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Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson stated that if Republicans take control in 2022 they will impeach President Joe Biden.

Johnson said, “Everybody already knows what the Republicans are. They literally led a march to the Capitol and not the civil rights kind, like a couple of months ago. Everybody already knows what the Republican Party is. There is nothing in exposing them anymore.”

Johnson said, “Quite frankly if they don’t make this the priority, you can’t wait until the 2022 elections because if these state laws stay on the books in 2022, Democrats will lose the House and Senate and they will impeach Joe Biden in February of 2023. I promise you, that’s what the Republicans will do.”

Johnson added, “So like no, you can’t wait for a year and a half and hope it works in a functional politics sort of way. We are beyond functional politics when you have the Josh Hawleys and the Ted Cruzs of the world saying, ‘Well, I don’t really know if an insurrection where they were calling for the death of my colleagues is something that makes you unqualified to be in elected office anymore.’ You are way past campaign management. This is about saving this country.” You can watch a clip of Johnson’s remarks here.

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  1. LOL ,Oh P l e a s e give me a break Like anything anyone from he Dem mouthpiece MSNBC says has a shred of truth or credibility to it,MSNBC is just another member of the Lame stream medias liars union


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