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Even he’s fed up with them.

Democrat James Carville is fed up with the woke culture that liberals are perpetuating. He states that the “wokeness problem” will cost the Democrats dearly.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked Carville, “Correct me if I am wrong, it is questioning — not that you are questioning any one aspect of what gets lumped into wokeness but I think you are saying as a political strategy this dog doesn’t hunt.”

Carville responded, “It doesn’t hunt on several levels. Address people as they address each other, not like the humanities department at Amherst wants you to address everybody.”

Smerconish also asked about the 2022 midterms and if “wokeness” could cost Democrats the win.

Carville said, “It almost did in 2020. We did not do well. Any analyst I talked to, any politician I talk to, ascribes it to the same thing.”

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