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Americans should be more angry about this.

Recently on Fox News, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke to Sean Hannity about the so-called “unmasking” of intelligence within the Obama administration that resulted in a Russia investigation.

According to Breitbart, McEnany referred to it as a “huge injustice” that was not limited solely to President Donald Trump but the public as well.

“You know, the fact that on January 4, they’re about to close the case into Michael Flynn, a case that should have never existed because there was no collusion,” McEnany stated. “We now have several Obama administration officials on record saying that. They are about to close it, and then this Oval Office discussion takes place with President Obama, who the DOJ, Sally Yates, learns from the president of the United States about this conversation and runs back to the Department of Justice in a panic, not knowing how the president of the United States even knows about this conversation, and then to find out all of the unmasking — there are very real, very serious questions here.”

“This was a huge injustice not just to President Trump and his administration, but to the American people,” McEnany finished.

You can watch a clip of McEnany’s comments here.

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