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He has a very good point…

Left-wing Hollywood director Judd Apatow challenged The View host Joy Behar about whether a nominee could be “too old” to run for office.

Although Apatow is concerned that politicians who are baby boomers or older may not have the intellectual endurance to act as the commander-in-chief effectively, Behar claimed that age should not be an issue in the campaign.

A on-air argument arrives as lawmakers aged 70 and above dominate the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls.

The two frontrunners, Sen. Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are 76 and 70 and. Sen. Bernie Sanders is 78.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is 77, but he hasn’t officially announced he was going to run.

“I do worry about a very old president,” Apatow said. “Because I don’t want a president that doesn’t have the energy. I’m 51. I still can’t find the fork in the drawer half the time. You know, I’m already goofy. I don’t know what I’m going to be like at 80.”

Behar, 76, objected to the remarks made by Apatow, saying she is the same age as Sen. Biden.

“I total disagree with that. It’s ridiculous,” she said. “I’m the same age as Joe Biden. Do I look like I don’t know what I’m doing?”

She continued: “I don’t see it as an issue. I really don’t.”

Apatow replied: “You’re like a genetic mutation.”

The director is a staunch critic of President Donald Trump, branding him a “sniveling lunatic” and a “Nazi supported by the Russians.”

Recently, Behar came under scrutiny when she lost her composure when Donald Trump, Jr. visited on The View, claiming Behar previously posed in blackface.

The host denied on air that she had ever put on blackface, despite admitting she had once dressed for Halloween as a “beautiful African woman.”



  1. She’s the same age as Biden? I wouldn’t be bragging if I were her. He doesn’t even know what state he’s in most of the time. And why is it that every time you see Sanders age it’s different?

  2. I do not agree with age discrimination at all. However,Behar continues to prove just how feeble minded she is and has lost all of her mental cognitive ness every time she opens her mouth. She is clearly consumed by hate against anyone or anything that she doesn’t agree with and goes into instant attack mood like a crotchety old demented woman continuously.


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