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Wow, the left is really falling apart!

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson is now claiming that 2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is favored by “racist, liberal whites.”

According to Breitbart, Johnson stated, “I do find it fascinating that some racist, liberal whites seem to love them some Bernie Sanders consistently.”

He then said, “The man cares nothing for intersectionality. I don’t care how many people from the island of misfit black girls you throw out there to defend you on a regular basis it doesn’t mean your campaign is serious.” You can watch a clip of Johnson’s comments here.



  1. Let ALL of them liberals, ALL the progressives, and ALL of these rabid psycho-democrats have at it, and turn on against each other. No big a loss will come out of it. After all .. what of good have any of these deceivers, treasonous, thieving parasites and cowards have been doing – for ALL the US American people and Nation – for well over the past 3 years ?. Haven’t any of you .. the decent, the productive, the law abiding US American people seen or, heard of all of the real load of crap that, ALL of them rabid liberal-progressive-clowns have been saying .. promising and talking to the many fools who support them, about all of what their socio-political agenda will be all about, of the “changes” they intend to make just so that they’d be able to “fundamentally transform” our Nation, transform our culture, our inherited principles, our society’s values, our families’ way of life ?. Who’d be so stupid enough to believe in any of them liberal progressive crooks .. the “democrats” who promise “free” stuff for everyone, promising open borders, no more ICE, no more CBP .. and yet, still believe that none of what any of these deceivers say that they’ll be willing to do .. that, none of it will create or will carry a most negatively affect in our lives ?


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