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How much more are they going to lie?

Recently on PBS, New York Times columnist David Brooks angered Americans when he praised President Joe Biden and stated that he has made very few mistakes while in office.

According to Breitbart, Brooks stated, “He’s amazingly done very well at holding the Democratic Party together, which was not natural. I think he’s done that extremely skillfully, his approval rating. There really have been not so many errors, one little error about how — when schools are going to re-open. But, pretty much else, it’s a professional organization, just as it was a professional campaign.”

You can watch a clip of Brooks’ comments here.

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  1. Nothing new – they have been covering for him – and most any and all other democRATs for as long as I can remember.. They got away with it back in the day when the lame stream media was the only source of ‘news’ but that started going bye bye after algore invented the internet. As the guy said in Serenity ‘you can’t stop the signal’.

  2. These enamored MSM leftists are so
    Love sick they wouldn’t acknowledge any defaults. The rest of us see nothing but failure, back peddling, and vindictive Executive Actions that penalize the average citizen in favor of illegals, criminals, and marginal fringe groups.


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