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Here’s what they are saying now…

Recently on PBS, New York Times columnist David Brooks claimed that the only way to reduce gun violence was to decrease the number of guns in America.

According to Breitbart, Brooks stated, “[T]he more I look at it, and I’m not alone in this, the more you conclude that the simple problem is we have too many guns in America. There’s upwards of, some estimates, 350 million guns in this country. And so, when you get a lonely young man who’s detached and sociopathic, getting a gun for that person is not hard. And so, we spend a lot of time on these things like background checks and assault weapon bans, and that’s fine. But a lot of effort has been put into things that aren’t that effective. We just have to have a debate on how do we reduce the total number of guns in [the] country? And other countries have done this, Australia and others, through buybacks and other things. It’s obviously super difficult politically. But, to me, it’s the only way to have a meaningful difference.”

You can watch a clip of Brooks’ comments here.

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  1. brooks and his ‘friends’ (all 3 of them?) ‘feel’ that the way to cut down on murders is to get rid of ‘too many’ guns. Exactly how many do they think need to be gotten rid of? Perhaps they would be better served in actually enforcing the 20,000 or so existing ‘gun control’ laws – and punishing those who misuse guns. THAT is more likely to actually impact crimes than some more specious and ineffective laws. After all, nearly every dream law on their minds (maybe nightmares?) were already on the books in CO – didn’t stop that murderer did it? And he was also on the fumbling bumbling idjits ‘radar’ – seems like they were as competent in stopping him as they were the Parkland murderer………………….
    But hey, let’s infringe (as usual) on Law Abiding Citizens instead.


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