insist upon, but the whistleblower one or two, whatever, they come forward, under oath, inform so the public can judge her credibility. If that doesn’t happen in the House I’ll make sure it happens in the Senate.”

Adding, “Yeah, I’ll use Nancy Pelosi ‘s words. This is about the Constitution, the democracy, the Sixth Amendment allows people to confront witnesses against him. There can be no valid inquiry, unless Democrats vote, and once you vote, there can be no valid impeachment process unless the president can confront the witnesses against him. Who are these people? where did they come from?”




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