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She destroyed them with hard facts…

Recently on Fox’s “Special Report,” White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway stood in defense of President Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, OK by insisting that “we can’t pick and choose who can be where, wearing a mask or not, based on our politics,” and even though Democrats hate it, Conservatives have the same rights as anyone else.

According to Breitbart, Conway stated, “The information I have from the campaign is that it’s happening and I think people want to get out there and express their beliefs peaceably. You’ve seen people do it through protests, through peaceful protests and otherwise, and you’re seeing — you’re going to see people, whether it’s in Tulsa or elsewise, Bret, they want to participate in our great democracy also. I also would say that Oklahoma, I believe is in phase three, and so, you can have gatherings of a certain number indoors, and I know that people are adhering to the protocols. But we can’t pick and choose who can be where, wearing a mask or not, based on our politics, based on whether some people think that folks are irredeemable and deplorable. They have the same rights as anybody else to peacefully assemble — peaceably assemble under our Constitution. And I think it’s important that they do that.”

You can watch a clip of Conway’s comments here.

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  1. The Democrats have it in their heads that the only people that should be allowed in the streets protesting are Democratic supporters armed with guns and molotov cocktails ready to burn loot and assault people that don’t think the same as they do! VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE AND MORE VIOLENCE!!!!!


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