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There’s no hope for the Democrats.

According to The Daily Wire, while campaigning with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stated that she’d be honored to be the Vermont senator’s running mate if he manages to snag the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

It’d be an honor to be vice president,” Ocasio-Cortez told Telemundo in a wide-ranging pre-Christmas interview.

She later admitted, though that, “I can’t because I’m not old enough.”

Ocasio-Cortez just turned 30 years old and is five years short of the age threshold set by the Constitution to hold the office of President. All nominees to the office as well as their running mates must be 35 years old by election day to qualify to hold a spot on a presidential ticket. You can read the full article here.



  1. AOC is just a silly twit, acting like she’s pedding something NEW, but it’s just the SAME OLD MARXISM. She can call it something different(like Democratic Socialism), but it’s the same old Marxism(how many millions did it kill ???) In her “mind” she also lives in the leftist delusion of a “post-truth” society where there is no objective reality and all “truth” is totally subjective(remember her saying that her “truth” is more important than the facts ??) Most Americans DON’T WANT socialism/Marxism. AOC and Comrade Bernie(the multimillionaire socialism huckster) need to take their Marxism show to Venezuela where it might be appreciated . Meet the NEW Marxism, same as the OLD Marxism. Won’t get fooled again…, no, no, no, no……Won’t get fooled again….

  2. What a sorry self important person. I pray to God that she never gains any more power in this country than she already has. Her ideas are ludicrous and unworkable.

  3. Well, if Sanders makes AOC his running mate then he has just signed his walking papers.
    She is the last person to have as a Vice President. She would stab you in the back if she
    thought it would benefit her. Sanders is a loony tune, but AOC is as crazy as they come.
    I cringe at the possibility that those two could be in control of anything. If you are looking
    for total destruction, you will get it with those two. Incompetence and double incompetence.

  4. The socialist/communist Democrats have given AOC, and the rest of the anti-American squad, complete control of the Democratic Party. AOC has repeatedly bragged that she is in control and no one connected to the Democratic Party, including Pelosi, has corrected that. The fact that she is stupider than dirt doesn’t seem to matter to them. Incompetence clearly is A requirement of the Democratic Party for anyone who’s in office. They created AOC, they support AOC and they are responsible for AOC.


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