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He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Lindsey Graham slammed President Joe Biden stating that he is a “very destabilizing” president.

Graham said, “Well, during the campaign, he made us all believe that Joe Biden would be the moderate choice, that court-packing was a bonehead idea. All of a sudden, we got a commission to change the structure of the Supreme Court. Making D.C. a state, I think that’s a very radical idea that will change the makeup of the United States Senate. AOC said his first hundred days exceeded our expectations. That’s all you need to know.”

He added, “I like Joe Biden, but I’m in the 43%. He’s been a disaster on foreign policy. The border is in chaos. The Iranians are off the mat. He is opening up negotiations with the Iranian regime that they haven’t done a damn to change. Afghanistan is going to fall apart. Russia and China are already pushing him around. So I’m very worried. I think it’s been a very destabilizing president, and economically he’s throwing a wet blanket over the recovery, wanting to raise taxes in a large amount and regulate America basically out of business. So I’m not very impressed with the first hundred days. This is not what I thought I would get from Joe Biden.” You can watch a clip of Graham’s remarks here.

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