Leftist ideology has pushed for an emphasis on taking “feelings” seriously but facts and truth as irrelevant to life.

Of course, that has some very serious real world repercussions (yes, ideas matter). For example, leftists don’t believe in blaming anyone for their circumstances except people who tend to take responsibility for their own circumstances. Then, those people are blamed for both their own circumstances and everyone else’s circumstances. Even people that they don’t know and have not had any contact with directly or, even, indirectly.

Then, there is the whole gender issue. According to leftist ideology, sexual preference is unchangeable (unless you feel that you have traditional preferences) but gender is changeable. Also, leftists argue that gender is a social construct and completely unrelated to biological sex, contradicting thousands of years of thinking in human history.

But, now, leftist ideology has taken a new twist that I didn’t see coming, but it doesn’t surprise me, now that it’s here (hat tip to here for the lead). Nicole Silverio writes,

A white, British social media influencer began identifying as “transracial” after undergoing 18 surgeries to transition his race and gender, according to a series of videos.

Oli London underwent 18 cosmetic surgeries to transition into a non-binary Korean and resemble Park Jimin from the K-pop band BTS, the influencer shared in a series of videos posted Monday. The transracial influencer has begun identifying as Korean and goes by the name “Jimin” with they/them pronouns.

“Hey guys! I’m finally Korean. I’ve transitioned. I have the eyes, just had a brow lift as well. I’ve been trapped in the wrong body for eight years and that’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re trapped and you don’t feel that you can be yourself,” the newly named Jimin said Monday. “But finally I’m Korean-I can be myself. And I’m so, so happy.”

So, yes, transracial is now a thing. What kind of thing, I’ll let you speculate and decide, but, now that this is out of Pandora’s Box, you can bet that we’ll see more of it.

So, if transracialism is a reality, will leftists be okay when someone from an ethnic minority declares themselves transracial and that they identify as white now for the supposed financial benefits? Asking for a friend.



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